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Many dentists would agree that running a successful practice can be really daunting, and you might too.  

Between cleaning and extracting teeth, you have to ensure that everything’s running smoothly at the office. What’s more, you have to come up with strategies to get the word out about your dental business. You need new faces coming to your door every month! Whether you’ve been practicing dentistry for over five years already or you just recently opened your own dental practice, it’s always a good idea to expand your knowledge about your industry, especially the know-how of juggling your responsibilities and staying on top of the game. Knowledge is power, after all.  

There’s no better way to start than by immersing yourself in a good dental book or two. Books for dentists by dentists, dental marketers, and business experts? Yes, please!  

That’s what we’re going to give you here - or a list of them, at least.  From topics focusing on practice management expertise and patient-relationship building to dental marketing, here’s a rundown of 11 dentist books should read:

Dental Marketing Books

delivering wow dentist books
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1. Delivering WOW: How Dentists Can Build a Fascinating Brand and Achieve More While Working Less

Deemed as a blueprint for running and growing a dental practice, Delivering WOW walks dentists through building a winning team, growing patient numbers without having to spend big bucks on advertising tactics (that don’t even work!), and maximizing productivity and profitability.

Dr. Anissa Holmes - a dental practitioner, social media strategist, business acceleration coach, and best-selling author - wrote the book to help other dentists who are struggling to grow their practice despite working too much.  

If you’re among the thousands of dentists who aim to build a dental business that allows you to make more while working less, Delivering WOW should be at the top of your reading list.

becoming remarkable dentist books
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2. Becoming Remarkable: Creating a Dental Practice Everyone Talks About

Fred Joyal, co-founder of 1-800-DENTIST®, author of Everything is Marketing,   and the industry’s most prominent authority on dental marketing, published Becoming Remarkable as a guide for dentists who are looking to prosper in their industry.

The book places emphasizes on the importance of being remarkable in a competitive online market, revealing how dentists can adapt and thrive by embracing recent shifts in new technology, patient behavior, and the economy.  

Covering topics such as the power of social media and online reviews, new economic realities dentists can’t afford to ignore, and how to build and keep a five-star team, Becoming Remarkable has remarkable written all over.

365 days of social posts dentist books
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3. 365 Days of Social Posts for Dentistry

As we’re now living in the digital age, social media has become a powerful platform for businesses of all sizes to gain new consumers. Gone are the days when dentists would rely on traditional marketing would promote their practice.

This super handy book is all you need to grow your online reputation as a dental practitioner. Not sure what Facebook posts can make you an overnight sensation? Can’t think of a fun video idea to get the attention of prospective patients?

365 Days of Social Posts for Dentistry will tell you how! Whether you’re looking for funny ideas that will get your audience laughing out loud, or educate them with informative posts, this book has everything you need to become a social media marketer.

Books to Help You Connect with Patients

90 seconds to yes dentist books

4. 90 Seconds to Yes: The Art of Persuasion

Wouldn’t it just be wonderful to get your patients to say yes to treatment in a couple of minutes? Or work with a team of exceptional individuals who are just as inspired as you are in creating a world- class experience for patients? Are these even possible?

With 90 Seconds to Yes, they sure are! Turn yourself into an influential dentist and you’ll be getting more wins every single day. Let this book be your guide.

the psychology influence of persuasion dentist books
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5. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

highly acclaimed New York Times bestseller written by Dr. Robert Cialdini, aka the “Godfather of Influence,” this book explores the psychology of why people say “yes.”  

For your dental practice to be a success, you need people saying “yes” to you - your patients, staff, marketers, suppliers, everyone! The question is, how?

Well, this book should quench your curiosity as Dr. Robert provides all the information you need to take your persuasion skills to the next level.

moving your patients to yes dentist books
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6. Moving Your Patients to Yes!

Do you often have trouble discussing insurance benefits with a prying patient? Find it hard to help a patient appreciate their dental insurance? Consider this dental book as heaven’s gift to you.

In this book,  Teresa Duncan gives dental practitioners and their staff her best conversation tactics during stressful situations where they talk about the benefits of insurance - all of which are based on her classes and client discussions.

Moving Your Patients to Yes! is perfect for dentists and team members who want to master insurance systems in their practice.  

Dental Management Books


dental maverick dentist books
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7. Dental Maverick Q & A

Dr. Tuan Pham, the genius behind the Dental Maverick Program, published his third book, Dental Maverick Q & A, to help dentists and dental students alike.

The book, written in a question-and-answer format, is a collection of the most common questions Dr. Pham would hear from his fellow dentists. Sharing tips and insights on practice management, communicating with patients effectively, and and improving leadership skills, this is definitely your go-to if you’re looking for ways to reach success.

practice management dentist books
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8. Practice Management for the Dental Team (8th Edition)

From managing patient information to completing financial procedures, this comprehensive workbook offers dental practice owners and their team valuable tips for a seamless office experience.

Additionally, it includes resources such as learning objectives, critical thinking exercises, and practice questions. No wonder it’s one of the most popular dentist books out there!

dental office management dentist books
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9. Dental Office Management (2nd Edition)

When it comes to leveraging your front office productivity, Dental Office Management is your ultimate guide.  

The book addresses six main aspects of the dental front office - the dental business, practice management software, clinical records management, business, and financial records management, practice communication, and employment opportunities.  As soon as you apply the strategies you learned from this book, expect to see a huge boost in the performance of your front office team.  

Business Books for Dentists

the entrepreneur dentist dental books
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10. The Entrepreneur Dentist: How to Exit Your Dental Business Rich

Do you aspire to be a wealthy person after retiring from your dental practice? If that’s a big nod, you better go to Amazon and order The Entrepreneur Dentist by the time you finish reading this post!

Dr. Jerry Lanier has always wanted to write a book for dentists who want to exit the practice loaded. Luck was truly by his side when he became a successful entrepreneur himself, using his experiences to come up with this brilliant strategy-and-tactics field manual for future dental entrepreneurs.

This book will give you the ins and outs of building a profitable dental business, exploiting opportunities in the dental market, forming the best dental team, and preparing yourself to leave with more money than you could ever imagine.  

dental practice dentist books
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11. Turn Your Dental Practice into a Successful Business

Another bestselling dentist books, Turn Your Dental Practice into a Successful Business offers practical solutions that you can apply to increase your profitability and sales quickly.  

Authored by Gabriel Asulin, the “global guru” in the field of marketing and promotion of dental practices, this book provides innovative tools and strategies for marketing and managing your dental business. He presents everything in a practical, straightforward, and detailed manner, just to ensure that his readers can implement his methods without any difficulty.

It’s pretty clear by now that the ever-growing competition in the dental industry introduces a plethora of new challenges, which means that dentists are doing their best to get ahead of everyone. That’s why this book should be on your office shelf or Kindle.

It’s Time to Expand Your Knowledge AND Business with These Dental Books!

If you were to ask any affluent dental practitioner about their secrets to success, most if not all of them would mention reading a good book for dentists. Start with the books mentioned here and you’ll be on your way to the top.

Once you’re ready to turn the advice of these authors into action, particularly on the subject of online marketing, you may proceed to the next step: Grow your dental business and attract new patients by hiring a digital marketing team that offers award-winning services.  

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