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How to Drive Traffic to Your E-Commerce Site


In this digital age we’re now living in, it’s no longer surprising that e-commerce business is increasingly becoming popular by the day.

While this may be the case, not all entrepreneurs are attracting visitors to their e-commerce sites. The rapid growth of online marketplaces and hoards of choices available to consumers have made it much more difficult for them to get the attention they need to drive traffic and revenue.

If you’re among these frustrated e-commerce store owners who are struggling to get more people coming to your site, don’t lose hope just yet. There’s still something you can do to hit that target number of yours, and maybe even exceed it.

What might that be, you ask?

Paid ads? Nope. You don’t actually need to be shelling out money for this - unless you’re looking into hiring a team of specialists.

We’re talking about generating traffic to your site!

Whether you’re trying to entice your first or 5,000th customer, driving more traffic to your online retail shop is a vital part of growing your brand. And, a site that’s properly optimized for conversions means more web traffic, which in turn, means more customers and more sales.


As a digital marketing Miami company having years of experience working with online brands, we know how it feels to have put a lot of effort into creating a site, only to end up with less than a hundred customers. That’s pretty much why our clients would come to us.

And so, we’ve decided to create this article. To save you from feeling defeated, we’ve rounded up a list of best practices to help you drive traffic to your e-commerce site.

Let’s explore what they are below!

Use SEO to Increase Your Site’s Visibility and Searchability

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of optimizing your website to increase its chances of ranking high in search engine results like Google.

An SEO-friendly e-commerce store might just be what you need to attract more visitors and eventually convert them into customers. You should know, however, that it takes months to see results coming into effect. All that waiting will be totally worth it, believe us.

  • Keywords

For your SEO plan to be effective, you should be able to determine the appropriate keywords to use. These refer to words or short phrases people use to look for information online.

By focusing on keywords they often use that are related to your e-commerce business or expertise, you increase your odds of getting discovered online. Finding the most suitable words or phrases may take a lot of time and digging.

Fortunately, programs like SEMrush, Ahrefs, or Google Trends are readily available to help you with your keyword research.

  • Metadata

Your meta titles, descriptions, slugs, and headings make up your metadata.

They’re essential in determining how your e-commerce page appears on search engine results pages (SERPs). Not only that, but they’re also among the metrics Google uses to prioritize the order of results.

Since it’s the meta title that will ultimately help you stand out, here are some tips to write your meta titles:

  1. Create unique titles for each page.
  2. Use your title or sentence case consistently across all pages.
  3. Limit page titles to less than 55 characters.
  4. Make sure you match the query’s search intent.
  5. Include your target keyword.

As for your meta description, which gives your readers a summary of what your post is all about, you want to:

  1. Write a unique description for each page.
  2. Limit it to a maximum of 145 characters.
  3. Focus on a click-worthy description copy.
  4. Include the keyword in your description as much as possible.

Take Advantage of Content Marketing


Content marketing is one of the best ways to increase your website traffic if you’re a newer company trying to compete with bigger brands, or if you aim to boost your brand recognition.

It focuses on creating informative and valuable content to organically attract potential customers to your site and keep them as engaged as possible. The immediate goal isn’t necessarily to get them to make a purchase, but rather, to spark interest in your offerings and position your business as an industry thought leader.

Your content strategy can include anything your prospective and existing customers may find intriguing or relevant. Any topics related to your industry they consider useful will get them coming back for more. You don’t have to limit your content solely on your products or services.

From blogs and videos to how-to infographics, your online business has endless opportunities to generate traffic and branch out into the world of content.

  • Blogging

When done properly, blogging is great for driving traffic and ranking high on search results. In other words, it can be an excellent SEO tool.

The more blogs you publish, the more links you’ll have that will lead to your e-commerce store. You will attract Google and your target audience at the same time.

Your blog can serve as a platform to provide insights within your field and offer information that will help build your brand and promote your products or services. You can write about any subject related to your business. For instance, if you sell bags, your blogs can revolve around “The 10 Best Bags for Backpacking” or “7 Reasons Why Women Prefer Sling Bags Now.”

You don’t want to go into blogging with zero plans. Know your ideal audience and come up with a plan to connect with them through your writing. Look for publications that share a similar audience to yours for inspiration and take down notes.

  • Video

Video consumption is on the rise.

 85% of consumers would like to see more video content from brands in 2021, and 69% say they’d most prefer to learn about a new product or service through a short video.

These stats should be enough to convince you to tap into video content marketing.  

Create short, engaging videos that are related to your expertise and business. You can use videos for product demonstration, answering frequently asked questions about your business, or communicating your brand’s image and principles to a wider audience.

Post them on your e-commerce website, social media channels, and of course, the most popular platform for generating traffic from videos - YouTube.

  • Infographics

An infographic is a collage of information made to entertain, educate, and engage an audience. Just about any topic can provide enough material to convert text into an appealing visual, making it easier for readers to digest and comprehend complex information.

Informative,  visually compelling, and easy to share, it’s no wonder many digital marketers and online sellers use infographics to generate traffic, gain links, and attract more leads. You might as well follow suit.

Use infographics to spread awareness about your e-commerce business and grow authority in your field. See to it that you brand them with your business logo and include a link to your site to further boost recognition.

  • Target Your Audience on Facebook

With 2.85 billion people worldwide actively using Facebook regularly, companies of all sizes are turning to the social media giant to reach out to their prospects and customers.

Facebook presents countless opportunities to drive your ideal audience to your e-commerce site. Because they’re mainly on Facebook for leisure, it’s the perfect place to whet their appetite for your products or services.

Thanks to its robust advertising platform, you can target users based on their interests, location, behavior, and more. You can optimize your ad delivery and getting your message in front of those who are most likely to convert.

Plus, the platform makes it more convenient for your customers to hear from you and keep themselves posted on updates regarding your business.

If you’re looking for an easier way to create and run Facebook ads, consider teaming up with a digital marketing Miami agency. We’ll be more than happy to lend you a hand.

Make the Most of Instagram

Another social platform that can help drive traffic to your e-commerce site is Instagram. In fact, 90% of users follow a certain brand.

Use Instagram to let your audience fall in love with your business. Give your followers a look into how you develop your products, how you run your store, and how much you value their loyalty through shoutouts.

First things first, make sure you set your Instagram account for business use. Include your contact details, a link to your store, and some clever lines to describe your brand. People love a good one-liner.

Grow your following by finding common hashtags and posting images or videos that can capture the attention of your potential customers. Once you’ve formed an army of followers, that’s the time you can increase website traffic and sales by running Instagram ads.

What’s great about their ad platform is that it gives you the option to create ads as photos, videos, stories, collections, and carousels. You get to decide which content format to use, and for sure, you’ll need to explore each of them first.

Of all their features, the Story is the top choice for businesses that intend to connect with their audience. Besides using it to showcase new products or designs, you can use the feature to give your followers a sneak peek of what goes behind the scenes in your day-to-day life as an e-commerce business owner to establish a personal connection.

As soon as you hit 10k followers, you can add a link to your call-to-action (CTA) and use the “Swipe Up” feature. That may sound like a lot of work, particularly for businesses who are just starting, which is why we’re providing several tricks to help you get there:

  1. Use Instagram tools like ViralUpgrade, ViralRace, and SocialDrift to build a massive following and audience engagement.
  2. Run contests or giveaways to encourage your audience to engage with your posts and share them with their followers
  3. Amplify reach using Instagram ads.
  4. Experiment with content formats to determine which works best in attracting followers.

Launch an Email Marketing Campaign

If you’re not aware, email marketing is one of the most successful ways to lead your prospects and customers to your online store, which makes it really worth the time and effort.

Before you start creating a welcome email, you gotta grow your email list first. A surefire move that can get people to instantly subscribe to your mailing list is by adding a lightbox to your e-commerce site that promises them a discount on their next purchase if they fill out their email address.

Another way is by adding a “sign up” form in the footer of your website so that your visitors can opt in to get notifications about promotions and store updates.

You can run email campaigns to promote your brand to potential customers who have never bought from you before, to give your existing customers announcements on new offerings, or to remind lost customers who have abandoned their cart during the purchase process.

By being able to persuade a lost customer to finalize a purchase, there’s a huge possibility that they will share their purchase on their social media, refer you to their friends and family, and leave positive reviews on your site.

The secret to a successful email marketing campaign is by personalizing your messages. Personalized emails are known to strengthen customer experiences by sending the right content to the right people at the right time.

Start a Referral Program

People love getting perks.

So, what better way to give them to your audience than by starting a referral program? Ask your customers to refer you to their loved ones and acquaintances, or share your e-commerce store, in exchange for awesome rewards such as discounts, gifts, free shipping on future purchases, or coupons.

You drive traffic to your online store, they get to enjoy their incentives. That’s a win-win!

Get Ready to Drive More Traffic to Your E-Commerce Site!


With all these tactics incorporated into your marketing plan, expect a huge increase in traffic for your online store. Remember, more traffic means more opportunities to transform those casual visitors of yours into paying customers. That’s every business owner’s dream!

If you think getting professional help from a digital marketing Miami company is a much better option, we’ll gladly offer you a range of services that will no doubt boost traffic, grow your online reputation, increase sales, and so much more.

Get in touch with your friendly specialists at Digital Resource today for a free consultation.

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