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SEO Planning | How Can My Business Benefit from SEO

Search Optimization

The struggle of increasing exposure to your business’ website is a constant battle in this ever-growing internet age. Like most businesses, you probably know a thing or two about SEO, but may be unsure if it is worth it for your business. Every business should be implementing SEO strategies if they are interested in making their website more visible to those looking for keywords associated with their brand. That includes you.  While it may seem like a perplexing concept to understand, fortunately, it is not. The basic idea is this: you want increased traffic to your site. So now what?

  1. You need to know who you’re trying to reach.
  2. You need to know what they search to find businesses like you.
  3. You need to have these words on your website along with relevant content your prospects will be looking for.

Creating Keywords

A good place to start is to consider your product, service or brand. What is your brand or image about? What are the things that get people excited about your business? Consider what you offer that sets you apart from the rest, and what unites you with similar businesses. Form a list of the words and phrases your business provokes, or wants to promote. Consider what services your business offers, where your business is located and competitive advantages you have over other businesses.A list of 10-15 well thought-out keywords is a great place to start. Too many keywords will flood your page with muddled chaos. Having too few keywords will not yield search results for prospects. Compiling an effective and evolving list encourages the chance of your website landing the coveted first page Google search. Remember to update this list frequently, as it should be a living and developing a document that changes with your company and search trends.

Building Keyword Focused Pages

The purpose of SEO is to make your website the easiest to find in a search. Having multiple web pages tailored to specific keywords and phrases yields unrivaled results. The more resources prospects and clients can use on your site, the more traffic it will stimulate.

Blogs can Help

Most noteworthy, blogs are an excellent resource for your business to increase keywords on your web page, as well as engage in your website’s users. Search engines love fresh, unique content and keeping a steady blog filled with new information every week is the best way to ensure search engines will pull the freshest and most relevant content. Placing relevant keywords where appropriate and writing primarily for your audience will also help ensure your audience will naturally find you. While building well-tailored page is time-consuming, a successful SEO campaign utilizes and adjusts as necessary.

Measure and Track your SEO Success

Understandably SEO can take a lot of time and effort, but the results your website will generate will speak volumes. Creating blogs, posts and other material for your website may seem like an overwhelming process but, do not worry. Having a dedicated team to assist your SEO strategy is the most effective way to maintain your web presence.  Contact our SEO company today to work with our experienced team of marketing experts and create the best SEO strategy for your business.

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