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Optimize Your Facebook Business Page for 2022

Social Media Marketing

Your Facebook business page is one of your brand’s most useful assets. It allows you to stay connected with your customers, expand your reach to new audiences, and build a loyal following for your company.  

It also serves as your brand’s digital identity. It’s where you can publish branded posts, educate your prospective customers, and share company updates that keep your audience engaged no matter what stage they’re situated at in your marketing funnel.

Posting regularly and optimizing your Facebook business page for SEO in Miami can help boost your organic reach. It shows your customers that you're active and prompt in answering queries. In other words, you’re letting them know that you care about them.  

For these reasons, you should always keep your business Facebook page up to date.  

However, in a world where more than 50 million small businesses have Facebook Pages, simply posting and responding to queries won't be enough to get you the results you want.  

To maximize the number of leads you can convert on your company’s FB page, you should be able to optimize it to its full potential.

When was the last time you checked your FB page and optimized its layout to make sure you’re able to take full advantage of what the platform has to offer?

If it’s been a while, then you’re gonna wanna read this article.

As we enter 2022, you must update your business Facebook page and use the latest features so that you can make the most out of the social shopping trend and stay ahead of the curve.  

Below are some tips to optimize your Facebook business page in 2022.  

Facebook Optimization Tips for 2022

Facebook offers a wide range of customization features where you can target your ideal customers at every stage of your marketing funnel. Here are the new updates you need to know:

1. New Facebook Cover Photo Size

photo of a Facebook profile optimized for SEO in Miami

The size of the old Facebook cover photo used to be 851px by 315px. Now, its width is slightly bigger with a dimension of 820px by 360px when displayed on desktop .

Although these changes aren't significant, you must still resize your current cover photo to meet the new size requirement. Otherwise, your photo will look warped.  

While you're at it, consider adding a short video or compile multiple pictures to display like a slideshow too. This can boost audience engagement, as it grabs the attention of your visitors the moment they land on your page and motivate them to keep on scrolling.  

2. Simpler and More Intuitive Page Layout

Facebook is redesigning the look and feel of its Pages to make interaction, navigation, and management easier than ever.  

The new design enables you to switch quickly between your personal profile and your company’s public page. It’s cleaner and more streamlined too, which means that your bio, posts, and contact information are easier to find.  

The new intuitive design also creates a better overall user experience. Some noteworthy page layout updates include:

  • The profile photo overlaps the bottom left corner of the cover photo.  
  • The About section is now located on the left-hand side of your Page for easy viewing.  
  • The "Our Story" section no longer exists. Business Pages owners are encouraged to move that content into the "Additional Information" section.  

This 2022, make it a priority to review your About section and update it. Knit your target keywords into that content naturally. Transfer your “Our Story” content to the additional information section for easy viewing and to prevent users from missing important information about your business.  

3. Increased Focus on Followers Instead of Likes

illustration of Facebook users liking posts and engaging with posts

Soon, Facebook will get rid of Page Likes to place more emphasis on your Followers. This new feature gives you the opportunity to pay more attention to users who are actively following and engaging with your page, rather than simply getting more people to like your page.  

Your Page Followers are those who want to see updates about your business in their News Feeds, react to your posts, and engage in conversation with other users in the comment section of your post.  

Another goal of yours this 2022 is to encourage your followers to engage and interact with your page. To get them to do this, publish more content that is tailored to their wants, solves their problems, and makes their lives easier.  

4. New Dedicated News Feed for Your Business Page

If you’re not aware, News Feed is now available for Pages too!  

With a dedicated News Feed, you can now discover and join relevant conversations, follow trends, and interact with your followers.  

Additionally, you’ll be able to interact and like other pages as your business page. It will even suggest new connections for your business, such as other public figures, Groups, and Pages.  

Pages News Feed is basically your regular News Feed with a business twist. Here you can see the most relevant posts about your niche, industry updates, posts published by your competitors, and other content you're interested in one place.  

Why does this matter, you ask?

Business is all about building connections and establishing relationships – not just with customers and prospects, but with other companies as well. So, being able to like and comment on another business page as your business helps you develop new relationships and collaborate with other creators.  

Another benefit of having a dedicated News Feed for businesses is that you can view content from pages you choose to follow. This means you can see what your competitors are doing and what industry leaders are up to. It’s a great place to do your research and generate new ideas.

What’s more, it presents a wonderful opportunity to learn from what other pages posting and which content their followers are engaging with. You can use these insights to improve your own social content strategy, optimize for SEO in Miami, and bring your business one step ahead of your competitors.  

5. New Safety and Integrity Features

To make Facebook a safer place for companies to grow and connect with their audiences, the platform has improved its ability to spot spammy activities and dummy accounts - including hate speech, violent content, and impersonation.  

You should also apply for a Facebook verification badge to let people know that your business Page is authentic. It's necessary because a verified Page's comment on another Page's public post is displayed higher in the comments section and tends to appear in the News Feed.  

6. Actionable Insights for Better and More Effective Marketing Campaigns

Accurate and reliable insights translate to better results for your campaigns, which is why Facebook is rolling out an update that offers Pages more actionable data.  

Page notifications and insights have been updated to help businesses better understand their audience and how their content performs. The update provides you actionable insights and notifications that are helpful for your business page, such as prompts that tell you to post to your audience and stay active.  

This makes it easier for you to optimize your page for SEO in Miami, keeps you engaged with your followers, and helps you extend your reach to audiences outside your followers.  

Plus, you’ll get notified when public figures comment on your post and show up at the top of the comments.  

Another update you should look forward to is the ability for users to follow your Page directly from a button in your posts or comments where your Page is recommended.  

Staying active on Facebook boosts your organic reach and your visibility on search.  

7. The Call-to-Action Button Is Now Customizable

We all know how essential CTAs are in websites, landing pages, ads, and whatnot. They serve as a signpost that tells people what they should do next or where to go, urging them to take the next step and help remove friction in the sales funnel.  

Facebook added a more prominent call-to-action button that is fully customizable in its new Pages layout design. This is good news because people at different stages of the customer journey could be visiting your business Page and decide to convert right away.  

With countless different options for your business, you should definitely consider customizing your CTA button to urge people to convert right away.  

8. Q&A Post Format to Drive Engagement

illustration of a creator doing Q&A with his followers

Want to drive more engagement to your page, community, or group? The new post format gives you the freedom to host Q&A sessions on your Facebook Page where your followers can ask you questions about a certain topic.  

Your answers are then compiled to form a collection of answers your followers can explore. Page Q&As happen in real-time and ends after 24 hours. If you want to cut it shorter, you also have that option.  

People join groups, communities, and follow pages on Facebook because they want to seek expert advice from those who are knowledgeable and experienced in a certain field or topic. So, to encourage more captivating discussions on the platform, Facebook introduced the new Q&A feature.  

Explore this new feature to encourage your followers to engage with your page, build your credibility, showcase your expertise, and above all, stay connected with your community.  

9. Add Stories to Your Page

Short-form video content is so popular right now, which makes perfect sense to add a Stories feature into Facebook Pages.

Not only will it keep your followers engaged, but it also lets you take advantage of FOMO or fear of missing out on consumers.  

You can post time-limited deals and promotions to drive them to your website, quick company update, and any type of content that will help keep your brand at the top of your audience’s minds.  

On your Page, you will see a “+” beside your profile picture. Click on it and you can start publishing Stories.  

Follow These Facebook Business Page Optimization Tips!

If you want to stay competitive on Facebook, you must stay on top of new feature rollouts and updates. Making the necessary changes to your page and taking advantage of the latest features the platform has to offer can boost user experience and put you ahead of your competitors!

Digital Resource is a top SEO company in Miami. If you need help optimizing your FB page for 2022 and increasing your visibility for search, we can definitely offer it.  

Our team of social media marketing specialists can craft a custom social strategy for your business so you can generate more leads and achieve business goals. Contact us today to get started!  

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