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Why Webflow Is The Best CMS For Your Service Business

Website Design

At Digital Resource, we've helped a wide range of businesses develop their digital presence. In some circumstances, companies are afraid to go online because they believe they are not tech-savvy enough and do not understand how to run a website.  

Other times, businesses are concerned about the cost.

The great news is that there's a solution that will work for you.

In this post, you'll discover why our West Palm Beach website design team likes Webflow for building high-performance websites, and why it could be a suitable fit for your service business.

What Is Webflow?

Webflow is a visual web design tool launched in 2013 that translates your design ideas into clean, production-ready code. It allows users to graphically create, construct, and publish responsive websites.

One key feature that distinguishes Webflow is that it's built using a code-first approach. This means that the online program is intended to help designers, developers, and others create fully responsive websites.

Webflow seeks to bridge the gap between standard DIY software such as Wix and Squarespace, conventional content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, and front-end web development.  

It's also meant to exceed them all in terms of usability, adaptability, and performance.

5 Advantages of Using Webflow to Build Your Service Business Website

1. Webflow is completely customizable.

The primary reason why our website design experts in West Palm Beach love Webflow is that we have complete design control. Every site we build starts with a blank canvas. There are no templates or themes, which means that each website is completely unique.

Why is this so important?

Your company is unique; therefore, your website should be as well! Webflow’s adaptability allows us to create a fully branded website that displays your services exactly as you want.

Moreover, because we have complete control over the design and flow of information, we can determine how your content is displayed to potential customers, allowing us to create a powerful and straightforward call to action (CTA) for your service business.

2. Webflow is fully responsive and has multiple screen sizing options.

Webflow screen size options
Photo from Webflow University

According to Statista, "mobile devices (excluding tablets) generated 54.4 percent of global website traffic in the fourth quarter of 2021."  

To put it simply, mobile devices account for the vast majority of online traffic, which means that having a sleek and mobile-friendly website is essential.

Webflow makes it simple to construct a stunning mobile site. It also allows you to develop a bespoke look for tablets and more expansive displays. This means that no matter how your consumers discover your service company, you can provide an outstanding optimized experience for their devices.

Webflow takes this a step further by allowing you to have specific items appear on different views. For instance, you might choose to make tweaks to the layout of your homepage for mobile viewers, to ensure a positive user experience.

3. Webflow does not need any plug-ins.

If you use a website builder that requires plug-ins, you are at the mercy of the authors of the plug-ins if you encounter any problems.

When plug-ins aren't updated, they can create functionality issues on the website without you even knowing! Furthermore, adding too many plug-ins to your site might degrade site performance and overall user experience.

Webflow is an all-in-one platform, unlike many other website builders that require plug-ins to add functionality. This means you won't have to worry about plug-ins becoming obsolete and necessitating upgrades when using Webflow. 

Another advantage of not using plug-ins on Webflow is improved customer service. If you have a problem with Webflow, you can simply contact the company's customer service team.

4. Webflow offers lightning-fast hosting and easy updates.

Our West Palm Beach website design team frequently gets questions about hosting. While it’s essential for ensuring the accessibility of your site, it’s too technical a matter for many business owners.

Luckily, Webflow simplifies hosting. The standard Webflow site package includes Tier 1 Cloudfront Hosting, which is used by large companies such as Adobe, Amazon, Dropbox, and MTV.  

Another advantage of using Webflow's native hosting is that you won't have to export any code while making changes. Some systems need you to export the code and host it elsewhere.  

There's no need to export code or anything like that with Webflow! It truly is an all-in-one platform.

5. Webflow has flexible hosting plans.

Webflow hosting plans
Photo from Webflow

Another significant feature of the Webflow website builder is its plan flexibility. No other website builder has as many various plan options. You can use the free plan if you choose. However, if you wish to acquire their subscription plan, you have several alternatives.

Their immediate plans are divided into two parts:

  • Site Plans: For basic website design templates and guidance.
  • Account Plans: For sophisticated website creation with advanced features and add-ons.

Both of these hosting plans are further subdivided for additional customized choices.

How much does Webflow's hosting package cost?

Webflow hosting plan rates
Photo from Webflow

The "Basic" hosting plan is $12 per month and includes most of the features offered. However, to use Webflow CMS, you must pay an extra $20 per month for the "CMS" hosting plan.

However, if none of these solutions appeal to you (or you just don't want to spend money), you don't need to worry!

You're not restricted to a specific platform or design because all websites are written in basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Simply download your site's files and upload them to your chosen hosting provider.

Click here to learn more about Webflow's hosting plan prices.

Looking for Website Design in West Palm Beach?

Webflow is a fantastic choice if you're thinking about creating or updating your website! It is a high-end website builder that can be challenging to use if you have no prior experience with website development.  

However, using one for your service business can help it grow and thrive.

At Digital Resource, our website design experts in West Palm Beach have all of the necessary skills to assist you in creating a Webflow website for your service business.

If you'd like to learn more about how your company could benefit from a custom Webflow site, please contact us today.

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