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How to Use Instagram Boomerang for Business

Social Media Marketing

The business world is overwhelmingly competitive. Every brand is busy trying out different marketing strategies just to make their business stand out.  

In a sea of competitors, it’s easy to drown if you don’t know how to rise above the tide. You have to be smart about your marketing. It’s no secret that quality content is a time-tested strategy.  

As the popular saying goes, “Content is king.”  

Marketing involves heavy writing - from emails, blog posts, guest posts, website content – basically everything that has got to do with attention-grabbing stories. 

But, aside from content, graphic images can also speak volumes. When done right, you can increase your reach and make your brand known even through uncharted territory.  

If you want to market your business, penetrate all possible platforms. You should study, experiment, do trial-and-error, and explore every known feature that it has to offer.  

An amazing tool that marketers are taking advantage of is Instagram’s boomerang.  

It’s a unique way of entertaining visitors and compels them to like your post. If you get lucky, you might even get a page like. 

What Is Boomerang?

Boomerang is an app that allows you to create short video animations in a sequence. The video is about one to two seconds long that plays forward and backward.  


You can use the Boomerang app and post it on Instagram. Logging in is no longer necessary. After taking the Boomerang, you can have the option to save the video in your camera roll or share the short clip on Instagram.  

Boomerang is a fun and unique way of marketing your brand. 

The video app, which was developed by Instagram back in 2015, lets you record a looping video that looks like an animated GIF which runs on loop for approximately six seconds.  

With a tagline like “It’s not a photo. It’s not a GIF. It’s a Boomerang,” it’s not surprising that the app garnered widespread attention.  

The videos aren’t just easy to make, but they’re also more appealing than images since they’re moving. 

How Can You Use Boomerang?

Using Boomerang is simple and straightforward. Here’s how to do it:

  1. How To Use The Boomerang App

First, you must download the app on your phone. Go to the app store and type “Boomerang from Instagram”. There’s no need to sign up.  

Once the download is complete, open the app and you can start creating a Boomerang video loop. There is only one button to make the clip.  

As soon as you’re done, share it on Instagram or on Facebook. You may also share the Boomerang clip through the app or you can have the option to download the video into your camera roll and then upload it later on Instagram. 

  1. Access It Through Instagram Stories

Aside from using Boomerang through the app, you may also access it through Instagram stories.

You just need to open Instagram, swipe to the left, and tap on the infinity symbol that you’ll find at the bottom part of your screen.  

Instagram also gives you the option to add stickers and filters to give your video clip more life. Once you’re finished, you can share the story. Easy, right?

If your phone’s memory is full, and you can’t add any more apps, you don’t need to download Boomerang. Instead, just use the Stories camera on Instagram. 

How Do You Use Instagram’s New Boomerang Effects?

If the animated clips are already drawing in attention, imagine what it could do if you added the newest effects on Boomerang.  

A couple of months ago, Instagram launched three unique effects using Boomerang. They are similar to filters but they add more oomph to your clips. The three newest effects are SlowMo, Echo, and Duo.  

SlowMo, as the name suggests, slows down your video in half. This means that the clip will play an additional second in each direction.  

Echo gives you a double vision effect, making your clip more artistic. The moving parts will look blurred.  

Lastly, we have the duo effect. It rewinds your video back to the start at a fast speed giving a digitized effect. Businesses that used these effects creatively experienced an influx of likes on their page. 

Another feature that Instagram offers is trimming, which allows you to edit how long your clip will last. You can choose when it starts and when it ends. 

How Can You Make Successful Boomerangs?

Before you start checking your insights for progress, understand that knowing how to use Boomerang isn’t enough to grow your following.  

There are tips and tricks to make your videos resonate with your audience so you can get engagement. Here are some of them:

  1. Boomerang Videos Don’t Have To Be 100% Perfect

If you set an unreasonably high standard for your boomerangs, you’re going to use up all your time making your clips perfect. Piece of advice, be as authentic as you can be so that you can be relatable. Boomerangs allow you to advertise your brand in ways that are unique to you. 

  1. Plan Your Storyline

To make your Boomerangs more interesting, give it structure. Plan them well. Some marketers use a theme to make their stories stand out. 


  1. Make Your Stories Creative

After plotting your theme, you can now execute. The videos don’t have to be perfect, but they do need to be engaging to hook your audience.  

This is the time for you to unleash your creativity. Do it in a way that reflects your brand. 

  1. Explore Other Stories and Learn From Them

If you can’t think of a plot, theme, or story structure, don’t beat yourself up because you can always seek inspiration from other accounts. Eventually, through explorations, you’ll find a theme that works for you. 


Are You Excited to Use Instagram Boomerang to Boost Your Business?

Show off your brand in a unique, fun, and entertaining way by using Boomerang. It’s modern, it’s trendy, and it’s guaranteed to work.  

You just have to follow these guidelines so you can increase your reach, get more leads, and ultimately strengthen your brand’s online presence. 

At Digital Resource, our team of social media marketing experts can help curate engaging boomerang content for your Instagram account and more! Contact us today to know how we add value to your business.

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