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5 Pest Control Marketing Strategies to Increase Leads

Business Development

You've navigated the tricky process of launching a pest control business in a highly regulated and competitive market. You've also received your certification, purchased insurance, and decided on a market.

It's now time to develop.

Whether you're starting from scratch or growing on an existing list, marketing is crucial to provide you with the steady and stable customer base you need to be in a company.

You might have considered SEO for your pest control business (which is a great move!). But it makes no difference where you are in the pest control marketing process if you don't stick with a concrete marketing plan first.

We at Digital Resource has listed five marketing strategies below on how you can start expanding and increasing your lead generation.

Developing Your Marketing Strategy

Before you begin marketing your pest control company, you need to consider your whole business marketing approach. To begin, answer the following five questions:

  1. What is the demographic of your intended audience? Where do they congregate? This will define which strategies to utilize to contact them (online advertising vs. offline marketing).
  1. Who is your competition? What makes your standout from the rest? Your USP (unique selling proposition) is what differentiates you from other pest control companies in your area.
  1. What value do you provide to your customers? Consider the value you provide in addition to "pest control." For example, if you specialize in residential pest control, you're doing much more than just getting rid of rodents. You're giving them back their house so they can sleep soundly at night.
  1. What are your marketing objectives? Do you want to gain more new customers? Or do you want your marketing to assist you in obtaining more significant contracts from your current clients? The response will aid in determining which marketing techniques will be most effective.
  1. How will you know whether your marketing is effective? Do you use a CRM or another tool to track where your new clients come from? This is critical since you could lose money without realizing it if you don't follow it. Even a simple spreadsheet can work if you're devoted to keeping it up to date.

Once you've decided on the above, select the pest control marketing methods best suited to your aims and clients from the list below.

Get Your Company Online for Free

businessman in front of laptop in an office full of cockroaches trying to promote his business

People use the internet to find the services they need. If you want your company to be located, it must be online.

Facebook and Google are the simplest and least expensive ways to market your pest control service online. They're exceedingly common and almost free. Signing up for Google My Business will also help you appear in local searches when clients seek pest control services in their region.

Another free option to schedule work is to create a Facebook company profile, which takes less than 20 minutes to complete.

After you've created your Facebook Business page, enhance it by doing the following:

  • creating call-to-action (CTA) buttons
  • describing your narrative
  • posting pictures
  • boosting posts using Facebook Ads

Make a Website for Professional Pest Control

man taking notes while trying to sign up to a web hosting service

A website allows prospective clients to contact you, learn more about your company, book work online, approve bids, and pay invoices. Most importantly, a website helps your company appear professional, encouraging customers to book work with you.

Fortunately, the best pest control websites are straightforward. Just make sure you have the following:

  • your contact information and service area displayed
  • a complete description of the services you offer
  • certifications, licenses, and insurance
  • reviews and testimonials
  • a booking form available online

Lead Follow-Up Automation

If you're competing against other pest control companies, you'll want every edge you can get to stand out. This starts with improved lead management because the company that responds first is more likely to get the job.

The best thing is that you can automate this process so that you're always the first and never be forgotten. For pest control business, we recommend the following two-step procedure:

  1. When new leads contact you, enter their information into a CRM and offer them a digital estimate within 24 hours. Timeliness is critical in this situation because once the client has a quote in hand, you have a reason to follow up.
  1. Set up an automated quote follow-up. Set a calendar reminder to call your client within 48 hours of sending the quote, or set up a quote follow-up using a pest control software.

Start Networking

You are the public face of your company. Nobody will do a better job of promoting it and spreading enthusiasm than you.

You don't have to stop people on the street. Still, you should always be ready to talk about your organization and services in a kind and professional manner. Practice your pitch with friends and family until it comes naturally.

Also, keep business cards on hand at all times. They are a low-cost and professional approach to make an impact and keep your company top-of-mind.

Many online businesses will design, print, and send business cards for you at a low cost. Also, don't be scared to collaborate with other local businesses to recommend business and to attend local trade exhibits and events.

Create a Referral Program

business man holding an ipad with a hologram of a referral program vector

Referrals are the most effective form of promotion for any pest control company. Suppose a consumer is so pleased with your services that they tell their friends and family (or write about you on NextDoor). In that case, you'll almost certainly get more business.

The problem is that most companies leave referrals to chance. Instead, take the initiative and set up a referral scheme. You will gain more dependable and high-quality consumers. You can follow the following four referral program guidelines:

  • Determine which consumers are likely to refer you
  • Motivate them with a prize (ex: 10 percent off for each referral)
  • Communicate your referral strategy via email or internet advertisements
  • Keep track of new customers as they arrive

The Takeaway

Pest control marketing is critical for acquiring new customers, increasing revenue, and expanding your business. Just be sure to have a firm grasp on your whole marketing strategy before deciding on tactics to achieve your business objectives.

Remember to keep things simple, start small with 1-3 marketing techniques, and then scale them as needed.

At Digital Resource, we will be there to take your marketing strategy to the next level. Whether you need more reviews for your business, more leads from your website, or get paid faster, join the thousands of other local companies expanding with Digital Resource.

Contact us today to book a free consultation.

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