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How to Set Up a Healthy Work Environment Your Employees Can Come Back To

Business Development
  • 90% of employees most value honesty, trust, and fairness in the workplace
  • 1 in 4 employees have conflict between their work and family life
  • 76% of employees would be more willing to stay in their job if they could work remotely

Let’s be honest. Has company morale gotten a bit low?

The global pandemic has been causing a lot of stress and uncertainty, and the economic climate has gone through some extreme changes in such a short period of time. But that’s why it’s so important to maintain an attitude of positivity, transparency, and collaboration for your hardworking team. For the success of your business.

This means creating a plan for the future, when you can open your doors again—not just for your customers, but for the people who work for you. After things calm down, there are a few things you should keep in mind to set up a healthy work environment your employees can come back to.

What is a healthy work environment?

What Contributes to Unproductivity at Work?

Creating a healthy workplace isn’t just about physical wellness. It’s also about fostering a unique company culture and maintaining morale while getting things done.

Unproductivity can create a lag between your expectations and how motivated your employees feel. To fix that problem, you need to consider what actually contributes to an unproductive workplace:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Frustration
  • Pressure
How to avoid stress at work?

Root Causes of Unproductivity

While a healthy amount of pressure can push you to meet deadlines, take pride in your work, and generally do your best, too much of it can create a problem. People can experience stress and anxiety from many different sources. From circumstances in their personal lives, of course, but definitely from a stressful workplace environment.

That said, the root causes of unproductivity can potentially come from the top—with management:

Not stating expectations and responsibilities clearly. If employees don’t clearly understand what’s expected of them in all aspects of their position, especially in light of the changes your business may experience to its processes and the systems you’ve put in place. A poor dynamic like this can also create uneven or overloaded workloads.

Lack of support or trust. All these things are incredibly important to create a productive work environment. If your employees feel they don’t have adequate support or trust, this creates insecurity.

Not fostering communication and collaboration. Effective communication can greatly impact productivity. When projects and objectives aren’t completed on time, or correctly, the problem can lie in the line of information from administration to managers, to employees, and coworker to coworker.

So the question remains: What can you do to combat these kinds of issues? How do you develop a healthier work environment for your team after the effects of COVID-19 have run their course?

How to Set Up a Healthy Work Environment for Your Employees

Keep the Workplace Clean & Uncluttered

We said it’s not all about physical health, but it is pretty important. Having a clean, uncluttered, sterile work environment gives people peace of mind.

There have also been studies that show letting in more natural light into the office, for example, is better for your health and actually promotes productivity. Artificial light can be straining on the eyes and cause headaches, while dim lighting can be equally straining and makes it hard to focus.

Also, a roomful of people can create higher levels of carbon dioxide in the office, making it stuffy to breathe in. Getting a few real plants into the office can act as an air purifier, which fights any chemicals in the air released by synthetic furniture.

Continue Building Trust with Effective Communication

Your team won’t be able to place their trust and commitment in leaders who don’t seem to care about them or trust them. As we said earlier, having effective and transparent communication between management and employees is instrumental in building trust all around. Help your managers be successful leaders with how they deal with complaints, deadline issues, and streamlining the process of sharing information.

Staying organized with defined channels of communication can help the right information trickle down the way it needs to. But also, giving employee feedback can be an excellent way to communicate the value you find in your team, as individuals, and for whole departments. Let your managers know how they’re doing as team leaders. And let your other employees know how their work is contributing to your company’s success.

Encourage Socializing Between Coworkers

Break down some of the barriers between coworkers by encouraging them to get to know one another. People that are able to find common ground and bond with ties outside of work can help them get along and work better together. This ultimately improves productivity in the workplace.

Allow for Flexible Work Schedules

The process of restoring stability after the pandemic is probably going to take some adjustments and understanding, both from management and employees. Accommodating with flexible work schedules, like with hours and working remotely, can help maintain and even increase productivity all around. Conflicts between personal life and work will come up, so handle these issues on a case by case basis to let your employees know that you support them.

How to make a clean work environment?

Start Planning for the Future Today with a Healthy Work Environment

It can be difficult to stay optimistic. But creating a plan for the future can keep you focused on your business goals beyond COVID-19. Here at Digital Resource, we can help you develop a plan to sustain and grow your business during this difficult time.

We offer creative solutions in digital marketing strategies that produce lasting, quality results, including expertise in social media management, content creation, SEO optimization, and paid advertising. Reach out to our office today for a free consultation with one of our specialists!

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