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‍QR Code for Your Business: Best Practices

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As the leading marketing agency in Miami, we suggest that you start leveraging QR codes to boost engagement and maximize ROI for your small business.

With the emergence of built-in code-scanning on mobile devices, as well as people’s constant demand for a faster way of doing things, your customers are ready for this technology!

When synchronized well with your marketing efforts, QR codes can help you enrich the customer journey.  

Right now, these codes are being used for:  

  • Restaurant Menus
  • Customer Feedback
  • Discount Offers
  • Special Promos
  • Virtual Business Cards

In this article, we are going to share QR code best practices to keep in mind when leveraging this tech.

Let’s get started!

QR Code Best Practices for Small Business

1. Position Your QR Codes Strategically

People can easily dismiss your QR code, especially if it’s tucked away in a corner and hidden from plain sight. To make sure that potential customers notice your code, place it in various points of the path that they’re following.  

For example, if you want to use QR codes for in-store payments, make sure to position them at eye level in your checkout counter.  

Other businesses place QR codes on the surface of their delivery vans to increase app downloads.  

You can also place a code on your "Thank You" cards to encourage customers to leave feedback.  

Thank You card for customers with QR code

Photo from Over The Apple Tree.

The point is, you want to place codes strategically along the customer journey and in prominent locations where users can easily find them.  

2. Use Calls-to-Action (CTA) to Urge People to Scan your Code

If you want people to scan your code, you need to give them a valid reason why.  

Placing a catchy phrase next to your codes — or even just a simple, clear explanation of why they should do it — will help persuade customers.

As a leading marketing agency in Miami, we know that one of the reasons why people don’t scan codes is because they don’t know how to. So, it’s also a good idea to give consumers instructions next to the code to help them.  

For example, you could write, “Open your camera app and point to the code to scan.” If people need to scan through your app, then you should tell them this. Otherwise, they’ll keep encountering errors, resulting in a bad user experience.

3. Personalize Your QR Codes to Catch Attention

marketing agency in Miami using QR codes as a lead magnet to attract customers

Many dynamic QR code generators allow you to customize the color of your code and even put your company logo in the middle of it.

Personalizing your QR codes is a great way to make them look more professional, visually appealing, and get people to scan them. It’s also a great opportunity to use your brand’s color and increase brand familiarity.  

If you do use your brand colors, make sure your code contrasts with the background to prevent any scannability issues.  

4. Makes Sure Your QR Codes are Scannable

Your QR codes shouldn’t be too big or too small for a smartphone to detect. There's no standard QR code size, but the minimum recommended size for most smartphones is 2x2 cm.  

You also want to consider the distance from which the code will be scanned. For instance, if you’re going to place your QR code on a billboard, then you’ll have to make it huge. Otherwise, customers will have a hard time scanning it.  

Also, you shouldn’t place your QR codes on transparent surfaces because that causes scannability issues. If you decide to put your code in your storefront, make sure it has a well-contrasted background.  

5. Place Your QR Code on a Non-Contact Surface

Surfaces tend to erode over time, especially if there’s constant direct physical contact. To make your QR codes last longer, you want to place them on non-contact surfaces.  

For example, instead of placing them outside your storefront, stick your code inside the glass window. Stickers tend to come off gradually, and will then look untidy.  

6. Place Your QR Code Where There’s Wi-Fi

customer scrolling through the web on mobile.

If you’re going to use QR codes, make sure to place them somewhere where there’s Wi-Fi or a mobile network that’s readily available for people to use.  

QR codes are usually linked to websites. If they can’t access the internet, your QR code will be rendered useless.  

7. Check the Scannability of Your QR Code

Different people use different devices. Before printing your code and placing it all over town, make sure it’s compatible with all devices!

8. Update Content Regularly

This is necessary if you’re using a code to offer limited-time discounts or for an event invitation. You don’t want to get customers excited if the offer has expired!

9. Match Your Content with The CTA Next to Your QR Code

You want to meet people’s expectations by matching your content with the CTA next to your QR code.  

If you bring them elsewhere or ask them to take various unrelated actions upon scanning the code, chances are, they'll think you tricked them, or worse, they'll get distracted and end up not taking any action at all.  

10. Optimize Your Content for Mobile

SEO expert from a marketing agency in Miami optimizing website for mobile.

To successfully leverage QR codes, it’s essential to think about all the steps involved in the process.  

QR codes are just one part of the journey that customers go through. Once they’ve scanned your code, they will be redirected to a landing page or feedback form.

You want to make sure that they end up on a page that’s optimized for mobile devices. If it’s not, they won’t be able to convert. Trust us. As the leading marketing agency in Miami, we know.  

Are You Looking to Use QR Codes to Enrich the Customer Journey and Make More Sales?

As your go-to marketing agency in Miami, we believe that NOW is the best time to use QR codes to provide your target audience with a more streamlined experience.

If you’re interested in incorporating QR codes into your marketing strategy, use this blog to help you get started on the right foot, or reach out to us today!

Digital Resource is the leading marketing agency in Miami. Our team of digital marketing specialists will work with you to set up a QR Code campaign that will drive more traffic and sales for your business.

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