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Small Business Social Media Content Ideas for Spring Break

Social Media Marketing

Spring break is just around the corner. This means a lot of people are soon going to travel to get a much-needed break from their busy lives.  

The National Retail Federation released a statement in February of last year, predicting that retail sales will grow from 6.5% and 8.2% to more than $4.33 trillion in 2021. The NRF says this has something to do with the fact that more people are getting vaccinated as the economy reopens.  

This spring break 2022, we can predict that there will be an even bigger growth in retail sales and consumer spending as vaccine rollout expands across the country.

For local business owners like you, this presents a wonderful opportunity to drive more people to your shop and make more sales, especially if your store is situated in a tourist destination town like Miami!  

If you typically experience an increase in traffic during spring break, the primary way to spread the word about your business is through social media and by optimizing your posts.

Digital Resource can help you with local SEO in Miami.  

If you want to know how you can use social media to get more locals and travelers to visit your shop this spring break, here are some fresh content ideas you need to try!

Fresh Social Media Content Ideas for Spring Break

1. Run Contests

The phrase "enter to win" in a poster

Who doesn’t love to join contests? Almost everyone is willing to participate, especially if the prize is something they’d like to have!

You can run a couple of social media contests for different holidays.

Here are some great ideas:  

  • Saint Patrick’s Day – A lot of people love dressing up to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Take advantage of this event by running a best-in costume contest. You don't have to limit yourself to one winner, and you can even award the best costume to pets! Running a costume contest can help your audience feel included and be a part of your brand’s community.
  • April Fool’s Day – This holiday brings out a lot of shenanigans in people. Why don’t you ask your followers for some prank ideas and ask them to tag who they’d like to prank in the comments section? You can have multiple winners and give away coupons or freebies as prizes. Not only will this help drive engagement. It can also extend your reach.  
  • Easter Sunday – Send your followers on a scavenger hunt! But, instead of hiding prize-filled baskets or gift cards around town, go digital. Hide east eggs in a series of Facebook or Instagram photo posts. The first person to locate the hidden eggs wins!
  • Star Wars Day – Take the time to come up with an intergalactic-themed contest. You can do a live Q&A about the show and give out prizes every time someone gets the answer right.  
  • Cinco de Mayo – For this holiday, you can do a raffle contest and announce the winner through a live draw. A week before the event, spread the word about the upcoming contest and don't forget to honor the military victory of the Mexican army against the French.  
  • Mother’s Day -  According to the NRF, Mother’s day is the third biggest sales event of the year in America. Allow your customers and target audience to honor their mothers by doing a giveaway and asking them why their mother deserves to win your prize.  
  • Memorial Day – One great way to pay homage to the men and women who have died while on duty with the US military is to ask your followers to upload photos of a veteran they look up to along with a story.  

Everyone loves participating in contests, even if the prize is something as simple as a coupon or merch. Just make sure that your contests are both fun and beneficial for your business. Set rules that include following you on social media, sharing your post, and tagging people in the comments section to boost brand awareness and increase your reach.

2. Organize an Event

Spring break is a time to bring people together. You can make this happen by hosting fairs, workshops, local events, etc., and encouraging other local businesses in your area that offer products or services that are complementary or supplementary to what you offer to join and take part in this event.

Make sure to build hype around this event by posting about it on social media and doing the following:

  • Run teaser campaigns and share them on social media. It can be a simple "coming soon" poster or teaser video. The goal is to give your audience a hint that something exciting is coming up. This will get your followers excited and motivate them to tag other people or share your video with their network of friends and family.  
  • Write about the upcoming event on your website and ask the businesses that are joining you to do so as well. In your blog post, you can flesh out the details and share what the people can expect from this said event, introduce your guest speaker, which businesses are joining, what the giveaways and freebies will be, what activities are going to take place, etc. Blogging about your event is a great way to boost your local SEO in Miami too.  
  • Do a countdown of your event on social media to keep your followers in the loop with the latest happenings. You can also use social media to keep track of the conversations going on around your event and generate ideas or feedback you can use to improve your fair.  
  • Use social media stories to give people a sneak peek of the preparation for your event.  
  • Promote your event via social media ads to get more exposure. Doing so can help you reach a highly targeted audience.  
  • Get your audience involved in the preparation by doing a Facebook or Instagram live and interacting with them in the comments section of your post. You can also ask them to vote for a theme, or do this and that poll to make them feel heard and to get them more interested in your upcoming event.  
  • Spread word about your event by guesting on several podcast channels. Podcasts are always looking for new guests to interview. So, why don't you grab this opportunity to reach a broader audience and build excitement for your upcoming event?  
  • Send invitation emails to your email list and ask the businesses you’re partnering with to do so too. This is will help encourage your customers and their customers to get together and participate.  
  • Get your guest speakers to make a video. If you have a guest speaker, celebrity, or influencer coming to your event, ask them to post about your event on their social media pages, create a teaser or "see you" video that you can post on your account. If you can’t, you can still partner with them to help promote your event.  

3. Show Gratitude in Your Posts

The words "Thank You" written on a paper inside an envelope

The Spring season is the perfect time to say thank you to your customers. You can create simple "thank you" photos and post them on your business social media accounts.  

You want to write a simple yet touching caption that shows how much you appreciate your dear customers and clients. To make your post even more touching, throw in a discount code as a token of gratitude.  

If you want to go the extra mile, choose 100 followers or your top fans on social media and reach out to them through DM or private message. Sending a personalized thank you message is a great way to engage with your customers and reengage with people who haven’t interacted with your brand for a while.  

4. Spring Break-Themed Sales and Promo

When creating social media content for spring break, make sure it creates a sense of urgency and FOMO (fear of missing out) in your target audience. As much as possible, you want to urge them to buy now.

Here are some spring break-themed sales and promos:

  • Spring cleaning – Remind your followers to check for items in their homes that are expired or unused and get rid of them. If there’s anything that they think other people can still use, encourage them to donate. You can then offer a discount to incentivize them to shop for new things.  
  • Spring-themed promo bundles – Offer spring-themed product bundles. Pick a spring-related theme (this could be something related to color like warm greens or yellow, or a concept like lemons and peaches) and bundle your products together according to this.  
  • Farewell to winter inventory – Spring is a good time to do a sale on your winter-related items and get rid of any winter inventory left.  

Here’s how to create a sense of urgency in your social media posts:

  • Offer deals you know your target audience wants. This means segmenting them into smaller factions. Group consumers who will jump at products with a 10% discount, those who love to buy one take one deal, and those who won't budge unless you're offering them a 50% discount. Doing this is a great way to maximize your profit.  
  • Run your offers for a limited time to incentivize them to avail themselves of your products or services right away.  
  • Highlight the fact that your supply is limited. The scarcer your product or service is, the more people will want it.  
  • Offer additional incentives. Don't stop at giving your audience discounts. Incentivize them to act fast by throwing in a free gift to the first ten buyers!
  • Customize your offers. If you want to convince consumers to buy, you need to show them highly personalized offers. You can use data to help you serve relevant ad copies that will get them to convert. For example, if a website visitor was hovering around the candle section of your online shop, make sure to include a photo of the candle they last checked on your website in the ad copy you serve them!

5. Don’t Forget to Use Relevant Hashtags

Marketers from a Local SEO in Miami thinking about the appropriate hashtag to use for client

Since there are several holidays during spring break, you want to make sure that you use relevant hashtags for each of them. Not only can this help you reach your target audience. It's also a proven and effective way to boost the visibility of your campaigns. Plus, it creates a context that allows users to understand your post right away.  

You can also use hashtags to learn more about your audience like how they behave on social media and what catches their attention. Hashtags add value to your local SEO campaigns in Miami.  

By using them correctly, you can drive steady, long-term, referral traffic to your site. In fact, Google has incorporated them into the search results!

6. Incorporate a Tax Theme into Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Spring break is also tax season. This gives you the opportunity to whip up something nice for the taxpayers and urge them to use some of their tax refunds to buy your products or services.  

You can do something as simple as reference that it's tax season in your social media posts or offer specific tax incentives, like sending your email list with a coupon they can use throughout the tax season.

This will give them enough time to get their refunds and spend them on your products or services.

Use Spring Break to Your Advantage with The Help of Social Media

There are so many ways you can promote your local business and drive more customers to your shop this spring break!

Social media offers various features, like analytics, paid advertising, Stories, and more to help you get your local brand out there and generate more leads for your business.  

Digital Resource is an SEO company in Miami that specializes in helping local businesses generate more leads and make more sales online. If you’re not generating as much traffic on your website or customers on social media, we can help.  

Our team of digital marketing experts and SEO specialists will work together to make sure that you can achieve both your marketing and business goals. Contact us today for a free consultation!  

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