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Social Media for Dentists: 4 Dental TikTok Accounts to Follow

Social Media Marketing

If you’re thinking about creating a TikTok account to grow your dental practice, now is the best time to hop on the bandwagon and get started!  

Aside from the fact that social media for dentists help redefine what dental education looks like in this digital age, it’s also extremely effective in attracting new patients and building a community of loyal followers.  

To inspire your content and help you get started on the platform, here are the top 4 TikTok famous dentists you need to follow.

1. Dr. Ben Winters (@thebentist)

Dr. Ben Winters doing social media for dentist on TikTok.
Photo from Celebrity Land

Four years ago, Dr. Ben Winters was struggling to get patients. Thanks to TikTok, he now has over 12.1 million Tiktok followers, 3.18 million subscribers on YouTube, and millions of patients seeking his expertise!

It all started when he was tasked to help revive a couple of practices. He thought it was a great opportunity to hone his skills, but it was only when he got there that he realized the gravity of their situation.  

He says nobody in town wanted to give them referrals or pick up his calls to go to lunch.  

Because of this, he thought he needed to figure out a way to promote their dental office without spending money. And, this is where social media for dentists came into play.  

Since Dr. Ben Winters is an orthodontist, he’s around young patients most of the time. This is when he noticed that these kids were all so hooked on this new app called TikTok.  

He says that the platform reminded him of Vine and this helped convince him to join.  

TikTok started to gain traction in late November of 2018. Dr. Ben was already on the app in early 2019.  

Because the platform was mostly dominated by teenagers at that time, they were surprised by Dr. Ben's presence. And, since many of the teens on the platform had braces, they can resonate with his content.  

What You Can Learn from Dr. Ben Winters

Pay attention to your target patients and be quick to hop on trends.  

The first step towards being successful on TikTok is having a complete understanding of who your ideal patients are. To do this, you need to create a patient persona.  

A patient persona is a fictional person representing a group of patients with similar characteristics and behaviors.  

By segmenting your patients, you can create more personalized messages and engaging content that they’ll likely respond to. It can help you connect and bring in patients of your preferred type.  

Once you know who your target patients are and what makes them click, it'll be easier to develop content that’ll grab their attention.  

Another thing we can learn from Dr. Ben is to stay on top of trends. Always be on the lookout for what's trending on TikTok and social media for dentists.  

Whether it’s a dance challenge, viral music, or duet, be quick to hop on trends and give it a dental twist!

2. Dr. Gao (@doctorgao)

Dr. Gao teaching the public the right amount of toothpaste to use.

Dr. Gao is another dentist on TikTok that you want to follow. He got featured on The Doctors TV Show after going viral for showing the public the right amount of toothpaste to use.  

He also shares that many people are brushing their teeth wrong and demonstrated the proper way of doing it.  

Yep, toothpaste commercials mislead the public into using way more toothpaste than is needed.  

Because this information is relatively "new" in the eyes of users, this video gained 12.5 million views and raked a lot of shares on social media.  

What You Can Learn from Dr. Gao

Dr. Gao's content focuses on educating people about their teeth, including debunking common misconceptions about oral health. He also adds humor to his videos which makes them even more engaging!

People love it when they know something others don't, they want to be the first ones to tell the world about it. That's why contents like these get a lot of shares.  

People are also naturally curious about stuff they've never heard of before. No wonder these kinds of videos rake millions of views and go viral very quickly!

When creating content for your target patients, consider incorporating these elements to add depth and appeal to your videos:

  • Humor – Funny videos, memes, and humorous tweets go viral very quickly. People love sharing humorous content! When making TikTok videos, inject a little humor to try and get your audience to laugh and share your content.  
  • Quality – People prefer to watch high-quality videos over blurred ones. Although you don’t need a professional camera to create videos on TikTok, your lighting should be good and your camera shouldn't be cloudy.  
  • Personality – Make sure your personality shines through in your videos, whether it's how you act on camera,  tone, message, or editing style. You want everything to be cohesive and aligned with your practice’s personality because this helps build your brand story.  
  • Connection – Great videos appeal to the emotions of your target audience. It makes them laugh, persuades, informs, and educates.  
  • Controversial - Videos with controversial captions catch the attention of users very quickly. Try using controversial headlines to help your videos gain traction.  

3. Advanced Orthodontics (@advancedorthodontics)

Advanced orthodontics TikTok content showing which braces color can make teeth look whiter.

Another viral dental TikTok account you want to follow is Advanced Orthodontics. Their video content is focused on braces and other solutions for teeth straightening.  

If you check their account right now, you will find everything you need to know about orthodontics.  

But what makes their videos stand out is how fun and humorous they are!  

Thanks to their creativity, they can turn something as ordinary as changing the rubbers of your braces into a fun activity that you'll look forward to doing.  

They also feature their staff in their content and get them involved in dance challenges.  

It’s entertaining to watch and gives an impression that their practice likes to have fun at the office, which can be a major plus for winning over patients.  

What You Can Learn from Advanced Orthodontics

You can tell that Advanced Orthodontics has a great workplace culture and an amazing team that loves what they do!  

It reflects who they are as a practice which sends a powerful message that resonates with their ideal patients and attracts them to their practice.  

If you want to attract the right patients to your practice, aim to be genuine and relatable.  

By featuring your staff and patients, showing behind-the-scenes clips of dental procedures, and joining challenges on TikTok, you’re humanizing your practice and giving your target patients a reason to choose you over other dental clinics.  

Another thing you can learn from Advanced Orthodontics is that learning doesn't have to be boring. By making your videos highly engaging, you can attract attention and educate effectively at the same time!

Here are some of the best practices you want to follow to start producing highly-engaging TikTok videos:

  • Make sure you shoot your videos vertically.
  • Keep your videos between 9 to 15 seconds short.
  • Hook users right away by using an attention-grabbing thumbnail.  
  • Use trending music clips as background music.  
  • Always add captions for better accessibility.
  • Include a controversial headline in your TikTok thumbnails.    

4. Dr. Massi Dental Clinic (@drmassidental)

Screenshot of Dr. Massi's TikTok account social media for dentist.

Dr. Massi’s TikTok videos amassed more than 30 million views! What makes her content so popular among users? It shows you what happens when you don’t take care of your teeth– no filter!  

She also features clips of how dental procedures are done.  

This account is for people who like to look at tartar removals, dental decay extractions, popping dental abscesses, and many more. Aside from the fact that they’re grossly entertaining to watch, they’re also very educational.  

Her videos are eye-opening. They reveal what poor oral hygiene can do to what was once a beautiful smile. It urges people to look after their teeth and see a dentist.  

What You Can Learn from Dr. Massi

People love watching and sharing videos that spark curiosity and fascinate the human soul. It's what Dr. Massi is showing in her Tiktok videos.  

Although not everyone is a fan of graphic stuff, her videos show you the reality and consequences of poor oral hygiene.  

It helps raise awareness and urges her audience to become more aware of what's happening inside their mouths. As a result, people are more likely to visit a dentist and practice good oral hygiene.  

If you have no talent for humor, don’t worry. What you can do to grab the attention of your audience is to go deep with your video content.  

Show your audience the consequences of not seeing their dentist twice a year, let them know what early signs of mouth cancer looks like, and demonstrate how good oral care can change their life!

However, you do want to keep your tone light. Otherwise, you might scare patients away.  

Social Media for Dentists is a Must for Every Practice that Wants to Thrive!

Are you creating content on social media for dentists?  

Create a TikTok account for your business today and follow the four TikTok dental accounts we shared above to inspire your content.  

Being active on the platform allows you to share expert advice about oral health, connect with your target patients, create a community of loyal followers, and attract patients to your practice!

At Digital Resource, our team of digital marketing specialists and SEO experts will work with you to create a custom content plan that will help your videos gain traction and attract leads to your practice.  

Want to start getting more patients online? Contact us today to get started!

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