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The 2023 GRAMMY Awards®: What is 'For Your Consideration' Marketing?

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The 2023 GRAMMYs®, officially known as the 65th GRAMMY Awards®, are upon us and will be broadcast live from Los Angeles on Sunday, February 5, 2023.  

Many musicians are competing for prestigious awards like Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Best New Artist, and many others.

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But did you know that you and your favorite artists can present GRAMMY-eligible work and be nominated? This is referred to as FYC marketing.

Below is a guide created by our Miami digital marketing experts to cover the basics of For Your Consideration marketing. The following information is also available on the Recording Academy's Voting And Solicitation Guidelines page.

What Is FYC Marketing?

sample FYC campaign material
Photo from V-ettman

For Your Consideration (FYC) is a popular heading in advertisements in entertainment trade publications and at events in Los Angeles. These advertisements are specifically aimed at members of award-voting groups in the entertainment industry.

The GRAMMYs® is one of these significant events in Los Angeles, and for an artist's eligible work to be considered by Recording Academy voting members, it must be promoted through FYC marketing efforts.

FYC marketing can include, but is not limited to:

  • Emails
  • Mailings
  • Invitations
  • Social Media
  • Websites
  • Print Ads

Overall, our Miami digital marketing experts can compare a "For Your Consideration" campaign to a B2B marketing campaign.

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Who Is the Target Audience for FYC Marketing?

GRAMMY awards
The 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards®, January 2018 (DON EMMERT/AFP via Getty Images)

As per the research of our digital marketing team in Miami, FYC marketing aims to remind voting members of a fantastic release that an artist has (already) submitted for consideration for a GRAMMY® nomination. 

However, the FYC marketing strategy should be used for general promotional marketing.

Moreover, the Recording Academy does not publicize its members' contact information. As a result, artists should proceed with caution when dealing with any vendor claiming to have accurate contact lists of Academy members.

Why Is FYC Marketing Necessary?

Every year, television studios and networks spend large sums of money on For Your Consideration advertisements lauding the alleged virtues of the artists from the previous year.

In recent years, these advertisements have begun to appear on websites popular with voting members of the relevant academies.

But why are they doing this?

The short answer is: to capture critical eyeballs. Marketing campaigns begin months in advance... Even before an album is finished!

Protected streaming links for key industry tastemakers, exclusive listening or viewing events, early targeted publicity, and other strategies are all in place to gain early support and build industry buzz.

Those marketing materials, quotes, and press hits are then organized, distributed, promoted, and advertised to create momentum and keep people talking.

What Can Be Included in an FYC Advertisement?

  1. The artwork associated with the product under consideration
  1. Brief, unelaborated descriptions of the recording or its creators
  1. Product copies or links, such as links to websites promoting eligible recordings
  1. Link to the Recording Academy's website, where Voting and Solicitation Guidelines are available
  1. Lists of the artists who contributed to the recording
  1. Reference to nominations after they have been made public (These must be shown by the List Category(s) using their full names.)
  1. Reference to the GRAMMY Award with properly registered marks (While the award's name may be used, logos are not allowed.)

To give you an example, here's Republic Record's official "For Your Consideration" post for the 2023 #GRAMMYs, which they posted by Republic Records last January 2, 2023.

What Can't You Do in an FYC Advertisement?

  1. Make a negative or derogatory statement about a competing recording. Any strategy that singles out the "competition" by name or title is prohibited.
  1. Exaggerate or overstate the merits of a piece of music, an accomplishment, or an individual.
  1. Include any Recording Academy trademarks, logos, or other confidential information: https://www.grammy.com/legal. The Recording Academy logo is restricted to paid Recording Academy sponsors or partners.
  1. Include any entry list or category numbers.
  1. Include chart positions, the number of streams, sales figures, and RIAA awards.
  1. Include personal signatures, personal greetings, or personal requests to listen to the eligible recordings.
  1. Misrepresent past or present honors or awards received by the recording or those involved in production.
  1. Make a note of the year or the telecast number (i.e., 2023 or 65th GRAMMY Awards®)
  1. Reference the GRAMMY Award using any of the following logos:
  • GRAMMY® Award
  • GRAMMY Awards® (Only the plural GRAMMY Awards gets the ® on Awards.)
  • GRAMMYs®

"How Do I Get Nominated?"

GRAMMY awards 2023 red carpet looks
Photo by Vanity Fair

If you watch the GRAMMYs® each year, it may seem like the only people who win are the industry's biggest names: Kanye West, Taylor Swift, and Beyoncé.

That said, numerous other winners are not shown on television—most of whom are talented independent artists who had to work as hard as you're working right now to release their art to the world.

If you're a great musician, it's not as difficult as you think to be nominated for a GRAMMY®, and winning as an independent artist is undoubtedly possible.

All you need is top that with an effective FYC marketing campaign.

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We're not saying that a GRAMMY® can be 'bought' through campaigning. However, there are always ways to get around the rules. It's a fact. Try releasing a song without promotion or advertising and see how far you get.

Do You Want to Be Listed Among the Nominees?

Independent artists, as previously stated, have the opportunity to win a GRAMMY®. It is possible with a great song, a fantastic team, and an effective FYC marketing campaign!

To run an effective FYC marketing campaign, you must invest time and effort, but it’s also crucial to ensure that you’ve partnered with a fantastic marketing company. You need someone who understands the submission criteria and can advise you on which categories to enter.

Our Miami digital marketing experts have researched how voters have voted in the past and how they are likely to vote this year. It's strategy, and we know whom we're going after.

Want to know more about how Digital Resource can help independent artists like you grow your online presence?

Contact us today for a free consultation.

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