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Is your business struggling to convert web traffic into leads?

Your website is only as good as the leads it brings in. After all, gaining customers and growing your business is the whole point of internet marketing in the first place. If your business is struggling to convert web traffic into leads, you should consider adding a special tool to your digital arsenal.

LiveChat is a lead generating tool and messaging application that can be used by visitors on your website to contact someone from your business for immediate assistance and support. LiveChat not only helps your business excel at customer service and wow any visitor, but it also generates 5 times more leads than form submissions and phone calls combined. It is a proven way to gain leads and improve customer service for any and all target demographics

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How else can LiveChat help your business?

Check out some of the biggest LiveChat benefits below:

  • Generate leads
  • Increase sales
  • Proactive outreach
  • Reduce expenses
  • Competitive advantages
  • Customer convenience
  • Faster problem resolution
  • Improve customer service and loyalty
  • Analytics and reports
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Start using LiveChat to grow your business with our customized LiveChat services. We’ll help you generate leads by implementing the LiveChat feature, monitoring any activity, capturing visitor information, and responding to any chats. Our services will ensure that you reap all of the amazing benefits of LiveChat. If your business isn’t bringing in the amount of leads that you desire, it’s time to add something to your digital marketing strategy. Start getting in touch with your website visitors and point them in the right direction with our LiveChat services. You’ll be amazed with how quickly your business begins to grow. Contact Digital Resource to start generating more leads than ever before!