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Optimizing Your Twitter Account for 2020

Social Media Marketing
  • Twitter has 145 million daily users.
  • 20% of Twitter's base is American.
  • 44% of 18-24-year-olds use Twitter regularly.

While social media is one of the more lucrative yet difficult to master aspects of digital marketing, it is important to consider the specific rules and peculiarities that go into optimizing your Twitter account, as it can be one of the best platforms for retail marketing today.

Tweet Carousels

Use more horizontal space.

While usually reserved for larger Twitter accounts, carousels are a list of tweets that come up on a Google search under your account name as a search result. This carousel of tweets takes up a lot of horizontal space on the screen with search results listed and does a great job of getting attention from users.This can be harder for small accounts to pull off, but it seems that the key to gaining a tweet carousel under your search results is to tweet very often and have a lot of interaction on your tweets. This will cause Google’s algorithm to index your tweet and display it as a search result.Tweeting often is a good practice in general as it simply increases the chances of positive interaction. Gaining followers can be difficult on Twitter, but when you have a solid base, the interactions and replies will come organically.Perhaps the most useful aspect of the carousel is that it simply takes up a lot of space on the page, and makes your listing on search results much wider than if it were just a meta description and web address.

Open Direct Messages

Reply to messages and get some attention.

While this can seem detrimental to most companies, there has been a trend recently with certain companies and political candidates even, where direct messages are opened for a select period of time, to encourage users to interact with the account and ask questions. Always keep your replies positive, even when replying to negative reviews and concerns.While this, of course, means receiving a lot of unwanted messages, it is important to sift through these and respond to honest questions and comments. This is a fantastic form company to client interaction that can prove to be very effective at cultivating an air of perceived value for your brand.Interaction with users is one of the most crucial aspects of using social media to advertise digitally. By keeping up your interactions not just on twitter but across your accounts, you can be sure that your followers know you’re still around and that your company is present during the holiday season. This will keep your brand in mind and help establish it as an authority in your own specific niche

Public Replies

Let your users know you're there.

While this can seem like a bad idea in terms of PR, making public replies to users on your tweets can help increase your visibility and promote interactions on your twitter account. When it comes to Twitter, replies and interactions are what dominate the space. Promote interactions and tweet often if you want them to be indexed.Many users simply don’t expect companies to make public replies, especially the very large national companies, because it requires time to be dedicated to it, and there is a risk of saying the wrong thing, so to speak. But if you can make the occasional pubic reply to a concerned user, or to celebrate a holiday, you can keep up a positive image with your followers.Be sure to reply in a way that promotes interaction, even if it means replying to other companies’ tweets and even replying to your competition, as this can display that your company is acting in good faith, and can be trusted by everyday users.

Chain Tweets

Threads are a great way to tell a story and get interactions.

These can take up a lot of vertical space on a phone screen, as replying to your own tweets can be used to craft a specific message that will draw people in to open the thread of tweets on their own page. This leaves you ready to collect more interactions and helps make it easier for your followers to interact with and reply to your posts.Interaction with users is the cornerstone of Twitter, and if you can come up with craft tweets that get people to say something back or even click on the attached link, you will see a huge uptick in how useful your twitter account is for digital advertising. Twitter threads are also a great place to make organic replies and interact with users as described above. Interactions build trust that is vital to many businesses.Many users comment on company Twitter accounts with the idea that they won't be given any attention in return, but when a tweet is replied to by your official account, it makes the user feel more special and make them more likely to view your brand in a positive light.

how can I go about optimizing your twitter?

Indexing Individual Tweets

Have your best tweets show up in results all by themselves.

Some advertisers consider this to be the ultimate challenge when it comes to advertising over Twitter. Having a tweet indexed by Google so that it shows up under search results can be difficult to enact as there are nonspecific requirements for it to be indexed, except that it has to be original content, and it has to be interacted with by a good number of users. The more interactions, the better chances you have of more people seeing your tweets in general.To put it more simply, an original tweet needs to be organically popular for Google to consider indexing it for search. Some accounts can have tens of thousands of tweets but only a handful of them indexed. Tweeting often is the best way to increase your chances.

Get Your Twitter Off the Ground

If you are looking for a crack team of social media experts to get your Twitter account moving and gain followers, the Digital Resource has the experience and technical know-how to make it happen.If you have any questions or if you would like to set up a consultation, please give our office a call or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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