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What Does Your Logo Say About Your Brand?

Brand Development

Starbucks, Apple, McDonald's, Google, and Toyota. 

As you read the names of these famed companies, their logos might have crossed your mind. This shows that appearances count. Logos are an essential component of the first impression a brand makes in your mind. Sometimes, these images resonate more strongly than any other aspect of your brand.

Renderforest's 2021 Branding Statistics states that 75% of people recognize a brand by its logo, 60% by its visual style, 45% by its signature color, and 25% by its unique voice. This means that having a logo and using the correct elements in it is very important.

With millions of logos existing, you might be wondering how companies and organizations come up with something eye-catching and unique.

If you're in the process of making a new logo, our SEO experts in West Palm Beach can help you by defining what a brand logo is.

We'll also share what a logo can mean to your audience so you can create one that is a cut above the rest. 

What is a Brand Logo?

A brand logo can be made up of text, images, symbols, or a combination thereof. It helps your clients identify and remember your product, services, or advocacy.  

What Does Your Logo Tell Your Clients?

1. The Brand's History

big dreams have small beginnings

When did you first get the idea for your business? You could’ve identified a market need when:

  • You and your mom were baking cookies.
  • You were fixing a broken light bulb by yourself.
  • You were having a cup of coffee, and a friend said something insightful.

Each of these moments can offer a great jumping off point for a variety of different logos.

This is important to consider because one of the things that customers look for in a brand is its history. The humble beginnings of a brand allow customers to examine its credibility and quality. 

Moreover, there are some customers who pay close attention to how long your brand has been in business. The longer a company’s history, the more likely it is to have expertise.

To show your brand's history through your logo, you may want to consider adding the following:

  • An image or a symbol of your origins (e.g., the place where it all started, an animal or an object that inspired you, etc.).
  • The year the brand was established.

Adding these elements will appeal to your customers' curiosity, and maybe even entice them to do some research on your company history. Remember that what customers know about you can be a major influence on where your brand is headed. 

2. The Beliefs and Values of the People Behind Your Business

How do you establish and apply your team's beliefs and values? The following can help:

  • Choose the right people. While people in a team will have different personalities, it's essential that the key founders are like-minded regarding their beliefs and values. It’s healthy for a large group to have differences of opinions, but everyone should understand the foundation they’re working with
  • Conduct a Brainstorming Session. Sit down and take time to think of the beliefs and values that each of you holds onto. Be sure to have someone jot it down so you can have something to refer to when you reach the evaluation process. You can also formulate a tagline or a catchphrase to show people what you genuinely care about. 
add a tagline
  • Be consistent.After coming up with a list of values, you should take a step back to ensure that they properly reflect your brand. If some members of the office are eco-conscious, but there’s not a recycling bin to be seen, you don’t want to come up with something that represents your brand as being green. That could lead to accusations of hypocrisy.

Once you have these beliefs, you’ll be better prepared to convey them on your logo. Often, a marketing company will ask you for these values during your onboarding process, but you can also mention if there are one or two values that you feel are especially important to convey.

3. Quality

Another thing that the logo communicates to an audience is the quality: not just of the product or service, but of the people behind it. You don’t want to look like a cheapskate: you want to look like a company that consumers can trust.

A data analysis conducted in 2020 stated that 60 percent of buyers avoid companies with ugly logos, no matter how many good reviews they have. This means that your brand logo should always appeal to the masses. 

How it appears gives the customers a sense of relief knowing that the brand’s owners care enough to spend time developing a good logo. It also shows that they have the resources necessary to work with high-quality vendors.

What Makes a Logo Attract Your Target Audience?

woman reacting to something in her laptop

Your logo is essential for helping customers remember your brand visually. It doesn't have to be loud and elaborate with all the colors on the color wheel. Instead, you’re looking for something that’s simple and able to appeal to as many members of your target audience as possible.

When creating a logo for your brand, remember these elements:

  • Easily identifiable
  • Memorable
  • Clear

When done correctly, a logo catches peoples’ eyes while also giving them a clear sense of who you are and what you stand for.

Invest in Your Brand's Logo

We've established that a logo provides tremendous reach to your potential customers. It will show up on your packaging, social networking profiles, marketing advertisements, and business cards. It will serve as the face of your company.

However, not everyone's team is gifted when it comes to logo design.

As we stated earlier, the logo must communicate the quality and earn the customers' trust. Your wonderfully conceptualized concept, including the history, beliefs, and values, must be translated into a logo. 

Digital Resource is the leading SEO company in West Palm Beach. We can assist you with both the conceptualization and development of brand logos. 

Contact us today!

We will be delighted to help you build your brand and find the leads you need to grow.

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