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Slack Channels Every Hybrid Workplace Should Utilize

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Keeping your workers engaged in a post-pandemic world is key to your company’s success.  

Employee engagement is directly linked to employee retention and organizational productivity. It also boosts loyalty and impacts customer satisfaction, which means customers who are served by highly engaged employees tend to experience better and more thorough customer service.  

But, in a hybrid-remote workplace environment where your team members only have very few opportunities to bond and get to know their colleagues, how can you help your employees become more connected with one another?

The answer lies in employee engagement tech tools like Slack!

Team engagement has never been more important. Through Slack, your employees can become more familiar with each other beyond their daily tasks, recognize each other’s contributions, and participate in team rituals.  

Your employees will feel a sense of connectivity and belonging, regardless of where they may be.  

Whether your company is fully remote or has gone hybrid, your company will certainly benefit from using Slack.  

As an SEO marketing company in Florida that has recently took the hybrid path, we’re giving you several tips to help you use Slack to strengthen team collaboration and relationship-building for more engaged and satisfied employees.  

Slack Channels to Strengthen Team Connection

Team Shoutouts

SEO marketing company in Florida employees discussing  at work

Your employees can easily get disengaged when they feel like their hard work isn’t being seen or appreciated by their coworkers and team leaders. This is especially common for team members who are working remotely.  

Through Slack, you can create a culture of employee and peer recognition.  

By acknowledging your employees’ every win, no matter how big or small, you also encourage colleagues to do the same.  

Other gestures of appreciation, such as recognizing their work anniversaries and greeting them on their birthdays, are also a great way of making your team members feel valued.

Creating a culture of appreciation can help you retain top talents and increase workplace satisfaction.  

You can use Slack to send automated, recurring messages to remind your employees to give shoutouts and positive feedback at the end of every workweek.

Company-Wide Announcements

Another way to maintain employee engagement in a hybrid work setup is to keep everyone in the loop with the latest happenings in your company.  

You can do this by making a separate Slack channel-specific for company-wide announcements only. This prevents organizational announcements, such as new employee announcements, promotion announcements, company policy update announcements, and whatnot, from getting lost amidst a sea of other messages.  

By being open and ensuring that all of your employees are aware what’s happening within your organization, you help them become more productive and engaged in the workplace.  

When your employees know which projects your company is working on, they can focus better on getting the right things done and schedule their tasks according to the organization's goals.  

An employee sentiment survey by BetterWorks found that 92% of workers would work harder if their company was transparent about its goals and knew what they’re working towards.  

As a Florida SEO marketing company that uses Slack as its main communication channel with its employees, we suggest that you create a transparent work environment by keeping everyone in the loop with the latest happenings in the company through Slack.

Client Kudos

Client congratulating employee for a job well done

We already mentioned how vital it is to appreciate and recognize your team members for their hard work, but things hit differently when kudos come directly from clients.  

Let your employees know each time a client or customer leaves positive feedback about your company’s products or services by making a separate #clientkudos slack channel.  

Client kudos is one of the greatest morale boosters in any company, as well as a fierce motivator that keeps everyone in your workplace competitive and more productive.

This presents an opportunity to create better employee experience, company culture, and motivate your teams to achieve bigger goals and go the extra mile.  

With Kudos Slack App, you can give your team members recognition in real-time, share client kudos, give badges, coach, and even mentor your employees.  

Another awesome thing about this feature is that the analytics dashboard gives you in-depth insight into employee morale, which you can use to take the necessary steps to fix any misunderstanding or employee disengagement.  

Continuing Education

To keep your company competitive, your workers must be up to date with the latest developments and trends in the industry, new technologies, and skills required for their fields. That way, your employees and your organization won’t lag behind your competitors.  

In a hybrid-remote workplace, supporting distance learning can be challenging.  

Fortunately, Slack offers features that allow video conferencing, file sharing, and learning management systems, which you can use to run peer mentorship programs and sales demos for your employees, including your remote workers, and set up a productive distance-learning environment for them.  

Remote Team Takeover

A remote team member's work station at home

It's common for remote workers to feel out of touch with people they work with within a digital environment.  

So, your goal is to help your remote team form authentic relationships with other coworkers to make them more productive, engaged, and happier in the workplace.

By creating a Slack channel where they’re the star, you can make them feel heard and involved. It also helps them connect with colleagues across departments, office locations, and continents.  

As a Florida SEO marketing company that employs remote work teams, we recommend that you set up automatic messaging through the Donut channel in Slack to prompt discussions with Watercooler topics, break the ice with conversation starters, and make getting to know each other fun and interactive.

Team Sentiment

Keep a pulse of how your team members are feeling at the moment by conducting frequent, short surveys.  

Through the Polly, Officevibe, or Culture Amp apps for Slack, you can achieve the following:

  • Facilitate regular employee sentiment analysis.
  • Spot trends that will help you take the necessary steps toward change.
  • Encourage transparency and better communication.
  • Provide an accurate picture of employee perceptions and opinions.  
  • Take action to boost employee morale before it’s too late.  

Team Engagement: The Key to Your Business’ Post-Pandemic Success

All work and no play, as the adage says, can make your employees dull and disengaged.  

Help them become happier, more productive, and involved in your company by bridging the gap between colleagues - brought about by remote work – with conversation starters, fun ice breakers, and peer recognition in Slack!

When your employees can bond and talk about non-work-related stuff despite the distance, you enable them to develop authentic relationships with each other, nurture camaraderie, and build an employee-centric culture in the process.  

Happier employees mean better productivity, better customer service, happier customers, and more success for your business!  

Again, Digital Resource is a Florida SEO marketing company that uses Slack as its main communication channel with its employees. We’ve managed to keep our employees, especially our remote team members, engaged and up to date with the latest happenings within our organization.  

We've experienced much success, not just in terms of employee productivity but also employee retention and workplace satisfaction through better communication and keeping the pulse with our employees' sentiments. This has led to immense company growth. In fact, we were awarded as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America by Inc. 5000.  

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