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How to Use Demographics for More Targeted Facebook Ads

Social Media Marketing

As of 2021, Facebook has more than 2.85 billion monthly active users worldwide. With so many people in one place, this platform presents a huge opportunity for your business to reach out and connect with potential customers.  

But unfortunately, getting your business in front of the right audience isn’t as easy as it once was. Facebook has become a pay-to-play platform, which means the reach of organic content has decreased.  

If you want to reach your target audience and convert them into customers, you need to invest in Facebook Ads. But spending money on advertising doesn’t guarantee success.  

And, as a marketer or business owner, you need to be smart. Fortunately, there are effective ways to improve your ad performance.

In this post, your go-to SEO services provider in Florida will discuss how you can use demographics to niche down your Facebook ads and improve their performance.  

5 Ways How to Improve Facebook Ad Performance Through Better Targeting

People have very little incentive to click on salesy ads, especially when they’re bombarded by them all the time. So, you need to find ways to make your ads stand out.  

Today, people want a human touch and meaningful connections in the social media content they interact with – and this includes your ads.  

To achieve this, you need to narrow down your targeting and focus on a smaller and more specific group of people.  

This will allow you to customize ads that resonate with your intended audience and get them to take action.  

Here's how to narrow down your targeting through demographics.  

1. Create Customer Personas

Creating customer personas with SEO services in Florida

Many businesses create generic ads to try and attract as many customers as possible.  

But in doing so, your ads end up feeling impersonal and irrelevant. Instead of enticing potential customers, you're driving them away.  

That the experts at our SEO services company in Florida recommend that you do is identify and target different groups of people with different ads. You can achieve this by building buyer personas.  

A buyer persona is a research-based profile describing who your ideal customers are, their pain points, and how they make decisions. It includes details like their demographics, interests, and needs.  

A buyer persona is a fictional character based on real features and characteristics derived from your existing customers.  

Creating personas allows you to create Facebook ads that are relevant to the people you’re targeting.  

It also enables you to segment your audience so you can present them with different ads they're more likely to respond to.  

Once your buyer personas are ready, tailor your ad copy, images, and call-to-action according to their preferences and needs.  

For example, if you’re selling jeans, then create tailored messages for:

  • Women  
  • Men  
  • Plus size me
  • Petite girls

And so on. The more specific your messages are, the more effective they’ll be.  

2. Leverage Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences

Once your buyer personas are set, it’s time to look for them on social media.  

Facebook Lookalike Audiences is a sophisticated targeting tool. It works by determining who your best existing customers are on the platform using engagement, app activity, website traffic, customer lists, email addresses, and many more.  

Once the algorithm has identified who these people are, Facebook will help you find more of them, aka ‘lookalikes’.  

But you can also input the demographic data of your intended audience, and the system will recommend a list of prospects that meet your criteria.  

This way, you can target people with similar interests and demographic characteristics to those already patronizing your business.  

It's an effective way to discover new customers who will likely make a purchase. Once your Lookalike Audience is set, you can now create ads that are relevant and speak directly to their needs.  

3. Leverage Your Target Audience’s Interests

Leverage Your Target Audience’s Interests

Facebook offers another tool called ‘Interest’ that allows you to define your target audience based on what they're interested in.  

Now, you might think that this is a separate factor from demographics. But in reality, you use demographic information to target people with similar interests.  

This means demographics and interest are related and can help niche down your targeting.  

For example, if you’re targeting people in the fitness industry, go further and choose interests like ‘cross fit’ or ‘Zumba’.  

Although different kinds of people have different interests, there will be demographics that will likely be prominent such as age or gender. For example, people interested in Zumba are more likely to be female.  

So, how does Facebook Interest work? Facebook has a database that tells you what your target audience’s interests are.  

Facebook derives this information from each user’s lifetime activities, such as what a user has previously interacted with or looked into within the platform or outside of it.  

This targeting feature gives you the ability to target people with a set of common interests. These interests can be brand interest, hobbies, or affinity for things related to your business or niche.  

Right now, there are thousands of interest categories in Facebook Ads Manager that you can use for targeting.  

It can be overwhelming, but the best way to approach it is to narrow down your options. Go back to your personas so you can show your ads to the right people.  

4. Target Based on Behavior

Instead of finding a new set of audiences for your brand or products, behavioral targeting is all about delivering ads to those who have shown interest in your business in the past or one of your competitors.

You want to show your ads to people who have previously engaged with your content or liked your page because they’re more likely to respond.  

Get familiar with the options available under Behaviors and take a look at which behavior is most important based on who you're targeting.  

When choosing a behavior, consider the goal you’re trying to achieve with your Facebook ad campaign.  

For example, if your goal is to increase iOS app installs, make sure you're only targeting iPhone users and exclude Android users.  

Another example is selling hiking backpacks, targeting backpackers, travelers, and those who love to go hiking in nature.  

Behaviors allow you to further refine your demographics targeting into something more specific.  

5. Target Life Events

Targeting customers' life events with SEO services in Florida

Aside from using demographics, you can further refine your targeting by using the Life Events targeting feature on Facebook.  

This feature allows you to target potential customers based on important life events, such as:

  • Upcoming anniversary
  • Being away from their hometown
  • Long-distance relationship
  • New job
  • Upcoming Birthday
  • New relationship
  • Recently moved

And so on.

Here’s a great example: imagine you see one of your friends is engaged on your Facebook feed. A split second later, you start seeing related ads about sending a customized congratulatory gift.  

This makes it incredibly convenient for you to send a gift!

By targeting the friends of those celebrating big life events, you can put your products and services in front of the right people who need them the most.  

Looking for SEO Services and Social Media Marketing Provider in Florida?

As a marketer or business owner, ads play a crucial role in getting you the customers you need to grow your business. However, not all ads are created the same.  

Don't waste your hard-earned money on ads that don't bring in a significant return.  

Make sure your Facebook ads generate results by improving their performance – starting with narrowing down your targeting through demographics.  

At Digital Resource, our social media marketing experts and SEO service providers in Florida will work with you to create a custom Facebook ads strategy that will generate more sales for your business and put you ahead of your competitors.  

Contact us today to get an insight into how we can make this possible for you!

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