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The 3 New Ad Creation Tools From Google

Digital Advertising

When someone needs to conduct an internet search, Google is most likely the platform they use to find the information they seek. This is because Google commands a market share of 86.64% compared to other search engines.

Given this massive user base, it's no surprise that businesses continue to invest in Google advertising.

To improve user experience, Google has introduced three new features that enable advertisers and advertising teams to create and collaborate while remaining on Google's ad platform.

So, what are these three new features, and how can you access them as a business owner?

Our SEO West Palm Beach experts will explain what you need to know! 

1. Asset Management and Storage

The first new tool is asset management and storage. Google has discovered a problem with multiple team members attempting to access images and videos simultaneously. This appeared to be very inefficient, but Google devised a solution.

The asset library is a Google Ads account-level feature that allows you to access all your assets needed to create an ad in one place. This feature allows you to search and select assets in your account more efficiently while creating ads.

The asset library functions as a gallery for all assets required to create an ad for your campaign. The asset library will initially support images, with additional asset types to follow in the future.

To create ads more efficiently, upload, view, sort, and find all your assets in the asset library. This allows you to save time while creating ads and maintain consistency across your creatives.

During campaign creation, you can use the media picker to apply your assets to ads.

Campaign creation process

Google's new Asset Library aims to address this issue by establishing a visual-first database. Colleagues can upload, download, and share assets from current and previous campaigns.

You can access this library through Max Performance, Discovery App, Local and Display campaigns, and some extensions. When you want to create or edit a campaign, simply click on the library and select any suitable asset.

2. Create Video Ads for YouTube

The second tool, released on August 4, 2022, is the ability to create video ads on YouTube. The purpose of this introduction was to enable users to create videos and display advertisements on a new platform. Advertisers can now make video ads on YouTube.

Google claims that 78% of feed users prefer to check Google feeds for the most recent customized updates relevant to their interests and daily lives. This means that Google's latest Discovery ads innovation will assist brands and businesses in engaging their audiences from now until the holiday season.

YouTube video advertising allows you to reach users when searching for or watching the content of interest to them, attracting attention to the brand and increasing demand for the product.

Similar to Google Ads settings, YouTube ad settings allow you to choose the best time for display, select a target audience based on specific parameters (location, age, interests, etc.), and set a budget for the day and month.

In addition, Discovery ads offer mobile layouts that users who check their content feeds daily are familiar with, such as:

  • Product carousels
  • Lead forms
  • Portrait layouts

The introduction of mobile layouts is Google's next step in expanding on these rich ad experiences. Testing Discovery ads help brands create more meaningful consumer moments in a helpful, non-intrusive way.

And, if you're a retailer preparing for the busiest shopping season of the year, Google understands that story-driven layouts add more value by inspiring customers to try something new. As a result, Google is looking into new ways to help you surprise and delight shoppers with more aspirational imagery and shorter text.

Google is also working to make ad experiences in the Gmail Social and Promotions tabs more navigable by including richer details such as product images and prices.

Machine learning matches the correct asset to the appropriate audience at the right time, therefore dynamically telling your most compelling story to potential customers in a bespoke content experience.

Ads on various Google platforms

This feature is unique in that the templates you have access to are specifically designed for YouTube and include all the critical elements of an ad: product, branding, prominent call to action, and optimal speed. This change was made to improve ad results.

According to Google, such templates will help you create ads faster, stand out from the crowd, and improve the results of your advertising campaign.

3. Voice-Over Audio

Finally, voice-over audio was released as the third tool. Google discovered that videos with embedded voice-over features performed better with audiences. As a result, they decided to launch their voice-over feature on their platform. This is accessible via the video creation tool.

This feature works in conjunction with Google's voice-to-text technology. This feature would be best found in the asset library.

It offers a choice of 10 common languages of European and Asian countries, including:

  • English
  • Filipino
  • French
  • Hindi
  • Indonesian
  • Korean
  • Malaysian
  • Mandarin
  • Spanish
  • Swedish

The available languages are now available in 7 different voices (4 male and 3 female) in English (US). These voices represent distinct personas, vocal timbre, projection, and speaking styles, allowing you to cast the perfect voice for your ad creative.

Google voice-over tool

For example, if your brand exudes luxury, relaxation, or warmth, a voice with a smooth baritone or easy demeanor might be a good fit. A youthful, informal, upbeat voice may be the best choice if your brand aims to connect with a younger audience. We encourage you to experiment with all the voices in Google Ads.

Google intends to add more languages and voices in the future, including Ukrainian.

Make the Most of Your Google Ads

These new features will undoubtedly improve the user experience of Google's platform's creators. It is recommended that you take your time and test out each feature. This will give you a better understanding of how they work and how they will benefit your content.

If you need assistance learning the new Google tools quickly and easily, you may want to collaborate with Digital Resource.

Our SEO West Palm Beach professionals are always available to assist you to:

  • Create and test PPC ads for various audiences.
  • Create appealing YouTube ads.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Contact us today for a free consultation.

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