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The 3 Most Common SEO Mistakes Made by Flooring Companies

Search Optimization

As a flooring contractor, you want your website to achieve two things: get you noticed online and reach potential consumers to convert. One of your primary sources of lead generating should be your website.

Your website must rank well in Google searches for you to be found online. You must follow the fundamental principles of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, to rank effectively in search engines.

Fortunately, SEO is no longer regarded as a mystical practice. However, there are several typical mistakes that flooring contractors make when it comes to their websites because they haven't yet mastered using SEO for flooring companies.

In this article, we at Digital Resource will highlight three of the most serious SEO mistakes made by flooring companies and offer advice on how to recover from them.

SEO Mistake #1 – Setting It and Forgetting It

browser content updates from laptop

We come across several websites that were probably developed three to five years ago and haven't been touched since. That is a critical mistake.

Google appreciates newness. They want to see that you are an active business. Therefore if you don't update your website, it sends a signal to Google that you aren't an active business, which will severely harm your search results.

Your website is a journey, not a destination or a one-time event. When was the last time you changed your website?

If it's been more than six months since your last upgrade, it's time to do so. Check out your webpage. What information needs to be updated? Has something changed in your company's practices? Do you still provide the same services? Is your team still the same?

Update the images on your website. It would be best to highlight significant works you've completed or those that differ from the other photos on your website.

Finally, establish a monthly reminder to upload new photos and at least one update to the material on your home page.

SEO Mistake #2 – Lack of Quality Content

arrows pointing to the word "content"

Quality content is the most crucial criterion Google considers when ranking organic search results. They seek to give their users the best and most relevant results possible.

The amount of content is one method they judge quality. At the same time, keywords and closely related terms are another way they decide relevancy.

A one-page website will not be enough. Google wants you to demonstrate your knowledge, which is difficult to achieve with enough depth on one page.

How many pages does your website have? If the answer is less than five, you should surely add extra. Set a goal of completing ten pages. Even if the answer is 10, you'll be better off with 15-20.

Make a page for each of the services you provide. Make interior and exterior flooring pages for your homepage. If you already have those, you might be able to be even more precise with a kitchen or garage flooring page.

It's crucial to remember that each page should contain high-quality information that exhibits your knowledge. Adding five extra pages with only two sentences will not help. You want to develop content that is relevant to someone who is looking for such services. The more detailed you can be, the better your website will likely rank in search results.

Another tip is to create a schedule to assist you in attaining your goal after you've set it. If you have five pages and want to go to ten, give yourself a month for each new page. You'll have accomplished your goal in five months. Take a month's break before setting a new plan.

SEO Mistake #3 – Not Highlighting Your Location

businessman using megaphone to shout to the earth

You most likely service many cities and towns. Are all of those cities and towns represented on your website?

We see far too many flooring contractor websites where we have to search for hours to identify one place they serve. That's not a good sign. One of the easiest things to find on your website should be the places you serve.

Every search for local business services (such as flooring) is a local search. If you don't send Google signals by including each of the cities and towns you serve on your website, Google will never show your website in search results for potential clients looking for a flooring contractor in those cities and towns.

Mentioning your target cities and towns several times throughout your website is essential. How do you manage to do that so well?

If the total number of cities and towns you serve is five or fewer, or if you genuinely want to highlight five or fewer, you could include them in your website's header.

Please include them in places where they make sense in your text. You can also have a list in your footer and the job location in the captions for your images.

Another tip is to add the reviews from your customers whom you have serviced in a particular city or town. Add it to a designated review section along with their name and service type.

Creating a page for each city and town is another fantastic approach to highlight the places you service. Make these pages as specific to the city or town as possible and mention the name of the landmarks.

You may also include images from previous works you've completed in that city or area. Lastly, highlight the most popular services in that city or town.

In Conclusion

If you've made any of these SEO mistakes, or perhaps all of them, it's not too late to correct them. Follow the guidelines we have mentioned above and commit to doing so.

Don't make the mistake of attempting to eat the elephant in one mouthful. Break it down into manageable goals and tackle it one bite-sized chunk at a time, starting with the easiest.

At Digital Resource, we offer SEO for flooring companies and help them not commit the abovementioned mistakes.

Contact us today to know how we've helped other flooring companies achieve success and how we can do the same for you. 

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