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Practical Ways to Improve as a Manager 


Whether you were just recently promoted to a managerial position or you’ve been in one a few years now, developing and honing your management skills should always be a continuous practice.

According to a study conducted by Gallup, companies with talented managers experience increased productivity levels, higher employee engagement scores, and greater profitability. What’s more, the World Economic Forum revealed that people management is among the top 10 skills needed to succeed in the modern workforce.

However, it’s important to remember that becoming a better manager doesn’t happen overnight. There’s no magic pill to it. It’s a process that happens by implementing steps and changing certain habits.

As a West Palm Beach SEO company with incredible team leaders, we can definitely say that it takes time and dedication to improve as a manager based on their experiences. It’s their willingness to grow and persistence that got them to where they are today.

To help you become a more efficient leader in your organization, we’re giving you seven proven ways that our managers can attest to. These practical steps should be able to improve the way you supervise and guide your employees, while allowing you to handle the rest of your tasks smoothly.

Let’s dive right in!

1. Establish Trust

manager praising employee

Employees become more motivated to work when they trust their superiors.

In fact, some research outlined in the Harvard Business Review found that high-trust companies report more energy at work, better engagement, higher productivity, and less stress. Plus, trust can cultivate empathy among your team, forming a stronger camaraderie and a greater sense of belonging.

You can build trust with your team by:

  • Creating credibility: Always keep your promises no matter what. There’s no point in making them if you’ll only end up breaking them. Perpetually following through on your word will instill deeper trust among your members.
  • Learning more about them: Engage in small talk during breaks or before meetings. Don’t hesitate to ask about their lives outside work, although you should also remember to set boundaries.
  • Being a fair decision-maker: Being biased is a definite no-no when it comes to making decisions as a leader. Don’t be subjective, especially if you’re dealing with promotion decisions.
  • Being open and respectful: Encourage inclusive conversation about professional and personal differences. Never be the type of boss who shrugs off others just because your standpoints don’t align with theirs.

2. Communicate Better

Possessing strong communication skills is key to becoming a successful manager.

In today’s world where employees expect transparent, timely, and relevant information flow in the workplace, managers should step up their communication game.

Below are several tips to improve your management communication skills:

  • Make communication as transparent and honest as possible
  • Be clear and concise to avoid confusion and misinformation in the workplace
  • Communicate more frequently
  • Provide updates regularly
  • Solicit manager feedback from your employees
  • Take advantage of tools that improve workplace communication
  • Be an empathetic and active listener

3. Check In with Your Employees

Checking in with their employees outside of their annual performance reviews is one of the ways the managers here at our West Palm Beach SEO agency are able to handle their team members effectively.

Have 1:1 meetings at least once a month to catch up with them and deliver feedback. Focus on their progress toward organizational goals, not their personalities. Keep your feedback solution-oriented, direct, and crystal clear so your employees will know what it is you exactly expect from them.

Also, provide them with resources to help them improve their skills and perform better. This will show them that you genuinely want to see them grow and thrive in their careers.

Close the meeting by identifying the next steps and deciding how to move forward. Assist them in setting an action plan for moving forward. Let them know that you’re always available if they need guidance in tackling their future objectives.

4. Sharpen Your Motivational Skills

leader motivating two employees

Many managers agree that motivating their team members is one of the hardest tasks to handle. Then again, boosting employee morale is essential, as it boosts productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

This is why you should constantly seek ways to work on your motivational skills.

Motivating your team means fostering a positive work environment and building a company culture that uplifts everyone. It also means:

  • Not micromanaging
  • Recognizing your employees with constant praises
  • Treating your employees with respect
  • Promoting work-life balance
  • Offering awesome incentives
  • Organizing team building activities
  • Brainstorming ideas together
  • Celebrating wins, big or small
  • Reprimanding bullies

5. Welcome New Ideas

Most team leaders are cautious when taking risks and trying new approaches - and that’s totally understandable. If things don’t go well as planned, they’re pretty much the ones to take accountability.

However, what they don’t realize is that welcoming and trying new ideas is a vital part of being a good manager. The most successful companies are those that have managers who are flexible, open and adaptable to change, and eager to hear suggestions from their team.

Ask ideas from your employees every now and then, especially if your brain’s having a difficult time functioning. You’ll never know how innovative their minds actually may be, and the ideas they’re capable of generating. You might even be surprised to discover that they have some of the best solutions you’ve never thought of.

After all, your employees are in the thick of it each day. They understand what goes on at work, what challenges most usually face, and which areas need room for improvement. So, go ahead and offer your ears!

To make things easier for you and everybody else, create a suggestion box where they can drop ideas whenever they have an aha moment. Or, take it online by making a group chat intended for brainstorming ideas.

6. Don’t Hide from Problems

Managers are there to set a good example for their employees. If your team sees that you have a habit of shying away from problems, they’ll likely do the same.

A good manager is not one to tiptoe around issues, hoping they will die out eventually. Rather, a good manager is somebody who faces issues head-on before things get out of hand.

No matter how complicated the problem is, you have to figure out how to remedy it. You should aim to fix it in the soonest way possible.  This might also be one of those moments where you’d like to have your team involved and get them to unleash their analytical and problem-solving skills.

7. Further Your Education

Why settle for the leadership skills and knowledge you presently possess when you can always go beyond your limits? Besides, that’s what management training programs are for.

Just because you’re already in a senior position doesn’t mean that you don’t need to learn and develop new skills anymore. Trends are constantly emerging over time, and so does technology. As a leader, you should have the initiative to keep yourself up-to-date.

This is the part where we suggest you attend management training classes or enroll in online courses. Such platforms can arm you with the expertise needed throughout your career trajectory. Here’s how: 

  • Aspiring managers: If you’re working your way towards a higher position, these programs can help you prepare for the future by teaching you proper leadership strategies and principles.
  • Newly appointed managers: It’s normal to feel tensed and anxious during your first day of work as a manager. However, this might not be the case if you’re taking a leadership course that will walk you through your journey as a rookie manager.
  • Seasoned managers: Managers with years of experience can still bolster their leadership skills by applying insights from expert faculty and practitioners trained in managerial processes.

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