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5 Strategies for Multi-Location Franchise Review Success

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In this digital age we live in, the game has drastically changed for franchises. Gone are the days when a simple grand opening and a few local ads would drum up business. Today, with most consumers turning to online reviews before making a purchasing decision, maintaining a positive online reputation is more crucial than ever.  

And when you're a multi-location franchise? Well, let’s just say the stakes are even higher.

Managing the digital footprint of a single business can already be demanding enough, so how much more if you’re juggling reviews for different locations? That’s a beast of a different color right there! But worry not because we’re here to be your trusted guide.  

Whether you’re a seasoned pro in franchise digital marketing or just starting out, Digital Resource has got you covered. We’ve rounded up five strategies to pave the way for a stellar online reputation across all your franchise locations.  

But before we can get into our secrets, let’s talk about the importance of online reviews.

The Power of Online Reviews in Franchise Digital Marketing

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Understanding the sheer impact of online reviews on today’s consumer decisions is a crucial step for every franchise out there.  

A recent study showed that a whopping 90% of people read online reviews before visiting a business. If that's not convincing enough, nearly 74% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a local brand more. These numbers are hard to ignore, no doubt.

Now, multiply that influence by the number of locations your franchise has. A single unaddressed negative review can snowball and harm the reputation of not just one but potentially all your franchise locations. This makes the need for a coherent and comprehensive review strategy paramount.

Are you ready to delve into the strategies that will safeguard your franchise's online reputation and bolster its success? Let’s unlock these secrets!

5 Proven Ways to Gain a Solid Online Reputation

1. Set Up a Centralized Review Management

When running a business in multiple locations, reviews can come flooding in from all corners. Keeping an eye on each one can be a logistical nightmare, so you should consider centralizing the process.  

By employing a centralized review management system, you ensure feedback from all locations flows into one dashboard. This makes it easier to monitor, respond, and strategize. Plus, a consistent response style across all reviews can solidify your brand's voice and personality.

Here are quick tips to centralize your review system:

Choose the Right Platform

With numerous review management systems available, be sure to pick one that caters to franchises or multi-location businesses. It should be intuitive and provide a comprehensive overview of all locations. More importantly, it should be able to integrate seamlessly with popular review sites like Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and others relevant to your industry.  

Automate Notifications

Enable automated alerts for new reviews. This helps you respond promptly, especially if a critical issue needs immediate attention.

Delegate Responsibly

If you have a team, delegate review response duties. Train them to use your brand’s voice and tone consistently.

Filter and Prioritize

Use the management system's features to filter reviews based on criteria like rating, date, or location. Doing so lets you prioritize which reviews to respond to first, especially if resources are limited.

Consistency in Brand Voice

Although it's a centralized system, it’s imperative that the responses feel warm and genuine. Create a guideline or template for responses, but see to it that there's room for personalization.

Regularly Review the Dashboard

Make it a habit to check the dashboard frequently. Even if you have notifications set up, a periodic comprehensive check can provide insights into larger trends or issues.

2. Promptly Respond to Reviews

Customers love to be heard. Acknowledging them goes a long way, whether it's a raving review or a disgruntled customer venting their frustration.

For positive feedback, a simple "thank you" can boost loyalty. For the negative ones? Address it promptly, apologize, and offer a solution. This shows other potential customers that you value feedback and are proactive in rectifying issues.  

Remember, in the world of franchise digital marketing, a timely response can turn a negative into a positive!

3. Encourage Customer Reviews

Don’t wait for customers to leave reviews; encourage them! When you actively seek feedback, you increase the number of reviews and show customers their opinions matter to you.

So, how can you successfully ask for feedback? These will do the trick:

Feedback Cards

Handing out feedback cards might sound old school, but they sure can be super effective. Pop a snazzy card at the checkout or with the bill. It's a hands-on way for folks to share their thoughts while they're still vibing with the experience.

Post-Purchase Emails

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After a customer buys something from one of your stores, send them a nice email asking how you did. Make it sound like it's coming from a friend, not a bot, to get that genuine feedback.

QR Codes

Everyone loves a good QR scan, so why not stick them around your store? One quick zap, and just like that, they’re on your feedback form. Just make sure to keep the linked page snappy and straightforward.

Engage on Social Media

Slide into the DMs, post some fun polls, or just drop a casual "How are we doing?" on your feed. Social media is the new coffee shop chat, so let's get chatty!

SMS Campaigns

A quick text can make a difference. "Loved our service? Tell us more!" Keep it light, fun, and oh-so-easy for them to hit reply.

Loyalty Programs

Who doesn’t love freebies? Toss in some points or goodies for a review. It's like saying thanks for the chat and keeping them coming back for more.

Feedback Buttons

Jazz up your newsletters or website with an eye-catching "Talk to Us" button. Make it pop, and they'll surely drop (some feedback, that is).

Ask in Person

Sometimes, just asking face-to-face is all it takes to get people to talk about you. It's direct, personal, and makes everyone feel like they're part of the fam.

4. Train Your Franchisees

Each franchise location is an extension of your brand, so every franchisee should understand the significance of online reviews and know how to handle them. Regular training sessions can keep them updated on best practices and maintain uniformity in handling reviews across all locations.

5. Monitor & Analyze

Merely collecting reviews isn't enough. Dive deep into the feedback to identify common praises and pain points.  

By analyzing reviews, you can pinpoint areas of improvement and recognize successful practices that can be replicated across locations. Habitual monitoring also allows for swift damage control if a particular location or practice garners negative attention.

Let’s Take Your Multi-Location Franchise to the Top!

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There you have it! Remember that it’s all about the convos, connections, and making everyone feel like they’re vibing with your brand. But if this feels a tad overwhelming for you, we’ve got you!  

Digital Resource is here to light up your franchise digital marketing game. From SEO to content marketing, online reputation management, and a whole lot more, we're your one-stop digital shop.  

So, why wait? Reach out to us now! Let's make your brand the talk of the virtual town!

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