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Online Reviews For Dentists | Are They Important?

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Does your dental practice have any online reviews? Online reviews are important for any business because over 88% of consumers look for reviews before considering a product, service, or company! With so much research being done online for services, such as a dentist office, it's important to have patients give their feedback through online reviews. That way, potential patients can see the feedback and are more likely to choose your practice over one that has no reviews.  Online reviews for dentists help establish credibility, but how much can reviews impact your success? How can you get more online reviews? Keep reading to find out just how important online reviews for dentists really are!

How Much Do Online Reviews For Dentists Impact Consumer Decisions?

The reviews your dental practice receives online not only affects a potential patient's initial opinion of your practice, but also how your practice will rank in local search results. When consumers perform searches on Google, local results appear in a separate area at the top of the search, before the actual results. The rankings of the local search is dependent on several factors, one being online reviews. When Google sees that a practice is rated highly by other consumers, it will reward the business by ranking higher in the local search area.

Find out if online reviews for dentists are important for your practice


Which Platforms Are Best For Reviews?

Reviews that are posted on larger well known sites will attract more attention because of its familiarity. The top three suggested platforms to use are Yelp, Google+ and Facebook. These are the most popular online review platforms that your patients will most likely have an account for.

Online reviews for dentists have an impact on their practice's success

  • Yelp: This website and mobile application is popular for many reasons, but the most important being that it is a business recommendation network. Users have the option of rating your business between one and five stars, add a comment, and a picture if they would like. The more they Yelp, the more credibility they gain as a Yelper. Did  you know 90% of Yelpers say positive reviews affect their purchases? Imagine how many new patients you could gain from having excellent reviews on Yelp! If you haven't claimed your dental practice on Yelp yet, it's definitely time to do so.
Online reviews for dentists can help improve your credibility and gain new patients

  • Google+: Being the leading search engine to date, Google+ reviews are extremely important for small businesses and local companies. Not to mention, that the quality and quantity of Google+ reviews affects local search results. When potential patients search for your practice, the most relevant information will be featured such as your phone number, website, hours of operation, and the star-rating for your dental practice. If your practice has a high rating and a high amount of reviews compared to your competitors listing that's significantly lower, then it's a pretty good indication to consumers your services are trustworthy. Encouraging patients after a visit to leave a Google+ review is a good way to begin to grow your review base.
Online reviews for dentists are important for your practice

  • Facebook Reviews:  More and more people are going to social media to find out more information about a business, so having reviews on Facebook can be of great benefit. If your dental practice doesn't have any Facebook reviews, consumers may look at this as sign of losing credibility and decide to find another practice. Competition among local dentists is intense, so every thing you can do to gain an advantage should be done! You can start by encouraging your patients to leave Facebook reviews for your practice and also responding to these reviews. If they have a Facebook profile, all they need to do is go to your page and click write a review. From there they will have the option to select 1-5 stars and leave a short comment if they would like. It's that easy!

Bottom line, online reviews for dentists are important so why not get started now?! If you need help beginning your journey to online review success, contact our internet marketing agency in West Palm Beach at 561-429-2585 or connect with us online today! We are a team of professionals who are dedicated to helping businesses grow their online presence!

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