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How to Maximize Your Patient Communication Software

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Is your practice utilizing a patient communication software? If so, that’s great! However, chances are you're only tapping into maybe 10% of its capabilities, assuming mainly for appointment reminders.  

But what if we told you that you could harness its full power to do so much more, like boosting your practice revenue through your existing patient base?

Enter Internal Practice Marketing (IPM). It’s more than just an alarm clock for dental check-ups. It's there to boost engagement. By sending personalized messages, educational content, and well-timed promotions, you can bring back the disengaged and turn them into active patients. This is your opportunity to enhance the patient experience beyond the chair and the waiting room.

In this post, we’ll talk about the importance of having a patient communication software, how you can leverage it to its full potential, and of course, how you’ll know if it’s really working. Ready to rev up your practice’s engine? Let’s go!

What Can IPM Help My Practice With?

So, what’s the deal with IPM really? How can it take your practice a step ahead of the competition and get patients coming back every now and then?  

Recall and Reactivate: Keeping Your Chairs Warm

Retention is the name of the game. Think about those patients who’ve slipped through the cracks, the ones who come in for a visit or two and then vanish like a floss thread in a bathroom drawer.  

This is where IPM swoops in. It’s your beacon to guide them back home.  

With strategic recall messages that resonate on a personal level, your patient communication software can remind past visitors that it’s time for their check-up, cleaning, or follow-up. Reactivation campaigns aren’t just about filling the schedule; they’re also about renewing relationships and ensuring your patients maintain their oral health.

Boosting Case Acceptance: Turning “Maybes” into “Yeses”

hand holding tablet with word yes

Your treatment plans are valuable, but sometimes, patients need an extra nudge. IPM can help you craft messages that educate and inform, helping them understand the benefits and urgency of your proposed treatments. By maintaining a steady stream of communication, you can build trust and value, which translates into more patients saying “yes” to necessary procedures.

Showcasing Your Investment: Making That Tech Pay Off

Dropped some serious coin on the latest dental tech? Let’s make sure it’s not just a shiny new toy. With IPM, you can justify the cost of your state-of-the-art equipment by promoting its benefits to your patients.  

Got a new laser dentistry tool? Just bought an advanced imaging system? Your software can send out announcements and informational content that spotlights these investments, illustrating how they improve patient care and outcomes.  

And guess what? This not only helps recoup your costs, but also positions your practice as a cutting-edge leader in dental health services.

Smooth Transitions: Keeping Patients in the Loop

Change can be unsettling, but with clear communication, it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re expanding, moving your office, or welcoming a new doctor, IPM ensures your patients are informed and comfortable with the transitions.  

Announcements, newsletters, and FAQ messages can address concerns before they even arise, showing patients that regardless of changes, the quality of their care remains top-notch.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Alright, let’s get our math hats on for a moment and look at some seriously impressive stats that underscore just how crucial patient retention and engagement are for your practice.

First up, let’s talk acquisition versus retention. The trusty folks at Harvard Business Review have crunched the numbers and found that grabbing a new customer can cost you a hefty 5 to 25 times more than holding onto an existing one.  

That’s right – your wallet feels the pinch much more when you’re always on the hunt for fresh faces.

Here’s another revelation: nudging your retention rates up by just 5% can skyrocket your profits by 25% to a jaw-dropping 95%. It’s the kind of growth that funds expansions, upgrades, and yes, even that dream vacation.

As for wooing back an existing patient, Prosites found that it’s 14x more likely possible than by snagging someone new. That’s like comparing the probability of finding a parking spot in front of your favorite restaurant during rush hour versus at midnight. The odds are just better.  

So, what’s the takeaway here? Pouring your energy into IPM services is mathematically a can’t-miss marketing effort.  

By focusing on the patients you already have in your database, you’re opting for the path of least resistance and highest return. Indeed, your software plays a vital role in keeping those seats filled and your dental practice thriving.  

E-A-T Your Way to Success

happy male dentist throwing a thumbs up

Ready to take a big bite out of the success pie? It’s time for us to serve you with a platter of IPM’s E-A-T strategy!

Educate: Knowledge Is Power (and Profit)

Every dentist knows that an educated patient is like gold. The more they understand the value of your services, the more likely they’ll want to stick around. Fortunately for you, your patient communication software is a trove of knowledge.

IPM allows you to dish out easy-to-digest content that demystifies dental procedures, reinforces the importance of regular care, and highlights the latest and greatest in dental health. When patients get the why and the how, there’s a huge chance they’ll say yes to the what – be it a root canal, dental implants, or the preventative wonders of sealants.  

Successful Campaign Ideas

New Year, New Smile Campaign

Kick off the year by highlighting those big game-changers like implants and veneers that can totally reboot a smile. Share some posts with cool before-and-after photos, throw in some patient shout-outs, and maybe even host a quick live Q&A to break down the fancy terms.

Oral Health Month Awareness

When it's that time of the year dedicated to oral health, roll out some fun facts, myth-busters, and 'Did you know?' posts. Keep it light, keep it engaging, and your patients will continue to keep their smiles on point.  

Technology and Treatment Showcase

Show off those innovative technology and treatment options and let your patients know more about them. Short clips or GIFs showing that new laser doing its thing, or a sneak peek at how digital tools map out a smile can get folks hyped about what’s new in the world of dentistry.

Automate: Set It, Forget It, and Still Benefit

Let’s move on to automation, your silent partner that works 24/7 to keep your patients engaged and your practice buzzing. Automating ensures that the right messages hit the right inboxes at the right times, without you having to lift a finger every time.  

Birthday wishes, treatment reminders, and oral health tips can all go out on autopilot. Build those campaigns once, and they'll run on their own, nurturing patient relationships while you focus on the fillings and crowns.  

Successful Campaign Ideas

Birthday Surprise

Everybody loves a good birthday surprise. Get your software to send birthday cheers with a side of something special to make them smile from ear to ear, like a discount on a teeth-whitening session.

“Long Time No See”

There’s no better way to reactivate those patients who have been MIA for months than by reaching out to them (through IPM, of course) with a “Hey, we’ve missed your smile” message. Add a touch of personalization, and you’ll be seeing them again in no time.  

Preventative Care Series

Plan a whole year’s worth of quick reminders and tips about keeping those pearly whites in tip-top shape. No lectures, just friendly nudges that it’s time for a check-up or a heads-up on informative things like the importance of sealants for kids.

Target: Precision Marketing for Perfectly Timed Encounters

Lastly, your IPM can sort patients based on various criteria, such as how long it’s been since their last polish or who’s due for a follow-up after that initial consult. Targeting lets you tailor your messages so they resonate more deeply.  

For instance, if you have patients who haven’t been in since the last holiday season, a targeted campaign with a warm welcome back and a nudge about unused benefits might be just the ticket. You’re not just shooting arrows in the dark here, but you’re hitting the bullseye every time.

Successful Campaign Ideas

End of Year Insurance Reminder

As the year winds down, touch base with patients who still have some insurance benefits left. Have IPM remind them that those perks are about to hit their expiration date. Highlight some of the dental services they can use these perks for to further entice them.

Treatment-Specific Follow-Up

Hit up those folks who just had some work done. Whether it’s a crown or a complex root canal, shoot them some post-op pro tips and remind them to come back for a check-up with a casual, “Hey, just making sure everything’s going well there!”

Seasonal Allergies and Oral Health

When the flowers start popping and noses start running, slide into inboxes with a heads-up about allergies and mouth health. Offer up some remedies or invite them in for a quick check to beat the allergy blues.

Signs That You’re Maximizing Your Patient Communication Software

Finally, let’s answer the question, “How will I know if my efforts are paying off?” Keep an eye on these indicators:

More Foot Traffic

You're seeing more patients coming through your doors. An uptick in appointments is a surefire sign that those messages are hitting home.

Revenue's Up

money bag with dollar sign and coins underneath it

When your collections and production climb, you know something's right. Perhaps it's time to start thinking about expanding your space or investing in that fancy new dental chair.

Busy Schedule

A drop in the number of patients without upcoming appointments means your automated reminders are doing their job.

More Bang Per Appointment

If your average production per visit is going up, your patients are opting for more than just the basic services. You’re adding value and they’re seeing it.

Referral Buzz

New patients walking through your door on the good word of others? That’s the power of referral. Your existing patients are so satisfied with your service AND communication that they’re telling their friends and relatives about it.  

Review Galore

If you've got that review request automation turned on and positive reviews are rolling in, it's a virtual thumbs-up for your services.

Filled Appointment Book  

Take a look at how many appointments are being made directly from your communication efforts. Numbers don’t lie; if they’re up, your strategy is solid.

Phones Won’t Stop Ringing

Last but definitely not the least – if your phones are buzzing more than a beehive, your patient communication software is doing its thing!

That’s a Wrap!

Leveraging IPM to its fullest can indeed transform your practice. From re-engaging those who've drifted, to boosting your treatment acceptance rates and reducing patient drop-offs, it's clear that your existing patient base is a goldmine just waiting to be tapped.

Keep it conversational, keep it targeted, and keep those reminders and education campaigns rolling. Your practice will thank you for it – with a healthier bottom line and patients who feel valued and informed.

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