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Why You Should NOT Use BizBox

Brand Development

In 2017, Office Depot Inc. launched a new business service platform called BizBox, which aims to help startups and small to medium businesses by providing them with all the 411 they need to grow their company in this digital era.  

From web design and hosting, to online marketing and SEO, and to accounting functions and management services, it sure sounds like BizBox is offering everything you’re looking for in a business platform.  

Plus, with a monthly fee of only $99 to access all of these amazing features, you’re pretty sure you’ve just hit jackpot!

If you’re a small- or medium-sized business owner struggling to run your company, this offer can be really tempting - and we can’t blame you. It’s a great deal, after all.  

Don’t sign up just yet though, especially if you haven’t done a little digging on Bizbox.  

Before you can turn yourself into a subscriber, be sure that you know all there is to know about the platform. To decide whether BizBox is the right partner to help you achieve your business goals, you must give our review a read.

Why Should You Not Use BizBox?

After performing an extensive background check on BizBox, we’ve come to a conclusion: It’s not as good as it is on paper. In fact, it’s far from being good.  Here’s why:

Fluctuating Pricing

For startups and small to medium business owners looking for affordable end-to-end services, BizBox’s offer seems like a great deal.  

But don’t be fooled.  

Although they only charge $99 a month for website design and management services, they’ll require you to sign a long-term agreement that could last up to 12 months or so. It means that you can’t just decide to opt out of the deal if you’re not pleased with the results. If you do, there will be consequences.  

Another thing is, as soon as BizBox has their hands on you, they can change their pricing. They can charge you more for additional fees and costs, depending on the type of help you want.  

We hate to break it to you, but the $99 you’re spending is just for basic services.  

It’s critical for small to medium business owners to know how much they’re going to be shelling out each month since everything is being accounted for. If you can’t predict the costs you’ll be paying, it might affect other areas of your operation.  

You Hold No Control Over Your Website

If ever you decide to end your contract with BizBox and switch to another web hosting service provider, you will no longer own or have access to your domain name and website.  


Technically, nobody owns their domain name. Everyone is just leasing them from their registrar of choice.  

However, since you paid for your website, it’s only fair that you have control over it.  

Losing your website or domain name could spell trouble for your business. Customers may no longer find or be able to contact you. You’ll also have to start from scratch again - from building your website and publishing content to increasing your visibility online.  

Besides getting yourself bombarded with tedious tasks, you’ll be spending a huge chunk of cash for some of these processes. What’s more, you might run into duplicate content problems that can affect your ranking online!  

Just because you created a new website doesn’t mean that your previous one will disappear. It will still be up and running, with all its content still intact. And, with content still intact, there’s a fat chance that you’ll encounter content duplication that can hurt your SEO ranking.  

Duplicate content confuses search engine bots. It forces them to select between your page and the other identical page on which they should rank in the top results. This lowers the possibility of your page appearing on the top results.  

When choosing a web hosting and design service, select those who will give you full control over your site even if you choose to switch provider. Before you sign up, make sure to read their user agreement or policy carefully.  

Basic Designs

In this digital age, it’s very important for businesses, especially startups and SMEs, to impress their customers and prospects at every touchpoint.  


Having a brand-friendly and personalized website that’s professionally made will not only set you apart from your competitors, but it will also leave a lasting impression on your visitors. It helps establish your credibility as a company, build trust, and create a superior user experience.  

Unfortunately, BizBox creates cookie-cutter websites for their customers. Their designs are basic and generic, and it wouldn’t be surprising if you’ll end up having the same website as some of your competitors.  

If you want to stand out and make a name for yourself, then your website should be as unique as you are.  

And what makes a great website? Here are the 10 qualities to keep in mind:

  • Visually appealing, well-executed, and professional  
  • Functional
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Contains fresh, quality, relevant content  
  • Uses high-quality photos
  • Has an easy-to-find contact page  
  • Has clear calls to action placed strategically throughout the website
  • Optimized for SEO and Social Web
  • Loads fast

Don’t just be another website out there. Make sure your website catches the attention of your visitors from the first click, and accurately reflects what you are as a brand.  

Poor Customer Service

Office Depot launched BizBox as a new division of their company.  

To give you a brief background, Office Depot is known as one of the leading providers of business services and supplies, products, and technology solutions. With more than 1,300 stores all over the US, you’d think that this is your go-to company for everything that your business needs.  

That’s where you’re wrong.  

If you read the reviews and comments on their Facebook page, you’ll see how unhappy their clients are.


Most of their complaints were on customer service. They weren’t getting their packages on time, no one was responding to their calls, and no refund was made. As for the company’s in-store staff, well, customers agreed that they weren’t your friendly salespeople.

So, if you’re planning to have Office Depot printing your marketing materials or designing your website, then you definitely want to give it a second thought.  

If you were to ask us, here’s our advice: Save yourself from unnecessary stress and headaches by choosing a reputable digital marketing company like Digital Resource instead!

Don’t Believe This BizBox Review?

In case you’re a bit skeptical about our review, you should check out the reviews from unsatisfied BizBox customers at Yelp, Trustpilot, ConsumerAffairs, and Better Business Bureau.  

A lot of people think that having a beautiful and functional website is expensive, so they settle for a cookie-cutter site that they don’t own just because it’s affordable.  

The truth is, creating such websites won’t really cost you big bucks. You just need to find the right digital marketing company to partner with!  

Here at Digital Resource, the websites we make for our clients are bespoke. We make sure that you get a stunning website that will not only draw customers in, but also convert them into paying customers.  

Allow us to help you grow your business online by building you a great website and through effective digital marketing! Also, you get to have full ownership over your site. Should you choose to go in a different direction and no longer use our services, we will give you your site back without any fees.

Contact us today to start achieving your business goals!

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