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Facebook Advertising vs. Print Ads | Which One is Better?

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With the popularity of social media today, it is no wonder that Facebook advertising has become a top choice for businesses. But what about print ads? If you find yourself facing the question of whether you should invest in Facebook advertising or print advertising, keep reading! To help you make a better decision, we compared them on 3 important categories. By the end, you will have a clearer insight of which form of advertising is better! CostsSo you are considering running a print ad. How much will it cost? Cost for print ads depend on a whole lot of factors but generally speaking, the company you are publishing the ad with makes the decision. This price is usually $500 plus. On the other hand, Facebook ads are designed to fit any budget. You can run an ad for as little as $5! You are completely in control of your budget and are able to edit or stop your budget completely at any time. For example, say a magazine’s reach is 200,000 people. With the information from the graph, you would be spending $4,000.00 on your ad. In comparison, to reach 200,000 people through Facebook ads you would only have to spend $50.00! That is a substantial amount of money saved.

is Facebook Advertising better than print ads

Target AbilityWith Facebook ads you are able to easily target your ads to the people you want to reach based on things such as, location, age, gender, and interests. You even have the option to target people based on their online activities off of Facebook. This means your ads will be more relevant to the people who are seeing them, and therefore a higher chance these people will take action. This also means that you know exactly the type of people seeing it. Now think about print ads. You can wish and hope that your ideal consumer picks up the newspaper or magazine, but there is no way to guarantee they will. With Facebook ads you can reach the RIGHT consumer, with print ads you may be reaching consumers, but are they the right ones?

Facebook Advertising

Measurability After your print ad has been sent out, how are you going to measure the performance of that ad? Maybe you received a few phone calls and asked how they heard about you and maybe this is enough for you. But what if next time you decide to switch up the ad and you receive no phone calls. Is it because people didn’t like the ad or is it because no one saw the ad? There are too many variables that cannot be measured with print ads. On that note, Facebook ads allow you track ad results every day. You are able to see how many people took action on your ad and the cost of each action. You are also able to see the total number of people who saw the ad. This makes it incredibly easy to figure out what is working and what isn’t. And if something is not working, you have the ability to easily change the ad or stop running the ad instantly. So unlike print ads, Facebook ads give you the ability to test different ads to find what your audience reacts to the most.After comparing these two types of ads, it should be pretty clear that Facebook advertising is the better route if you want to be able to target your audience and measure performance, all while saving money! Not to mention, Facebook is the largest social media platform with over 1.5 billion monthly active users. Just think of the possibilities of Facebook advertising! If you want to learn more about Facebook ads or have any questions, contact our West Palm Beach Digital Marketing Agency! We can be reached at 561-429-2585 or you can connect with us online! We are experts in internet marketing and helping businesses increase their online presence! Contact us today so we can begin to help you grow your business through the internet!

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