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Spooktacular Halloween Social Ideas for Your Small Business

Social Media Marketing

The jack-o'-lanterns, cobwebs, and ghosts are in the house! Now that Halloween is here, you have a lot of chances to improve your social media presence.

Halloween is great for adding funny and lighthearted posts to your content calendar. By using popular holidays as part of your content strategy, you can appeal to your audience's interests and popular trends. 

But where do you start when brainstorming Halloween-themed social media post ideas?

Here are six Halloween-themed social media post ideas from our Miami-based digital marketing team:

1. Run A Halloween Photo Contest

Halloween photo contests are one of the most straightforward ways to increase your brand's social shares. To bring your community together, you can run a Halloween photo contest on Instagram, the most visually-oriented social media platform.

Our childhood Halloween costumes are frequently the most ridiculous. So, why not ask your coworkers, friends, and clients to share their favorite Halloween photos from their childhood?

The winner may receive a coupon or a complimentary item. Create a unique hashtag for your company's contest or have participants tag you in their social media posts to increase participation.

Invite your audience to submit their best photographs of:

  • Halloween costumes
  • Haunted house decor
  • Group shots
  • Pet Halloween costumes
  • Spooky local haunts
  • Unusual vacations
  • Halloween treats

Choose a topic that has something to do with your offerings, if possible. A supermarket, for instance, might hold a Facebook contest for the most creative Halloween dishes.

Use likes and shares as voting criteria or a third-party app to determine the winners. Your audience will respond positively to your brand if you do this.

2. Make A Scary Good Sale

Nothing is more terrifyingly fantastic than a good deal on a product or service! Surprise your customers with shockingly low prices during a seasonal sale.

Are you planning a Halloween sale? Facebook is an excellent tool for spreading the word. You can also promote the sale on your social media accounts to raise awareness.

Include terrifyingly fun Halloween images in your posts, such as:

  • Ghosts, goblins, and ghouls
  • Witches, werewolves, zombies, and vampires
  • Pumpkins and jack-o'-lanterns
  • Bats and spiders
  • Famous horror monsters
  • Children dressed up for Halloween
  • Halloween costumes for pets

Remember that using a timely and engaging Halloween theme will help your posts stand out and be more likely to be shared.

3. Host A Halloween Party

Even though it may seem obvious, business events can significantly impact even the smallest enterprises. Almost all professionals in the field of event marketing—97%—believe that holding events is crucial to realizing organizational objectives.

With all the Halloween-related activities that can be organized, now is the time to cash in on this trend. If you want to increase sales, throwing a Halloween party, physically or virtually, is a sure bet.

Use Facebook to spread the word about any spooky get-togethers your company is throwing or sponsoring. Potential actions include:

  • Make a Facebook event.
  • Spread the word about the event on your Facebook page and in Facebook groups.
  • Request RSVPs (on Facebook, people can select "Going" or "Interested").
  • Provide incentives for RSVPs, such as a freebie, VIP parking, or a discount.
  • Promote your event using Facebook ads.

Inviting people to an event that looks like fun is a great way to get people talking about your business online and, hopefully, at your door.

4. Share Your Halloween Tricks and Tricks

You can still use Halloween in your social media marketing even if the holiday has no bearing on your business.

It might be fun to talk about your family's pumpkin carving and decorating techniques. You can also add spookiness to your regularly scheduled social media content by giving it a Halloween twist.

Think about what advice you could give your readers to make this Halloween the best it could possibly be. Some examples of such ideas are:

  • DIY Halloween costume ideas
  • Halloween decoration tips
  • Halloween recipes
  • Halloween party hosting ideas
  • Halloween activities
  • Budget Halloween ideas

Find common ground between your advice, target market, and product or service for a smooth transition from post to conversion.

5. Showcase Your Store Or Office Decor

This Halloween, don't limit yourself to the virtual realm. Employ some spooky pizazz in your place of business to impress customers in person and online.

Share photos of your Halloween decorations and your staff dressed to impress. Some examples of such ideas are:

  • Transform your store or storefront into a haunted house.
  • Place footprint stickers with "monsters" that lead to your best Halloween sales.
  • Have employees dressed up in fun Halloween scenes (try recreating famous movie scenes).

The goal here is to create shareable content that humanizes your company.

6. Organize a Scavenger Hunt

The candy is the best part of Halloween. If you want to spice up your social media giveaways or contests this Halloween, a "scavenger hunt" contest is the way to go.

To ensure that your followers are well-prepared for the trick-or-treating season, you can host a "scavenger hunt" contest and award the winner with a jar or other transparent container filled with your favorite Halloween candies.

You can rest assured that the additional comments will propel your business to the forefront of Instagram feeds. You and your customers will benefit from this easy, inexpensive, and original social media marketing strategy.

Have a family member send photos of everything they've found to prove they've finished the hunt. Consider the following examples:

  • Objects hidden near local landmarks
  • Clues to locate historical or creepy sites in your area
  • Homemade Halloween decorations
  • Nature's animals and objects
  • Items discovered in local stores (you might even partner with local businesses to sponsor the scavenger hunt so that players must visit each store)
  • Menus from local restaurants

Research to find the best Halloween scavenger hunt ideas for your company and audience, and then promote them on Facebook.

Boo! Get The Halloween Marketing Results You'll Jump For

Don't be scared off from trying these six Halloween marketing tips to increase sales this year. In any case, October 31st only comes around once a year!

Take advantage of the situation by planning to offer scary-good deals to draw in new customers in the area. Customers will pile up like Frankenstein's monster thanks to all of your creative Halloween advertising and social media posts.

If you need help creating more Halloween-themed content for your social media posts, you can reach us at Digital Resource. Once your content is ready, our Miami digital marketing team will ensure that it goes viral!

Contact us today for a free consultation.

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