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Optimize Your "About Us" Page with These 5 Design Tips

Website Design

Your About Us page is one of the most crucial pages on your website.  


It’s where you can tell your audience about your unique story - how your business started and why you do what you do. It is what’s going to set your business apart from your competitors.  

Your unique story can be so powerful that it can help build a strong brand and position your business as an authority in its niche.  

Your About Us page also plays a crucial role in creating an extraordinary brand experience for your web visitors.  

This is why you need to design your About Us page right.  

The first step in designing an effective About Us page is understanding the purpose of the page. Once you know what to write, it’ll be easier to develop a web design in West Palm Beach that communicates important information about your company through different elements, such as font styles, choice of visuals, and the color palette.  

When done correctly, you can create a page that speaks to your audience directly. This can create a sense of affinity between you and your customers, which will make it easier for them to trust your business.  

Unfortunately, a lot of people confuse the About Us page with the Contact page, while some fail to capitalize on it correctly simply because they have no idea what to write.  

If you feel like your About Us page isn’t living up to its full potential, then this blog is for you.  

We will discuss what exactly an About Us page is, along with five tips to help you design better and more powerful About Us pages.  

Without further ado, let’s get started!

What Is an About Page?

Your About Us page provides an opportunity for you to introduce your story to your audience, convey your brand essence, and demonstrate your personality.  

This is where you can highlight brand values that resonate with your ideal customers. And, with the right messaging, tone, and voice, your business can build a real human connection with your audience.  

According to Harvard professors, 95% of purchasing decisions are emotional. This means that people don’t buy things from a specific company because they need them, but because they feel a strong connection with that company and trust them to solve their problems.  

Using your About Us page to communicate your company’s unique story, highlight brand values, and showcase your personality can ensure that people will care more about your business.  

Ways to Take Your “About Us” Page to the Next Level

the word "about us" written on a pad paper

1. Cut Your Story Down to Digestible Chunks

While it’s tempting to include every detail about how your business came to be and why you do what you do, nobody really wants to spend hours scrolling through one part of a website.  

What people want is to access important information quickly and conveniently. So, you want to make sure that you cut your story down to digestible chunks, leaving only the valuable information behind. Each piece of information should highlight useful insights for your customers.  

Before designing your About Us page and putting this information into place, you need to answer the following questions:

  • How can you lay your information out in a visually engaging way?
  • What features should your About Us page include? Do you need to include a contact form or social share buttons somewhere?  
  • How does this page connect to other parts of your site? Should you link out to case studies or customer testimonials?

2. Put Your Mission Statement Above the Fold

In a world where emotions dictate buyer behavior, consumers want to buy from businesses they feel the most connection with.  

According to SproutSocial, when consumers feel connected to a brand, 57% of them are willing to spend more on its products or services, and 76% of them will choose that brand over a competitor.  

This proves that lining up a series of awesome product pages with the right price point is no longer enough to convince your ideal customers to buy. If you want to persuade your audience to do business with you, you need to connect with them on a deeper level.  

Your mission statement is one way of showing your audience that they have a human connection with your business. This is why you want to highlight what matters most to your company by putting your mission statement front and center.  

Although mission statements usually contain a lot more than just a single sentence of text, creating a short but powerful tagline out of it and putting it above the fold can draw a user’s attention towards it.  

Here’s an example:

a screenshot of tom's web design in West Palm Beach with mission statement

Screenshot from Toms of Maine

3. Use the Right Trust Signals

Scams and frauds are so rampant these days. That’s why consumers are very cautious about who they deal with and which businesses they buy from.  

Since the purpose of an About Us page is to make a human connection with your audience, it’s crucial to establish as much trust as possible from the get-go.  

To do this, you have to incorporate the right trust signals on your web design in West Palm Beach, such as star ratings from trusted review sites, trust stickers, badges, certifications, logos of companies that your business has worked for, as well as customer testimonials.  

Digital Resource does a good job at using trust signals across their site.  

Digital Resource web design in West Palm Beach sing trust badges

Another way to establish trust with your audience is to show the human side of your business.  

By showcasing the people behind your organization, you allow your audience to see your business in a different light, making you more relatable.  

If you have hundreds or thousands of employees, obviously you can’t feature each one of them. However, you can include significant members of staff to give your audience some insights about the people responsible for the continued growth and development of your business.  

Including a selection of company photos is another good way to introduce your team.  

4. Showcase Your Company History

Some shoppers prefer to buy from businesses and work with companies that have been in their respective industries for quite some time.  

In other words, they’re more comfortable buying from brands that have the experience and plenty of background knowledge.  

To demonstrate that you have the experience, heritage, and an abundance of knowledge, take your visitors on a journey through time. Tell them about your company history.  

You can do this tastefully by using a timeline of events. This will allow your visitors to get a quick overview and insight into what your business has done over the years without overwhelming them with a wall of text.  

In case a user wants to know more about your company history, you can link out to a different page that discusses your history in detail.  

5. Use Visuals to Effectively Highlight Your Values

More than half of the world’s population are visual learners. These people can retain information better if they actually saw it.  

To make sure you can properly communicate to your audience what matters most to your company and what pushes you to keep going, you can showcase your values through video.  

Videos are the most engaging form of content. In fact, users tend to spend 88% more time on websites that have videos.  

Craft your message in such a way that it pierces through your target audience by creating video content that captures the essence of your company.  

Bonus Tip: Make Your Brand Personality Shine

Your brand personality must be reflected in every aspect of your About Us web design, from the font style and the tone of voice of your content, up to the choice of colors and flow of your page.  

It should be consistent with your brand and who you are as a company so people can instantly recognize you the moment they land on your page.  

Looking for Web Design in West Palm Beach?

Your About Us page shouldn’t be an afterthought. You should put as much attention to detail as you would in your product pages.  

If you get your About Us page right, it can showcase your business's unique style and personality, and position you as an authority in your industry.  

Use the five tips we share with you above to take your About Us page to the next level.

At Digital Resource, we believe that better About Us pages could drive more traffic and conversions. If you need help creating compelling About Us pages, we’re here for you!  

Our award-winning team of web designers can create a bespoke web design in West Palm Beach that will not only put you ahead of your competitors, but also drive more conversions for your business. Contact us today to get started!

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