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What Social Media Platforms Should Your Dental Practice Use?

Social Media Marketing

There are numerous social media networks available. But which platforms are the best for dental practices to use for social media marketing?

Traditionally, dental clinics have relied on traditional marketing strategies, like word-of-mouth or flyers. However, social media for dentists have taken over as the primary marketing technique that almost all businesses use. However, creating flyers & brochures for dental clinics still holds an impact, but make sure your marketing campaign should be equally balanced to give you maximum results.

Social media marketing is the most effective approach for dental clinics to connect with their clientele. These platforms are ideal for practices to demonstrate their authority, establish trust, and build patient loyalty.

Different kinds of users use various social platforms for specific purposes.  

In this article, we will discuss the different social sites, compare them, and then share with you how you can use each platform to grow your practice.  

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Different Social Media Platforms Cater to Different Demographics

social media apps in iphone

Before delving deeper into each social media site, you need to know that different age groups with specific behaviors favor using one social platform over another.  

For example, the majority of Instagram's users are between the ages of 13 and 27. Facebook, on the other hand, has a demographic that ranges from 18 to 49 years old. Another example is that Instagram and Pinterest users frequently choose to consume visual content.

As a result, you want to choose a social platform based on your target patients. Do you offer services to all age groups or primarily to seniors? Are you capable of creating enough visual content for your target patients?

Now let’s compare all the platforms so you can determine which one best suits your needs and preferences.

The Best Social Media Platforms for Dentists


dentist logging in on facebook

Without a doubt, Facebook is the most popular social media platform. Facebook is a must-have network for promoting your business, with over 2 billion active users and a varied range of users.

Furthermore, Facebook is quick and straightforward to use. It contains a variety of content types, such as words, photographs, videos, and infographics. Facebook can instantly increase your brand awareness, boost website traffic, and bring in more patients.  

Also, Facebook has the most sophisticated advertising tool among all the platforms. Facebook Ads allow you to target patients based on their age, gender, geography, employment, interests, behaviors, relationship status, and much more.

How to Use Facebook: To begin establishing your Facebook account, market your page by telling your network of friends and family about it and asking them to share and like. Ask your staff to do the same. The more people who interact with your page, the more frequently you'll appear in other people's timelines.

Share relevant content that your prospective patients like to consume on Facebook. These can include oral health tips, industry updates, patient testimonials, and address queries or concerns.

Like we said, Facebook Ads can generate potential patients who are looking for your dental services.


Instagram boasts 500 million daily active users; most of which are younger generations. So, if your target patients are younger demographics, Instagram is the perfect platform to promote your company. The general primary age range is 18-24 years old.

It is vital to remember that Facebook owns Instagram. Therefore, the two sites have many functional and advertising similarities. However, Instagram is a more visual network compared to Facebook- and this is what makes this platform standout.

Instagram is by far the best platform for dental offices to exhibit their dental cases. It’s also great for communicating with your patients and collaborating with influencers.

In fact, it’s second medium that we highly recommend for dental clinics. Increasing the number of engagements and followers on your page will result in more prospective leads and patients for your company.

How to Use Instagram: Instagram is a fantastic platform to share your patients' images, such as before and after photos or pictures of the operations. However, avoid posting graphic images that may make visitors uncomfortable.

You should also use branded or popular hashtags that are relevant to your dental practice.


YouTube is so popular among U.S. adults. In fact, it has a monthly active user base of 2 billion people

YouTube, like Instagram, has the advantage of visual material. And since Google owns YouTube, it has access to Google Ads, a powerful advertising platform.

However, the only disadvantage of using YouTube is the difficulty of creating a fanbase. With the international use of YouTube, it's becoming more challenging to focus on local patients.

As a result, while YouTube is an excellent platform for sharing visually appealing content with your patients, you should use it together with other social media channels.

How to Use YouTube: You may use YouTube videos to demonstrate your knowledge while also raising awareness of your company. Post videos of your office, procedures, rare dental cases, before and after patient testimonies, and oral health tips and tricks.


Pinterest is used by over 300 million individuals globally.  

Pinterest's primary users are either 18-24 years old or 30-49 years old, with a high proportion of them being female. Pinterest does not have a robust advertising platform in the same way that Facebook or YouTube does.

This platform’s strongest suit is that it’s purely visual. With the right visual content, you can use Pinterest to engage users and drive them to your site.  

How to Use Pinterest: Pinterest does not have a robust advertising platform like Facebook or YouTube does. However, it can naturally build your following. Keyword targeting allows dental offices to reach out to their target audiences.

Dental advice and statistics, encouraging quotations, and humorous content are popular pins that dental clinics can use to reach audiences on Pinterest.


TikTok logo in a phone with silhouettes of dancing people in the background

TikTok, the fastest growing social platform on the market, has grown faster than all other social sites combined. It is an excellent platform for reaching the young Gen Z population because of how engaging short-form videos are.  

Many dentists use TikTok to show complex treatments and share dental information to educate the public. It's an excellent platform to spread information while also promoting your dental practice.

If your clinic can make short clips, we highly recommend TikTok as a social media tool for reaching new audiences.

How to Use TikTok: TikTok's technology lets individuals who "like" dental-related videos see more related content in the future. As a result, you want to provide highly engaging content.  

Dental businesses, for example, can publish rare dental cases, oral health tips, or even join dance challenges.


The lifespan of a single tweet is only 18 minutes, and people post about 175 million tweets per day. This means that it’s going to be tough to keep your readers’ attention.  So, what you want to do is develop content that entices your ideal patients to stop scrolling and read what you have to say.  

Nonetheless, Twitter remains to be a great place for dental professionals to exhibit their knowledge, engage with their audience, and respond to queries.  

Like Facebook, Twitter users are highly diverse.  

How to Use Twitter:Dentists might utilize hashtags related to their practice to attract those interested in dentistry topics. Twitter is also a fantastic medium for patient connection, such as responding to inquiries or soliciting patient comments.

You can also utilize this platform to hold debates, contribute values, and express your thoughts on current dentistry industry topics.


LinkedIn is a robust platform that’s widely used by professionals.  It has over 303 million monthly active members.  

Dentists frequently overlook LinkedIn as a valuable social media platform for marketing. However, LinkedIn can be an excellent platform for dentists looking to expand their practice.

How to Use LinkedIn: You may effortlessly meet new people in your industry or with similar interests. You will be able to converse with others and broaden your knowledge, increasing your patient base. Plus, it’s highly likely that your target audience are professionals.  

Our Recommendations

When it comes to dental social media marketing, Facebook is a must-have tool. It is easy to use and is accessible to everyone. Plus, it has the best social media advertising tool. Facebook is also the perfect platform to reach out to local patients.

We suggest that your practice selects whatever platforms best suit your business's needs and you should consider who your target patients are and which social site they’re mostly active on.  

Some platforms may be more advantageous to your practice than others. However, all social media platforms can help you promote your business and attract new patients.

Contact us today, and Digital Resource will help you conduct a study and reassess your practice to determine which social channel works best for you and your goals.

Don't forget to share this article and see our other informative blogs!

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