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Creative Ways Dentists Can Use Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Did you know that people expect to see a different type of content from your Instagram than that of your Facebook page?

Yes, they do!

Imagine if you come across the same posts from us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram - the same content, the same captions, the same visuals, the same everything.

Wouldn’t you get sick of us and hit the “unfollow” button right away?  

We would unfollow us, that’s for sure!

You see, each social media channel has different uses and user expectations.  

Although some of them share several similar features, it’s important to develop a strategy that allows you to create a sense of continuity and an integrated experience that’s unique to your practice without posting the exact content across your social media accounts all the time.  

In this article, we will share with you creative ways you can use social media to help your dental practice catch the attention, establish trust, and earn the confidence of a modern patient.  

But, before we proceed, let’s tackle briefly the significance of social media and the benefits it can bring to your dental business.

Why is Social Media for Dentists Important?

The dental industry is projected to be worth around $37 billion this year.

If your dental practice isn’t active on social media, then don’t be surprised that your ideal patients will come running to your competitors, particularly those who are online most of the time.  

This means you won’t get a share of the profit.  

That’s why we’re telling you to start working on your social media pages as early as now. Take advantage of its incredible reach to connect with your prospects, convert them into leads, and increase your company’s bottom line.


How Can It Benefit Your Practice?

With the right strategies, you can use social media to:

  • Tune in to people’s sentiments about your practice and use it to improve your services
  • Boost your online reputation  
  • Establish your credibility  
  • Connect with patients and prospects on a more personal level  
  • Put people at ease and earn their confidence

All of these will help build your reputation, attract new patients, and grow your dental practice!

5 Creative Ways You Can Use Social Media For Your Dental Practice

Now that you know why social media plays a key role in improving your business, it’s time to focus on the execution part. What should a dental practice be posting on the different social media channels?  


A Facebook Insight study revealed that people use Facebook and Instagram differently.  

They found out that people use Facebook to look for real-time content and seek the opinion of others. They also discovered that people mainly look at content from those they’re connected to.  

What does this mean for your practice?

This means that you should avoid overly promotional posts. You want to stick to posting content that revolves around the following:

  • Updates About Your Clinic: It could be about your new business hours during the holidays, or updates about a new team member or a new branch. You can also post images of new equipment and explain what they do.  
  • Timely Events:Think of every event in the calendar and try to create content that you can relate with dentistry. If you can’t come up with any clever caption, don’t force it. A simple post  is greatly appreciated!
  • Dental Health Tips and Fun Facts: People tend to scroll aimlessly on Facebook, which is why it’s a good idea to post dental reminders on their newsfeed on a daily basis.  Plus, it puts your practice on top of their minds.  
  • Relatable Moments: Showing your existing and potential patients that you’re also human is a great way to connect with them on a more personal level.


In this platform, users expect to see a more curated type of content. It’s all about providing your audience with visually appealing images.  

Post content that inspires emotions in your audience, shows your uniqueness, and encourages them to take action.  

Here are some creative ways you can use Instagram:

  • Post “before and after” pictures of your patients
  • Feature your patients showing off their beautiful smiles
  • Run a contest or a giveaway
  • Introduce your employees, dentists, and staff
  • Make use of Boomerang

You can also use Instagram Stories to embed important information on your profile. This will allow potential patients to quickly access the information they want to see:

  • FAQs
  • Your different locations
  • A quick demo of your state of the art equipment
  • Your featured products and services
  • Debunk dental myths and misconceptions
  • Showcase your work
  • A clickable link that redirects the audience to your website or a landing page

Recently, Instagram released a new feature called Instagram Reel.  

It’s somehow similar to TikTok wherein you create 15-second video clips, add music, and get creative. Reels give you an opportunity to share more engaging content with your audience, which can easily grab their attention and get them hooked. You can use this feature to:

  • Introduce yourself, your practice, and your staff
  • Give a sneak peek of a certain procedure
  • Offer tips, tricks, and tutorials
  • Host mini Q&A sessions


Using Twitter wisely is a big must. Why? A tweet’s lifespan only lasts for 18 minutes.  

Many brands use it to offer prompt customer support, and you can do the same, too.  

Utilize your Twitter account mainly for answering inquiries, responding to complaints, and announcing updates.

You can also use it to engage your audience with topics like dental health tips, fun facts, DIY dental hacks, and bust oral health myths. Hopping on trends and being part of the latest conversion are another reasons to be active on Twitter.


Millions of people are on YouTube every day for two primary reasons: To relax and to entertain themselves. What does your dental practice have to do with this then?

Well, believe it or not, many find tartar cleaning, tonsil stone removal, salivary gland stone removal, and even smile makeovers satisfying, relaxing, and even entertaining.

Watching content like these may be gory to some, but for others, it’s nothing but pleasurable. Who knows, you might even gain a lot of fans just like Dr. Pimple Popper!

Another idea is to create content surrounding the different procedures you offer, as well as dental care tips. It could be a video tutorial on how to clean a toddler’s teeth properly or how to take care of dental implants.  

You can also give your audience a sneak peek of how you use technology in dentistry. Demonstrate how these procedures less painful so that they feel more comfortable, safe, and confident to sit in a dentist’s chair.  

Here are some YouTube content ideas for your practice:

  • Office Tour
  • Patient testimonials
  • An in-depth discussion about specific procedures
  • Procedure videos
  • Before and after videos
  • Informative how-to videos
  • Charity or volunteer work

For YouTube, you want to create longer videos compared to Instagram or Facebook.

Here's the YouTube channel of Dr. Nate and Dr. Christine. He's an Orthodontic specialist, while his wife is a general dentist.

Both of them use their channel to educate anyone who is afraid of dental or orthodontic procedures.

Screenshot from Thrive Dental's YouTube Channel

The platform also has a story feature you can use to attract people to your channel.  


TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media networks of all time.  

As of June 2020, more than 91 million Americans use the platform every month and 50 million users are on it every day.  

This video-sharing app allows you to post short clips on any topic. Because the videos are short and you can add filters and music, they tend to be very engaging.  

Pique the interest of your audience by giving them valuable information, debunking myths, and taking part in challenges to show your fun side.

Keeping your audience engaged with interesting and informative content is a great way to attract them to your dental practice and convince them to finally undergo the procedure they need.

Your TikTok Dentist is a popular dentist on TikTok. With the right content, you and your practice can be famous too!

Are You Willing to Give Social Media for Dentists a Try?

Social media for dentists is an indispensable business tool in this modern era. It’s one of the most effective ways you can earn the trust and confidence of your ideal patients, drive them to your practice, and grow your business.  

If you haven’t been active on social media, now is the best time to start with the tips we’ve shared with you above!

At Digital Resource, our team of social media marketing experts can help you create a strategy specifically designed to help your practice achieve business goals.

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