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Arthur Marshall: The Medical Staffing Recruiter for Everyone 

Business Development

Recruiting top-tier talent is among the most common challenges healthcare organizations face today. Whether it’s dental/physician  recruitment or looking for the best candidates for dental/physician assistant positions, the process can quickly become strenuous.

We can say the same thing for candidates too. With an extremely competitive market, it’s easy to see why many folks in the healthcare industry are constantly on the hunt for new opportunities where they can showcase their expertise and grow professionally. Physicians, Dentists, Clinical Assistants, Dental Hygienists, you name it.

If your medical practice is currently experiencing a shortage of manpower, you’re struggling to find the right people for your team or you happen to be a specialist searching for a vacant position, look no further than Arthur Marshall to make your life easier.

What Is Arthur Marshall?

Arthur Marshall is a permanent dental/physician and advanced practice placement firm that has been around since 2002. Since then, it has served as the conduit for thousands of successful employment relationships between hospitals, DSOs, dental practices, clinics, physician practices, and private physicians across the United States.

Their ultimate goal is to “help build the success of their clients, candidates, and employees, and leave a lasting legacy in each of their lives and careers,” according to CEO Curtis Pryor.

Fueled by a passion to provide their clients with nothing but superior candidates who make the best fit for the job, it’s not surprising that the firm has been winning many hearts in the country – and still continues to do so after 20 years.  

Who knows, yours might just be the next heart in their collection!

Partnership with Fortune Management

Another reason why you might want to consider collaborating with Arthur Marshall is the fact that it is a proud alliance partner of Fortune Management, America’s premier consulting firm for medical practitioners, Dentists, and Veterinarians, as well as another Digital Resource partner.

Like Arthur Marshall, Fortune Management is 100% dedicated to helping healthcare professionals and their teams climb their way to the top. It has been turning dreams into reality by effectively balancing practice management and personal development.    

These four powerful principles serve as the guide for the company’s vision:

  • Everyone has to win 
  • Learning is constant and never-ending 
  • Culture supersedes strategy 
  • Radical transparency and honesty

Who Does Arthur Marshall Serve?

team of medical professionals

For 20 years, the medical recruitment firm has partnered with hundreds of providers and executives across the entire spectrum of medicine – be it clients as small as single provider groups or those as large as major academic health systems like Prisma Health and LifePoint Health.  

If you’re wondering how many specialties Arthur Marshall has placed applicants in, the answer might astonish you: more than 200.  

Below are just some of them to give you an idea:

  • Anesthesiology 
  • Dentists 
  • Dental hygienists 
  • Emergency medicine 
  • Family practice 
  • Internal medicine 
  • Locum tenens 
  • Registered nurses 
  • Physician assistants 
  • Surgery 

For a complete list, you may head over to this page.

Benefits of Hiring a Healthcare Staffing Agency

We can't deny that medical recruitment has become more challenging than ever. Shortages in the medical industry keep producing problems as healthcare companies constantly find themselves with urgent needs to fill vacant positions.

For the industry to stay strong, it's critical for hospitals, institutions, and other healthcare facilities to be supported by quality staff including Doctors, Dentists, Physicians, nurses, and all the other medical professionals required in the field.

Plus, there are mid-sized facilities and small nursing homes who can’t really afford to have a whole HR team to fill in vacancies for them.

This is where healthcare staffing agencies come in.  

Their primary role is to provide their clients with effective healthcare staffing services and workforce solutions. They also assist job seekers by registering their details in the database and referring them to healthcare vacancies that align with their education qualifications, credentials, and experience in the field.

Below are five reasons why healthcare organizations and medical practices have decided to get themselves a staffing partner:

Hassle-Free Recruitment

Trusted healthcare staffing firms like Arthur Marshall will make the recruitment process incredibly convenient for you. Having numerous connections in the field, they'll help you find the next top talent in your company.

Whether you're looking for Nurse Practitioners, Surgeons, Dentists, or assistants, these agencies will send you the most qualified individuals and resources with utmost ease.

They have the candidates registered with them and a roster of staff looking for client requirements. They'll only have to match these requirements with the applicants, and you're all set for conducting interviews.

On-Demand Services

Another reason to invest in a healthcare recruitment agency is the fact that they offer impromptu staffing services and consulting services.

With countless job hunters registering with these agencies, you can seek on-demand services from them. Immediately after matching the requirements of your post with the achievements of each candidate, they'll shortlist the best choices for you.

A Team That Speaks Excellence

Weeding out underqualified (and overqualified) dental/medical professionals isn't something that should concern you if you have a healthcare staffing firm like Arthur Marshall behind you.

Since those who are looking for a job through agencies are required to undergo arduous assessments, dental/medical organizations with open positions can have the guarantee that they'll only be seeing candidates with the expertise and biggest potential to succeed.

Thorough Evaluation

Providing workforce solutions is what healthcare staffing agencies are all about.  

While you can still assess the right candidate based on their resume and the interview, you can’t really assess their work history and evaluate their capacity - unlike these recruitment firms.  

When you take advantage of all the staffing services they offer, you'll be able to see the nitty-gritty details of each of your potential employees. The agency can also review performance and evaluate how each candidate can deal with the job demands and environment.  

Quality Standards

Having a team of reputable and qualified recruitment experts will no doubt help your organization flourish and stay ahead of the competition.

And, what better way to find them than by working with a top healthcare staffing agency? These firms only want the best for their clients which gives you the reassurance that your candidates will meet the standards of your hospital or clinic.

Why Choose Arthur Marshall?

doctors giving thumbs up

So, why should you trust Arthur Marshall to recruit new dental/medical professionals for your team? What makes you so sure that it can help you hire a dependable dental staffing? How can you count on its staffing services to fulfill your staffing needs?

Well, for starters, Arthur Marshall proudly consists of a team of leaders who are industry experts in physician recruitment.  

For 2012 years and counting, they’ve been helping small rural clients overcome their challenges and several of the country’s biggest healthcare systems.

Under the leadership of these pioneers are expert consultants who have been in the playing field for over a decade as well. Their most tenured consultants have 20 years of documented Physician Recruiting and Dentist Recruiting experience.  

No wonder they’re often in demand for speaking engagements and training platforms.

When it comes to their clients, Arthur Marshall takes each and every one of them seriously. Filling dental/medical job openings for them is the team’s top priority, no doubt about that. However, they just don’t pick any jobseeker for the position.

Rather, they go through an exhaustive process to ensure that they find the perfect match. The consultants take the time to meet with the client and learn more about their situation, challenges, business model, and expectations. They go above and beyond to secure the best candidates, from screening fresh graduates and current practitioners to vetting and pre-interviewing them.

What’s more, Pryor and his proactive team provide excellent follow-up on search details, thereby creating a strong sense of urgency with their candidates. Not to mention, the candidates they present aren’t only highly- qualified, but they’re very well-informed and they possess the traits the clients are looking for.

Choosing Arthur Marshall as your dental/medical staffing recruitment firm is a decision you’ll never regret.  

If you’ve been having a hard time getting the right people to grow your healthcare staffing, we can only say that reaching out to this firm would should be the first step to your success. Ask their former and present clients – they’ll gladly attest.

Digital Resource Is Proud to Partner with Arthur Marshall

Being a partner in business growth for our clients may start with marketing but ultimately it comes down to assisting you with creating a great experience at all stages of the patient journey!  

That’s why Digital Resource is proud to partner with Arthur Marshall and ensure our clients have access to the best staffing solutions. Contact us to learn more!

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