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5 Holiday SEO Tips for Fire Protection Companies

Search Optimization

eCommerce stores aren’t the only ones that need to prepare for the holidays early. It’s also important for your fire protection company to start boosting its online visibility for the season.  

Remind customers that the last thing people want to deal with during the holidays is a fire!

By publishing relevant content and optimizing for SEO for fire protection companies, you can establish relevance and keep your company top-of-mind.  

In this article, we will share with you SEO tips that will help you generate more traffic and capture customers during holidays.  

5 Holiday SEO Best Practices for Fire Protection Companies

1. Start Making Holiday Content

Fire protection company puts out fire during fire emergency.

The first thing you want to do is start making content that aims to educate, entertain, and establish your services as relevant during the holidays.  

You need content to drive customers to your site.  

So, what topics should you put out to attract leads?  

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Holiday fire safety and prevention tips
  • Holiday fire safety awareness in the workplace
  • Top 5 hazards that cause fire during holidays
  • 5 holiday fire hazards
  • How to prevent common fire hazards during holidays
  • 10 most common causes of fire
  • Fire protection gift ideas
  • Fire protection holiday bundles and discounts

The best way to come up with topics to create content about is to do keyword research. Figure out what your ideal customers search on the web to find your fire protection products or services during this time of year and use that to inspire your content.

Content isn’t limited to blogs only. You can also cover these topics by creating social media posts, videos, infographics, emails, case studies, email, holiday deal pages, and many more.  

Putting out holiday-related content early and optimizing them for SEO for fire protection companies is how you’re going to start building a strong online presence for the holidays.  

But, why exactly do you want to start publishing holiday content earlier? The reason is simple: the earlier you publish holiday-related content, the sooner Google and other search engines can index and rank them for relevant queries in the search engine results pages (SERPs).  

As a result, your content will ride the upward wave as search volume begins to increase in October leading into December.

According to seoClarity, the best time to start creating and publishing holiday content is around June to September – before the surge in demand for holiday content hits.

2. Analyze How Your Content Performed Last Year

Content analytics to analyze performance.

Before making your holiday content, it's important to analyze how your content performed last year from Thanksgiving weekend until the end of the year.  

Doing this will provide insights into what worked with your holiday audience and what fell short. It’s also a great way to spot any missed opportunities and reveal gaps so you can create additional content to fill them.  

Check the ranking of those pages last year and assess how well they’re doing now. Some of your top-performing pages may have potentially lost their ranking, which means you’re going to have to update them, optimize for holiday SEO for fire protection companies, and probably target another holiday keyword.  

3. Improve Your Site’s Responsiveness

According to Google, your site’s Core Web Vitals is a ranking factor. This is why it’s important to work on your site’s speed and responsiveness.  

A responsive and fast website helps improve user experience, which delights users and convinces them to stay on your site longer. This can lead to better conversions and more revenue for your fire protection company.  

But a slow website speed can drive potential customers away and kill your bottom line. In fact, a one-second delay in page load time can reduce conversions by 7%. It can also negatively impact your ranking in the SERPs.

This holiday season, you want to make sure that your site loads fast and doesn't have any technical issues that prevent potential customers from accessing it quickly and making a conversion.  

There are three tools you can use to assess your site’s page speed:

One of the many ways you can ensure your site loads fast is by using a responsive and mobile-friendly web design. Other ways to optimize your website speed include the following four quick fixes:

  • Remove any third-party tools, widgets, and other web technology. If your site relies on third-party technology for tracking, monitoring, and customer support, chances are it’s what’s causing your page’s performance to slow down.  
  • Speed up your DNS lookups through DNS prefetching and preconnecting. This gives your browser a head start by calling up non-critical resource origin, third-party widgets, and assets hosted on content delivery networks before they’re necessary.  
  • Only use a single jQuery library on your site. jQuery is a JavaScript library that streamlines the use of JavaScript features. Most modern websites already have JavaScript so pulling two versions of this library on your site will only be a waste of resources.  
  • Remove repetitive CSS instructions like old browser support and old prefixes.  

4. Integrate Your Holiday SEO and SEM Campaigns

Marketer optimizes website for SEO for fire protection companies and for SEM.

Both SEO and SEM rely on keywords to drive traffic to websites but their similarity ends there. They consist of a very different set of activities and relate to different facets of marketing.  

SEM or Search Engine Marketing uses various types of paid search advertising to attract leads. These are the search results you see as Google ads and are located at the top of SERPs.  

Some examples of SEM-based advertising activities are:

  • Paid ad campaigns
  • Copywriting for very specific keywords
  • Using key performance indicators to boost advertising activities

SEO for fire protection companies, on the other hand, is focused on helping your site rank high through organic efforts, such as:

  • Making your site accessible and crawlable to both search engines and human users
  • Keyword optimization
  • Creating content
  • Building links
  • Using a responsive and mobile-friendly web design
  • Improving the technical aspect of your site, such as speed
  • Creating a better browsing experience
  • Optimizing your meta description, tags, links titles, and other on-page elements

Strengthen your online presence during the holidays by integrating your SEO and SEM campaigns. Coordinate the keywords you're targeting to optimize your holiday landing pages and other relevant promotional pages.  

5. Create Holiday Fire Protection Landing Pages

Landing pages are the backbone of both SEO and SEM strategies. It’s how you can attract and convert customers.  

This holiday season, make sure you have a dedicated landing page for each of your promotional strategies. Optimize SEO elements and copy with relevant SEO for fire protection keywords and insert internal links to boost its ranking.

iCrossing worked with a major retail brand during the holidays to develop and optimize the company’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages, and data showed that these pages became visible for 245 keywords and saw a 32% YoY improvement in rankings. This proves that SEO-optimized landing pages are crucial to capturing leads this holiday season.  

When creating a landing page for your fire protection products and services, showcase time-limited discounts and offerings. It’s also important to think about how you can add value to your offerings and make them irresistible to your ideal customers.  

If you don’t have the budget or resources to create a dedicated landing page, a good alternative would be to use your deal pages.  

Deal pages are evergreen in nature and tend to have good page authority. Give it a holiday twist and optimize these pages with titles, descriptions, headings, and body copy that are relevant for the holidays and using your holiday target keywords.  

Generate More Leads and Make More Sales During the Holidays with SEO for Fire Protection Companies

Start preparing for the holiday season by optimizing your website for SEO for fire protection companies. Think about the holiday offerings and create a dedicated landing page for them. Work on optimizing these pages for better visibility and ensure your ideal customers find them when they search for your products or services online!

At Digital Resource, our SEO specialists will work with you to create a custom SEO strategy that will put your fire protection company ahead of the competition.

Want to attract more leads and make more sales during the holidays and beyond? We know exactly what to do! Contact us today.

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