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How to Double Good Online Reviews for Your Dental Practice

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When looking for the best dentist, we always look for reviews first. Because, let's face it, having our teeth checked can still be frightening. However, getting customer feedback can be difficult for any dentist, especially if you are just starting out.

That is where social media for dentists comes in.

Potential customers look for reviews on social media first. As a result, dental professionals are joining the hype.

But what if you've already optimized your social media platforms and still don't have any clients leaving reviews for your practice? What else can you possibly do?

Continue reading to learn why reviews matter and how to get positive reviews for your dental practice. Our social media for dentists team has compiled the best tips just for you!

Why Do Positive Reviews Matter?

Reviews are vital because they bring three benefits to your practice: visibility, credibility, and social proof. Let's go over each one individually.

curious dentist


Customer reviews are an essential aspect of deciding your search ranking. So, it's simple: the better your practice's reviews, the higher your exposure on Google.


The more reviews your practice gets, the more credible it becomes. After all, every patient seeks someone they can entrust a critical aspect of their health too. If you don't have any reviews, the patient will have difficulty trusting you.

Social Proof

Keep in mind that potential patients are seeking social proof. Every practitioner can claim to be the finest in their field. You don't have to say anything if you have hundreds of patients informing the world that you're a terrific dentist.

3 Tips to Get More Positive Reviews from Your Patients

1. Give Freebies to Your Patients

girl with braces eating ice cream

Everyone enjoys freebies. When people receive freebies, they are more likely to return the favor. And the simplest way for them to repay the favor is to leave a positive review.

Giving away freebies can also be an effective marketing strategy for your dental practice.

Freebies can take the form of discounts, incentives, or promotional products. This builds a good reputation, which leads to positive reviews and a positive relationship with your customers.

Children are the best example of how freebies work. Many children are terrified of dentists. In this case, you have a fantastic opportunity to give them something they'll enjoy, such as a candy bag, which can serve as a motivation to visit your clinic or as a reward after a dental check-up.

This is another instance where social media for dentists can be beneficial. Remember to always include your dental practice's contact information and social media accounts when giving away freebies.

Most dental practitioners always include their business cards in freebies so that customers know where to leave feedback if they want to.

A dental practice that provides freebies has the opportunity to build a solid reputation that customers will remember, leading to more devoted clients and higher sales.

2.Create a Google My Business Profile

GMB homepage

Most people agree that Google is one of the most popular search engines. According to Google, nearly half of all searches are conducted by people looking for local services.  

Therefore, you should never discount the potential of a Google search for your company.

However, Google's algorithm favors businesses with many positive reviews. This is where having a Google My Business (GMB) profile comes in handy.

A Google My Business profile makes your business more discoverable online, especially for people looking for local dental practices. It also encourages others to leave reviews.

Moreover, having a GMB profile will help your practice reach a wider audience and improve your dental SEO by driving traffic to your website.

To create your Google Business profile, follow these steps:

  • Sign into your Google account.
  • Go to create a profile.
  • Enter your business name.
  • Search for your business category, then click next.
  • Choose if you have a location for customers to visit.
  • Enter the service area of your business.
  • Enter your business phone number and website URL, then click next.
  • Click finish, then select a verification option.

If you want to see the complete steps for creating or claiming your Google My Business profile, or if you have any further questions, you can go to Google's help page.

3. Use Email Marketing

email marketing
Photo from Grammarly

The use of email in business has been recognized for some time. And since it's one of the most popular ways to get in touch with customers, dentists can use it to expand their practices.

Given that 91% of consumers check their email at least once per day, it's clear that email is a viable channel for requesting feedback from customers.

But how do you get your patients' email addresses?

When a new patient arrives at the clinic, the first thing you do is collect their personal information. This is an excellent opportunity to request their email address in a separate section.

However, before returning the completed form to your staff, ensure you have their email address. Then, enter your patients' email addresses into a spreadsheet and start your email blast.

When asking for feedback from your patients, the following items should be included in your email template:

  • Opening greeting with patient's name.
  • A thank you message for availing of your services.
  • Purpose of email.
  • Link for the feedback.
  • Closing remarks.
  • Your contact information (which includes addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and social media contacts).

Furthermore, the emails you collect from patients to solicit feedback can be used to promote your dental practice in other ways. For example, when new announcements and offers are available.

Sending emails is beneficial. Now is the time to start using it to gather additional feedback if you haven't already.

Ready to Receive Overflowing Positive Reviews for Your Dental Practice?

While many businesses and professionals in the dental industry are aware of the benefits of online marketing, some still haven't caught on.

Indeed, using social media among dentists is a significant first step. But this is only the beginning. If you're still feeling lost about where to start with dental marketing, it's time to consult a digital marketing agency.

When it comes to dental marketing services, Digital Resource is your best bet. With the support of our experts in social media for dentists, you can establish a solid online presence for your business—a factor in getting positive customer feedback.

Contact us today to start your path to success in dentistry.

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