Dentist Landing Pages

With the ever-intensifying competition in the dental industry, getting new leads can take a lot of time and effort.  

Sure, you provide a service that’s essential for people of all ages, but the bad news is, you can’t win them all. Chances are, they’re already seeing another dentist. Or, they have yet to hear about you.  

Regardless, you have one goal in mind: Turn leads into patients.

Where does it start? Your dental landing page.  

Optimized landing pages play a vital role in growing your dental business. But first, what is a landing page?


Landing Pages: What Are They?

A landing page is a web page with a single conversion goal - from signing up for a free consultation and claiming a discount, to subscribing to a monthly newsletter.

In other words, landing pages are created exclusively for marketing or advertising campaigns.  

If you’re looking to gain new patients online, you can use a landing page to get an appointment request through a lead form. You can also prompt visitors to contact your office via a mobile click-to-call button.

Why Do Landing Pages for Dentists Matter?

You might ask, “Why can’t I just direct my ads to my dental website? Why is there a need to create a landing page?”

Well, let’s say you’re running a Google ad campaign with “dentist near me” as one of your primary keywords. Someone looking for a dental practice types in the exact keywords and notices your ad, eventually clicking it to see what the fuss is about.  

And so, the ad takes them to your website homepage. What happens next? What’s your desired call to action?

That new visitor of yours is presented with a variety of options. They can go through your blogs, look for answers on your FAQ page, or maybe watch an educational dental video. However, there’s nothing there to convert them.

You’re spending big bucks in advertising not only because you want to build a strong online presence, but mainly to get the biggest return possible. You want to maximize the number of visitors completing your desired conversion goal.

Sure, you might have lots of organic traffic thanks to your ads, but what about your conversion? You’ll definitely need to rely on a dentistry landing page for that.

Dentists using landing pages usually have these four desired actions:

  • Book an appointment
  • Call the clinic
  • Write a review
  • Send a referral

Important Elements to Include

For your dentist landing page to convert leads, it needs to have the following elements:

1. Headline

The headline is the first thing a visitor to your landing page sees. To be effective, it should:

  • Grab the reader’s attention
  • Tell the reader what your product or service is all about
  • Be short and sweet (preferably between 10 and 20 words)
  • Be directly related to your ad

2. Compelling Subheads

While a compelling headline captures attention, a compelling subheading holds attention. Combine these two and you just got yourself the perfect dental landing page - well, almost.

Here’s what to keep in mind as you come up with your subheads:

  • Be as persuasive as possible
  • Be straightforward - get right to the point
  • Highlight the value of your offer
  • Describe what your reader will get if they continue reading

3. Relevant and Pleasant Image(s)

Since the purpose of your dental landing page is to encourage visitors to take action, you’d want to feature photos of happy, smiling patients.

Also, be sure to choose large and high-quality visuals. After all, they’re one of the first things your visitors will process as they arrive at your landing page.

4. Your Dental Logo

Of course, you have to include your logo at the top of the page so that people can quickly recognize your brand.

5. An Opt-In Form

A good rule of thumb is to ask only for the details you need from your audience, such as their personal contact information. See to it that the form can be easily filled out.

6. Benefits

These benefits are your key selling points. They’re the reason why prospective patients should choose you instead of your competitors. Show your audience why you stand out by highlighting the benefits of your dental services.

7. Patient Reviews or Testimonials

Another way to entice your audience into taking action is by including patient reviews on your dental landing page. Displaying positive feedback can be enough to convince a visitor to pick up the phone or fill out your opt-in form.


Creating a Dentist Landing Page That Converts

Now, let’s talk about landing page best practices. How can you optimize your dental landing page to skyrocket your conversions? Let’s find out below!

1. Make It Relevant to Your Ad

This one’s pretty obvious.

People are on your landing page because your ad brought them there, and so, they expect to see everything that’s been mentioned in your ad.

Everything on your dental landing page should correspond with the offer you’re promoting and be targeted to the same audience as your ad. If it doesn’t, then you’re putting yourself at risk of losing potential patients before they even get to explore your page.

2. Feature a Powerful CTA

A powerful call to action is key to creating a high-converting landing page.  

It tells your audience what they should be doing once they click on your ad and hit your dental landing page.

It’s what ultimately converts them into patients.

With that in mind, here are some ideas to help you come up with a killer CTA:

  • Make it big. The bigger, the better. It should be the center of attention.
  • Use terms that evoke excitement or enthusiasm.  CTAs like “Flash Your Best Smile, Schedule an Appointment Now!” or “Click Here to Get Your Pearly Whites Whiter Than Ever!” will definitely excite your audience and make them press the button in a snap.
  • Use a contrasting color. Your landing page has a color scheme, which is why the color of your CTA should stand out and contrast from the other colors on the screen. People immediately notice a difference once they see contrasting colors.
  • Refrain from using multiple CTAs. By this, we mean CTAs that have different goals. Asking your visitors to complete several actions can lead to a decrease in conversions. If your goal is to acquire reviews from patients, your CTA should focus solely on that action.

3. Show Social Proof

Social proof can be anywhere from patient reviews and testimonials, to likes, shares, and subscribers your practice has.

Displaying them on your dental landing page can be crucial to your success.


77% of people use online reviews as the initial step to finding a new physician. 40% say that their health decisions are influenced by the information found on social media. And, 71% of millennials are more likely to buy something if it has been recommended online.

These stats tell us one thing: Social proof speaks volumes about your practice and reputation as a dentist. Go ahead and flaunt all those positive feedback from your satisfied patients to get new ones!

Video testimonials of your patients telling your audience how fantastic your service is will get an overwhelming response. Authentic photo testimonials also help build trust, reputation, and loyalty among both prospective and existing patients.

Below is a good example of a dentist landing page that showcases social proof. Also worth commending are the well-placed CTAs and a map showing all the locations for dentists within their area.

However, if the sight of a landing page cluttered with images or videos doesn’t please your eyes, you can just provide a link to your dental social media pages. You might even attract lots of new followers!

4. Keep It Mobile-Friendly

Everywhere we go, we see people on their phones, with their eyes glued to the screen without a care in the world.

Some might be tweeting about a hilarious encounter, others might be busy editing their selfies to collect likes, and then there are your prospective patients searching for a nearby dental business on Google.

Of those folks who discover dental websites on their phones, 44% will book an appointment. Unfortunately, reaching them is far from possible - unless your landing page is optimized for mobile.

It’s not just the screen size we’re talking about here. You need to consider their expectations. How will you optimize your dental landing page to draw their attention?

Think about the elements on your desktop landing page. Think of how you should organize them in such a way that makes it easier for mobile users to navigate.

Oh, and before we forget, a mobile-friendly landing page should have a “tap to call” feature for folks who are too lazy to fill out the lead capture form.


Start Converting Leads into Dental Patients Today!

Creating a dentist landing page for your practice is one of the most effective ways to increase conversions and see new faces in your clinic.

However, we know how busy life can get for dentists, considering that we’ve worked with countless over the years. We’ve helped these hardworking individuals grow their businesses online through services like SEO optimization, social media marketing, and many more.

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