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7 Ways to Get Patients Excited About Practice Changes

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So, your dental practice is revamping, adding new services, introducing a new doctor, and making other exciting changes to secure a brighter future for your business.  

While you can’t wait to give your practice an extreme makeover, there’s a lingering question: how will your patients feel about these changes? What if these changes end up doing more harm than good to your business?

Well, what if we told you that you could turn that feeling of unease into enthusiasm?  

With a little creativity and transparency, you can get patients on board with changes you're implementing. Who knows, even the most hesitant patient of yours may welcome them with open arms!

In this blog post, we’ll go over several tips and tricks you can use to make sure each and every one of your patients stays up to date while still feeling comfortable with the changes coming their way.  

So, read on to discover surefire ways to keep them on the edge of their seats!  

1. Highlight the Benefits

Let’s start with the obvious: discuss just how exactly your patients will benefit from your practice’s renovation.  

Tell them what they’ll gain as soon as these changes have been rolled out. Explaining the positive aspects will make it easier for your patients to accept them. At the same time, you’ll be able to eliminate any confusion or anxiety they may have.  

Whether it's faster appointments, new technology, or a streamlined billing process, see to it that you clearly communicate the advantages that await.  

2. Give Your Patients a Heads Up as Early as Possible

Change isn’t just inevitable, but also scary – particularly to those who have no clue as to what they’re in for.  

That’s why you should notify your patients before these changes take place. More importantly, explain in detail what these changes are and why you’ve decided to move in this new direction.  

Send out emails, make an announcement on social media, post notices in the waiting room, or call your patients directly. Keeping them well-informed and reminding them from time to time will help ease their worries and get them to prepare for what’s to come.  

3. Encourage Patient Involvement

hand writing feedback word

Patient involvement is one of the most effective ways to convert their qualms into anticipation. That’s because you’re showing your patients that their opinions are being heard and recognized.  

What’s not to love about a dentist who sincerely listens and takes feedback seriously?

Ask your patients what they would like to see in the new changes. Invite them to provide any recommendations they have in mind. You might also want to seek their feedback regarding the things you plan for your dental business.  

Involving your patients in your decision-making also helps create a culture of transparency, instilling trust and confidence in your practice.  

And, since it allows you to gain valuable insight into what they want and need from your practice, you’ll be able to tailor your services and improve the overall patient experience.

4. Make It Fun

Incorporate some exciting elements into the change process so your patients will be eager to be a part of it. Otherwise, you’ll encounter heavy resistance along the way.

Post a humorous video or GIF on social media of your new doctor to showcase their personality and authenticity.  

Create a guessing game by sharing a mysterious photo related to the change or maybe a riddle, then have them leave their answers in the comment box. Make sure to have prizes ready for the winners.

Or, you can go the extra mile by hosting an event to celebrate the upcoming changes. Show an amusing video or present a creative slideshow to give your patients a sneak peek.

Also, feel free to use the event as an opportunity to acknowledge your patients. Let them know how much their support means, and that you wouldn’t be where you are now if it weren’t for them.  

5. Put Yourself in the Shoes of Your Patients

As you’re crafting your announcement, keep your patients in mind. Think about what they want to know and the questions they’re most likely to ask. Place yourself in their position.  

Odds are, they’ll be curious as to how the changes will directly impact them. For instance, will they find themselves spending more than usual on a particular service? Should that be the case, emphasize it in your message – if the price hike is due to the introduction of new and more advanced technologies, tell them that.

The key is to make the message about your patients. Clearly explain why change is necessary and how it can impact them in a positive way.  

6. Take Advantage of Teasers

Almost every marketer would agree that using the art of the tease is a great way to kindle excitement and stir up anticipation. So, what better way to build the hype for your practice’s milestone than by using teaser campaigns?

Create a video series where you interview your staff and let each of them explain why the updates are beneficial to patients. Host an Instagram Takeover in which you give total control of your practice’s account to one of your team members for 24 hours. Have them record several stories to demonstrate how they’re using the new tools and equipment.  

If these changes involve redesigning your practice space, consider organizing a virtual open house where you give patients a tour of your newly remodeled clinic. That will certainly be a reason to look forward to!

7. Set an Example

Last but not least, be sure to lead by example and show your patients that you're just as excited about the changes as they should be!  

Demonstrating enthusiasm will make them feel comfortable with the idea of trying something new, which means they’ll be more open to embracing these changes.  

Try to stay as optimistic and upbeat as you can when communicating your message. Using words of reassurance, along with a smile and friendly tone, can help alleviate any potential anxiety or worry your patients may have.  

By simply bringing some cheer into the room, you may find yourself surrounded by other happy folks who are ready to adapt to the forthcoming changes. That’s the power of positivity!

Give Your Patients Many Reasons to Embrace the Changes in Your Dental Practice!

hands giving thumbs up

Implementing change can be really challenging, but it's definitely worth it to reap the benefits of a more efficient practice. Use our tips above to get your patients on board and excited about the changes happening in your practice.  

And, if you need professional help with any aspect of digital marketing, from internal practice marketing and social media to dental SEO and website design, Digital Resource is here for you.  

Don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're always happy to see dental practices like you make it to the top! Book a free consultation now!

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