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Choosing the Right Keywords for Optimization

Search Optimization
  • 21% of marketers write for search engines.
  • 91% of content gets no organic traffic from Google.
  • 50% of search queries are more than four words.

With the New Year coming, it will be important to stay on top of trends and make sure you have your keyword lists optimized for potential changes. Here are a few simple ways you can get started on a winning keyword strategy and stay organized to meet your goals by optimizing keywords.

Track Performance

See what works and what doesn't.

Because the only way to collect data on keyword performance it to launch them as a part of your PPC campaigns, it is important to track these keywords and the data collected from them and use this data to inform your next move. Taking this data on a regular basis and analyzing it in terms of performance will give you hints as to which keywords you should be spending your money on, and which are not worth your time.Formulating PPC campaigns with the keywords you have that preform well will also give you hints as to what new keywords you should be using and which you should stay away from. This performance data can be invaluable as it provides insights into the next steps you should take, like concentrating on a different audience segment or using a different topic entirely. Keeping the keywords that perform well and getting rid of the ones that underperform is a great way to develop brand new keywords that have potential.

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Choose Relevant Topics

Stay on track and optimize.

Topics can have even more impact than keywords, and choosing the right topics can make a huge difference in the quality of traffic you get and who your ads are being targeted to. Making your topics more specific can help to segment your audiences and drive more traffic because your keywords will be less generalized. Keywords for a specific topic tend to be less general and better at targeting certain interests.One of the best ways to keep up with making sure your topics are relevant and to the pint is to keep a rotating list of topics you can use for your PPC campaigns and choose good keywords based on those topics, Having a list of keywords that correlate with your chosen topics is also a great way to stay organized and manage what topics and optimizing keywords should stay or be changed.Staying specific is a great way to avoid the penalties that come with using every vague or general keywords, which can actually have a negative effect on your SEO and on your rankings overall.

Research Keywords

Say exactly what you need to say.

This should come as a given, but many people involved in managing their own online marketing only do keyword research the first time they are doing a campaign push. It is incredibly important to complete keyword research on a regular basis so that you can keep up with changes in trends concerning new keywords, and new developments in related markets, and even what your competition is advertising.Sometimes new keyword campaigns need to be made just to respond to a big marketing push by a competitor. Making your marketing dynamic in this way to respond to changes in the environment will help you keep up with bigger competitors.Take a look at the performance ratings for the keywords you have already been using in your PPC campaigns and decide where to move forward based on performance. This will provide you direction in what keywords you should be bidding on and which new keywords you should look out for. Bidding on generalized keywords is almost always a bad idea, but keeping them just specific enough will help you to carve out a small corner of success in a flooded market.

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Look at Competition

Get a few hints and tips.

Another great way to check-in what keywords need optimizing and which need to be left in the dust should be what your competition is using. If you see that a competitor is using certain keywords and having success with them you might want to come up with a plan that is similar to keep up. Looking at the competition's patterns in terms of where they direct their marketing can reveal hints as to where you should be targeting your new marketing efforts.In addition to looking at what keywords your competition is using you should also be checking for new keywords and jump on them before your competition manages to corner them. This will help you to expand your keyword lists and keep track of what keywords you have already used so they don’t become stale. Stale keywords can have a negative impact on your SEO and even on your rankings in general.

Identify Your Goals

Know where to steer the ship.

Having a clear idea of what you want your online marketing to accomplish is a must for anyone looking to get into SEO for his or her business and generate results. Having a clearly outlined plan of what your expected results are will be invaluable in calculating your next move and coming up with the right campaigns and pushes that will accomplish these goals in optimizing keywords.Your goals can change depending on changes n your business or even personal matters, so make sure you always have a clear idea of where you should be heading so your team can follow suit.This clearly outlined plan is also a great way to keep your whole team on the same page and ensure that everyone on your marketing team is working toward the same goals, making your marketing pushes much more focused and organized. Because goals can change given the relative success of a business and the competition, it might be helpful to reevaluate your goals and make sure that you are still on track despite any upsets.

Optimize for the Coming New Year

If you have been looking for a team of dedicated SEO experts to come up with a strategy that yields results, then Digital Resource has it all. We are here to manage your online growth and generate more and better traffic.If you have any questions about SEO feel free to give our office a call or send us an email and we will be happy to assist you.

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