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7 Innovative New Year Marketing Tactics to Kick-Start Your 2023

Digital Advertising

Because of the pandemic's impacts, marketing trends in 2022 focused on innovation and digital expansion. This indicates that marketers recognize the significance of staying current on marketing trends.

However, the marketing industry is in for a thrilling year in 2023. The emphasis will almost certainly be on emerging technologies and consumer behavior.

As a result, the best digital marketing agency in Miami (that's us) has planned something special. Here are seven new marketing strategies you can expect in 2023:

1.Long-Term Relationships with Brand Influencers

influencer recording a video through phone

It's safe to assume that influencer marketing in the year 2023 will look very similar to how it has in the past. Nonetheless, this year marks a shift toward establishing lasting connections with influencers.

When it comes to business, being called an influencer comes with much responsibility. Consumers enjoy seeing influencers, which can be difficult for business owners who need to maintain relationships with influencers. That is why, to find the best influencers for your business, you must consider various factors.

To build a long-term relationship with influencers, you must do the following:

  • Follow their social media accounts to learn more about them. Take the time to look over their content.
  • Choose to collaborate with influential people. Most audiences follow influencers with whom they share common interests and to whom they can relate.
  • Allow your influencers creative freedom when creating content.

2.Voice Search as an SEO Tool

Most people may not think of voice search as a means of expanding their business. However, voice research could be instrumental in the growing popularity of smartphones.

To use voice search as an SEO tool, you must optimize your online presence and understand the most commonly used keywords.

Consider the following three for your voice search:

  • Question keywords such as what, when, where, why, and how.
  • Filler keywords such as for, I, okay, so, and you see.
  • Long-tail keywords such as yesterday, today, or words that are usually used to complete a question.

Creating an SEO strategy requires a significant amount of understanding and hard work. This is why, when it comes to digital marketing in Miami, we always offer to call on experts in the field.

3.Incorporating the Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT banner
Photo from Global Sign

People are becoming more sedentary and reliant on technology and devices. As a result, marketers must consider how to incorporate their products/services into these devices. This is where the Internet of Things comes in handy.

The term "Internet of Things" (IoT) describes the network of connected devices and the enabling technology that allows for two-way data exchange between individual devices and the cloud.

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According to Cisco, 500 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2030. This indicates that there will be numerous market opportunities for products and businesses.

With technology enabling IoT, the number of devices connecting to the Internet is expected to grow.

4.Representation and Inclusivity

In recent years, we've seen a rise in our clientele's ethnic and cultural diversity. Therefore, consumers are becoming pickier and more careful than ever before when making a purchase decision.

In fact, diversity and inclusion have recently emerged as critical organizational goals. This was demonstrated by Deloitte research, which found that 57% of respondents were more loyal to brands they felt were making an effort to improve society through their business practices.

For this reason, all marketers must emphasize diversity and inclusivity in their branding strategies. However, when dealing with diversity, we must exercise extreme caution because it significantly impacts groups and communities.

But don't worry! Our Miami-based marketing company can assist you in developing content that addresses issues of diversity and inclusion.

5.Data and Consumer Privacy

Some reputable companies have expressed concern over privacy-related issues and controversies. For this reason, businesses have begun working on a system and stringent regulations to protect customers' personal information.  

Though optional, this marketing strategy is worth thinking about for some businesses.

If users feel safer providing personal information, they are more likely to sign up for free trials and other promotions. It's an effective strategy for finding new potential customers.

Because of the potential impact on a company's brand value, data privacy should be incorporated into every marketing strategy.

6.Employee Activation

boss talking to an employee

Good customer service should be a company's top priority. And without the help of workers, it simply cannot be done.

Studies show that if employees don't know much about a brand or product, 46 percent of customers will stop buying it. This highlights the significance of workers to the growth of a company's brand.

To ensure that your employees understand your company's brand values and mission, you must establish a strong foundation of employee engagement.

Instilling humane practices and treating employees as valuable colleagues is all it takes to increase employee engagement.

Remember that employee engagement has such a broad impact that every marketer should be aware of it. This is critical for us in Miami, where we specialize in digital marketing.

7.Push Notifications Marketing

Mobile phone usage continues to rise at a rapid clip. Today, you can do anything online with a mobile device.

Rather than seeing this as a threat, brands should use it as an opportunity to promote their products.

In this case, the convenience of push notifications is invaluable. The term "push notification" refers to the in-app messages that pop up on your mobile device's screen. With a right swipe, you can access the message's accompanying web link.

Push notifications are an excellent and effective tool for marketers seeking to capture customers' attention. It applies to any available service or product.

When you use this method, you'll have a great chance to let users know about the latest news, new features, and so on.

Here are just a few of the benefits push notifications offer:

  • Cheap way to communicate with users
  • Can gather valuable insights
  • Higher engagement
  • Better outreach

Achieve Marketing Success in 2023 with Digital Resource

People, like change, are inevitably unpredictable. Improving how we meet the needs of our clientele is a constant challenge for any marketing team. Attempting to do everything by yourself is exhausting.

That's why we here at Digital Resource always recommend finding a digital marketing agency to help with your advertising requirements.

Schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation to learn more about our offerings and discover how we can help your company succeed.

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