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Meta Business Suite: Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition Tools for Small Business

Social Media Marketing

Looking for new ways to connect with your customers on social media and provide highly targeted digital marketing in Miami?

You need to start using Meta Business Suite! It’s a platform that’s packed with tools and features that are designed to help small to medium business owners like you find new ways to connect with customers, generate more leads, and make more sales!

Let’s find out how it can help your small business.  

What is Meta Business Suite?

Meta Business Suite is a free platform that you can use to streamline your Facebook page, Instagram business account, and messaging into one easy-to-use dashboard. It enables you to view notifications, respond to messages, access account insights, and create or schedule social posts, Stories, and ads.  

By being able to manage all your business accounts in one place, you can save time, manage your business’ social media presence more effectively, and generate better business results.  

Why is Meta Business Suite Important for Small Businesses?

Ever since the iOS 14.5 update, it became more difficult and expensive for small businesses to reach prospects and capture customers through paid social media ads. This is why Meta, Facebook’s parent company, came up with a digital marketingsolution: better access to first-party data.  

The Meta Business Suite’s goal is to prevent customer drop-off by providing small businesses with more information about who is responding to their ads. As a result, small business owners, like you, can better connect with their target market online and convert them.  

Here’s a list of what you can do on Meta Business Suites:

  • Create a to-do list.
  • Manage notifications on both platforms.
  • Access account performance and audience growth insights.
  • Create posts and stories with no need for third-party tools.
  • Create and manage ads on both social platforms and even on WhatsApp.  
  • View content calendar.
  • Find content inspiration.
  • Reply to comments and DMs.
  • Access commerce manager.  

Meta Business Suite Features that your Small Business Should Be Using

Want to know how Meta Business Suite can help you generate leads and secure more conversions on social media despite data tracking restrictions? Let’s take a look at what tools this platform offers and how it can benefit your business.  

1. Monitor and Reply to Comments and DMs

Digital marketer in Miami monitoring social media interaction and replying to comments.

Keeping track of comments and DMs on both your Instagram business account, Facebook page, and WhatsApp Business app can be time-consuming.  

Instead of having to constantly switch between apps on your phone or get flooded with notifications on your desktop, Meta Business Suite allows you to see all the conversations happening on your Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp business accounts from one place. This way you can respond to everything at once.  

2. Access Business Account Insights

With Meta Business Suite, you no longer have to track your business account and digital marketing campaigns in Miami across social and messenger platforms separately.  

Here are some of the insights that Meta Business Suite provides and how to use them:

Ad Spend: Track your ad spend on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp and adjust them based on how well or poorly your ads are performing on various platforms. This way, you can double down on ads that are more successful on certain platforms and redirect the budgets of ads that aren’t performing well towards it.  

Audience Demographics: Determine who is interacting with your profile and content across Meta social media and messaging platforms. Meta Business Suite can provide you with information about your audiences, such as their demographics, interests, age, location, and more.  

You can use this data to create content that your existing audience already loves, develop strategies to make sure you reach the right users and adjust social ad targeting to generate better business results.  

Once you’ve got your content up and running across your social media accounts, you can get an overview of how well they’re performing over a certain period via the insights dashboard.  

You can sort your posts according to the most number of reach, like and reactions, shares, link clicks, cost per result, and many more.

The Business Meta Suite Insights also has a “potential audience” tab. It presents the top pages that your potential audience liked and their estimated size if you run an ad.  

Engagement: Find out the level of engagement your organic and boosted posts are getting and which of them perform best among your audience. You can use this data to improve the future content you publish on social and direct your ad strategies.  

3. Create and Schedule Social Posts and Stories

With Meta Business Suites, you can create social media posts and stories as well as schedule them. The platform allows you to switch between Facebook and Instagram, and see exactly how your content will appear on both channels.  

What’s even more amazing about this platform is that if you go to the Planner section of your dashboard, you can access a calendar view of your previous and future posts. This helps streamline your content creation and scheduling process and avoid using third-party apps to schedule your posts.  

Meta Business Suites also shows you which relevant hashtags are trending for each platform, the number of posts using a particular hashtag, and provides recommendations so you can optimize your posts for better visibility.  

You can use this information for your strategies in digital marketing in Miami.  

4. Create Ads and Keep Track of Ad Performance

Instead of having multiple tabs open for Facebook and another for Instagram Ads Manager, you can use Business Suite to create ads and monitor their performance from a single dashboard.

On the Business Suite dashboard, you will see the following:

  • Reach
  • Post engagement
  • Page likes
  • Link clicks
Meta business suite dashboard.
Photo from Adweek.com

You can also change the settings so you can see the results of your ads over the last 7, 30, 60, and 90 days.  

The Meta Business Suite can also help you create ads that convert. All you have to do is choose an ad goal:

  • Get more leads
  • Boost an Instagram or Facebook
  • Generate more website visitors
  • Get more inquiries
  • Promote a page
  • Get more web visitors

Meta Business Suites also offer automatic creative enhancement, which slightly tweaks the visual aspects of your ads while still maintaining the core message of your ad campaigns. This helps optimize your creatives and improve their ad performance.  

5. Display Your Availability and Allow Users to Book Appointments

Plotting business appointment schedule on calendar and Google calendars.

Want your business to generate as many appointments as possible on Facebook? Use the Appointment scheduler feature to collect and manage appointment requests as well as communicate with prospects.  

This feature makes it incredibly easy for users to make an appointment with your business online since they no longer have to log in to another site to do it. By removing this extra step, you streamline the process of booking appointments and make it much easier to attract new customers and close a sale.

You can also accept an appointment from new and repeat customers and adjust available time slots according to your business calendar, and communicate effectively with users by sending reminders or notifications for their upcoming appointments.  

This prevents customers from missing their appointments and encourages them to make return bookings instead.  

If you happen to use a third-party appointment service, don’t worry, you can still use this free tool. All you have to do is simply integrate your appointment management tool directly to your page or direct customers from your Page to your site through a link.

6. Use Instant Forms to Generate Leads

The Instant Form feature is a surefire way to generate leads through your social ads. You can create custom forms where users can fill out or respond to multiple-choice questions without leaving the platform.  

Based on their answers, you can filter out those who aren’t a good fit for your business, those who are ready to make a purchase, and those who are still trying to decide what to get.  

You can use this data to serve relevant content and determine how to nurture the interest of every user so you can successfully convert them.  

If you're not very concerned about volume but are more focused on generating users who are interested in your products or service, then opt for Higher Intent Instant Forms.  

It possesses the following features that prevent submissions from people who aren’t  interested in making a purchase:

  • Will indicate that your business may follow up.
  • A review screen so users can review their information.
  • A slide to submit button.

7. Send Promotional Message Campaigns

Marketers from digital marketing Miami measuring results for social media promotional campaigns.

Meta discovered that more than 70% of people want to be able to message businesses the same way they contact their friends and family.  

No wonder why social ads that open to a WhatsApp chat are considered one of the best ways for businesses to get discovered by new customers and start a conversation.

This is why Meta developed a new feature where businesses can create promotional message ads and send them directly to the inboxes of users who opt into communication. As a result, SMBs can respond more efficiently to customer queries and drive more sales.

Are You Using Meta Business Suite for Your Small Business?

Meta Business Suite offers many features and tools that allow your small business to connect with customers in new ways.  

By making it incredibly easy for customers to set an appointment, get a quote, reach out to you, and manage all of these interactions from a single dashboard, you can efficiently generate more leads and make more sales despite the data tracking restrictions.  

At Digital Resource, our team of digital marketing specialists in Miami and social media marketing experts will work with you to create a custom social marketing plan that will get you the leads you need to grow your business!  

Contact us today to start getting more customers on social media!

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