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Should Your Business Use Periscope?

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One of the biggest trends from 2015 and most common predictions for 2016 was the growth of video marketing and video online traffic. Although a lot of that is considered to be uploaded videos to Youtube and other video viewing sites, a big, upcoming player into the world of internet marketing is Periscope. 350,000 hours of video is streamed daily which equates to about 40 years of live video every day! Never heard of any of this? You have come to the right blog!What is Periscope?

Periscope is a live streaming app that was acquired by Twitter in early 2015. What this app allows you to do, basically, is go live whenever and wherever you are. You can broadcast from your smartphone from the app and anyone who joins your broadcast can see your live video. The broadcast also has an interactive component, where the viewers can “like” what you’re saying or doing by hitting a heart button on their screen. That will appear on the live feed as hearts on the video. Viewers can also comment and ask question live. If you’re saying or doing something, the viewer can type in what they want to know or a comment and it appears on the feed as well. After you finish the broadcast, it will remain on the Periscope app to replay for 24 hours.

live streaming video mobile

This app essentially allows users to broadcast exactly what they are doing at any moment. If the settings are set to public, anyone can join a broadcast and engage with you. After the broadcast, you can look at the broadcast stats to see exactly how popular it was. You can find the retention, which was the total number of viewers that watched your broadcast from start to finish. You can see the total viewers, which includes the viewers from the iOS and Android App, not web viewers. You can also see the time watched, which equals the total time of all viewers watching your broadcast, so 2 people who watched 30 seconds of your broadcast would mean this number was 1 minute. And finally, you can also see the duration or length of time of your broadcast.

How Do I Use Periscope for Business?

So with all this new information you just gained from about this app and platform, you may be wondering how this applies to your business? If you haven’t made the connection yet, that’s okay, we will share this insight with you! Periscope has 10 million people with registered accounts and 2 million daily users. There is no lack of consumers on this app, so when it applies to your business is when you are looking for a way to gain exposure with an audience!

You are in a business and you obviously want it to grow. To continue growing you need to maintain a constant increase in your customer base and you do that by getting your product or service exposed to as many people as possible. Periscope serves as a wonderful instrument of exposure! It gives you the unique opportunity to do live broadcasts and it gives audiences an opportunity to be introduced to your business! Then, depending on how intriguing your broadcast is, you will gain more followers and then a loyal base of consumers who are looking forward to your broadcasts! As we mentioned earlier, Periscope was bought by Twitter, so when you are set to broadcast live, you can send out a Tweet to your followers to get people to watch or they can find it on their own through the Periscope app. By having Periscope be connected to Twitter, consumers that are interested in your business have the opportunity to follow you on both of these social media platforms.

Another opportunity that Periscope presents for businesses is also on a business level! Ever have a meeting or seminar that not everyone can attend? Now, you could broadcast your meeting and invite the people that couldn’t be there to watch! And since it is an interactive broadcast, if they have any questions or comments, they can always add them to the live feed!

What Should I Broadcast on Periscope?

So we are at the point where you are convinced that you want to implement Periscope into your business! But what exactly should you share with the awaiting public? What kind of things are consumers interested in?

brands are using periscope

The answer to that is going to vary with each business or industry, but you can figure out what to broadcast by putting yourself in a consumer’s shoes. It’s probably tough to wonder what’s interesting in a business that you live and breath everyday, but remember, the audience doesn’t live and breath this business everyday! So a behind the scenes look at how something is manufactured or how a service is rendered, may seem like an everyday thing to you, but it is most likely something new to your consumers!

Also, think of the most interesting parts of your business and broadcast that! How do customers interact with your product? How do people react when they first see your product? What is the process to give your service? What are the steps in your service that not everyone really sees? Do you have a unique service that not a lot of businesses offer? All of the answers to these questions are things that you could broadcast live and people would most likely be interested in learning about. Not to mention seminars, events or engagements that the company is involved in!

Periscope allows businesses the opportunity to send a message, to represent what they stand for, to show the world who they are. Consumers are interested in knowing who they are doing business with. And if you can get a consumer to watch you, agree with your message and do business with you after that, you’ve not only gained a customer, you have gained a loyal one, who feels connected to your business.

If you have any questions about Periscope or any other tools that you can use to market your business, feel free to visit our internet marketing agency online or calling us at 561-429-2585 today! We can help your business grow to new levels with our proven and effecting digital marketing methods and techniques. Connect with us today to start growing your client base and, ultimately, your business!

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