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Twitter Spaces for Business: Starting and Managing Your Space

Social Media Marketing

Twitter launched a feature called Twitter Spaces in November 2020. This feature allows users to go live and host audio-only broadcasts. Hosts and audience members can engage with each other through Twitter and other social media platforms.  

If your goal for Twitter marketing is to get more people to interact with and follow you, Twitter Spaces could be the right platform for you.

So, what should you expect from Twitter Spaces? Is the hype even worth it? What can you do to keep your followers engaged in your "space?"

Today, our Miami internet marketing experts will explain what you need to know about Twitter spaces.

What Is Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces is a live audio chat feature within the Twitter app. It enables all of its users to host audio chat rooms or join them as speakers or listeners.

To simplify... It's like a podcast. But it's live and open to the public.

In the same way that tweets allow people to share their thoughts and knowledge, Spaces enable people to do the same with their ideas and expertise. The live element gives Spaces a raw, unfiltered quality while still being manageable, inclusive, and open to everyone.

You can also find like-minded people and collaborate with them in Twitter Spaces. It's an excellent place for marketers to show off new products and answer customer questions.

How to Start Using Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces allows you to host your own event and participate in other people's events as an audience member or speaker. Here's a step-by-step breakdown from our internet marketing experts in Miami:

1. Launch Your Twitter Spaces

Both the Android and iOS apps can be used to start a Twitter Space. To access the "Spaces" feature, simply open the Twitter app and tap the "mic" icon at the bottom of the screen.

Once in the Spaces menu, look for a blue "mic" icon with a "+" in the lower right corner of your screen. Tap this to start your own Twitter Space.

2. Start Naming Your Twitter Space

Once you have started your Twitter Space, you will see a prompt asking you to name it.

Because anyone can join Spaces as a listener, except those you have blocked, you should give your Space a name that is easy to remember and explains what you will be discussing. You can also record it so that your audience can listen to the public recording at any time.

From this point forward, you have the option of immediately beginning your Space or scheduling it for a later time.

3. Manage Your Space's Audience

When your Space is ready, you can invite others by tapping on the "share" icon. You can use this to share your Space across multiple platforms, copy its link, or send a direct message.

There are four icons in the bottom right corner of the Spaces window. The voice transformation tool is activated by tapping the "wand" icon. This feature allows you to change your voice in nine different ways.

You can manage guest interaction by tapping on the "people icon" in your Twitter Space. You can see who is in your Space, what their roles are, and whether anyone has asked to be added as a future speaker.

While the Space is active, you can send a reaction by tapping the "heart" icon.

Finally, tapping the "bubble" icon displays your Space's tweet activity—how many tweets, retweets, and likes it is receiving.

When you're ready, simply unmute the mic in the lower left corner of the Space window and begin speaking to your audience.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when starting your first space:

  • Who can speak in a Space is determined by the host and co-host(s). They can mute any Speaker, but it is the individual's responsibility to unmute themselves if they are given speaking privileges. Hosts and co-hosts have the ability to remove, report, and block other users in the Space.
  • To mute a speaker in a live Space, tap on the account's profile photo, which will bring up a menu of options. When you tap Mute their mic, you will receive an in-app notification informing you that the individual has been muted. You can also mute all of the speakers in your Space at once.
  • A Space's host has the ability to terminate it. If a Space is found to be in violation of the Twitter Rules, it will be terminated.

4. Include Captions in Your Space

As you speak, Twitter Spaces displays captions for the words you're saying. Captions are enabled by default for hosts, but you can turn them off if you prefer. You can also get a transcript of everything you said after ending your Space if captions are enabled.

When you include captions, people from all over the world can participate in the conversation.

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For security reasons, Twitter keeps the recording and transcript of your conversation for up to 30 days. Having a transcript of the conversation can help you revisit the conversation and repurpose the conversation.

What Business Topics Should I Discuss in My Twitter Space?

Getting started on Twitter Spaces and implementing your community-building and nurturing strategies should excite you.

An excellent way to get your Twitter Spaces interactions moving in the right direction is to introduce these three potential conversation starters:

1. Obtain Feedback on Your Products or Services

It is difficult to determine in advance whether or not your most loyal customers will like a new product or service that you have developed. In this situation, the best thing to do is to ask them yourself!

And this is something that each of us has been doing with the help of survey forms, demos, emails, and other forms of communication. Twitter Spaces is another addition to the channels for receiving feedback from customers.

By using Twitter Spaces, you can solicit comments and suggestions from followers who are already making regular use of your product. Because it happens in real-time, the exchange of ideas will occur more rapidly than through any other medium.

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2. Discuss Business Challenges and Current Events

Your target audience is always looking for new information about the industry's shifting dynamics and how they can adapt. To satiate this thirst for knowledge, you can host industry-focused sessions.

Twitter Spaces' multi-speaker feature allows you to assemble a team of industry insiders to share their knowledge with your followers.

This is useful for gaining insight into the mindset and behavior of your target audience and potential customers through discussions of relevant industry issues and breaking news.

If you communicate openly, customers and potential customers can benefit from an open dialogue about the new changes and how your product or service can help them in the future.

3. Answer Frequently Asked Questions

The potential for marketers and community managers to engage more deeply with their respective audiences has been opened up by Twitter Spaces.

Q&A sessions in Twitter Spaces are one way to use their potential power well. When customers have questions about a new product or feature, you have the opportunity to answer those questions.

Or, if you want things to be more interesting, you could invite a specialist from your field.  

Social Media Gives a Voice to Your Business

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