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5 YouTube Channels All Dentists Should Follow

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It may be challenging to get a sense of what medical school is like, but thanks to the rise of YouTube, finding someone willing to speak about their experiences is no longer difficult.

If you're looking for inspiration or insight into a particular aspect of medical school, life as a dentist, or the journey to get there, YouTube is the best place.

It has a wealth of great content available regardless of your specialty: periodontics, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and so on.

You can find videos on almost anything on YouTube! These YouTubers can also serve as your gateway into social media for dentists. However, the real question is, who among the hundreds or thousands of YouTubers should you follow?

The 5 Best Dentistry YouTube Channels

1. American Dental Association 

ADA logo

The American Dental Association (ADA) channel covers all areas of dentistry -- from cancer treatment to patient experience, action planning, workplace ergonomics, and more. You'll also find a selection of instructional videos to present your patients.

The ADA comprises approximately 162,000 members known as public health advocates who promote the art and science of dentistry. They help dental professionals by providing advocacy, cutting-edge scientific research and advice, dental insurance options, and other services.

Since the launch of ADA's YouTube account in 2008, they have received approximately 15 million views. Their most popular uploads are educational videos like "What Causes Bad Breath?" and "How To Brush Your Teeth?"

During the COVID-19 pandemic's onset, the ADA also produced videos advocating for the safe reopening of dental practices, providing COVID-19 resources to dentists, and combating the opioid crisis. They are currently collaborating with industry partners to assist people in staying healthy, from the dental chair to daily care at home.

To find out more about the ADA, go to ADA.org. You can also visit their consumer website for more information on oral health, including dental illness prevention, care, and treatment.

2. Dr. Teeth Academy

DTA logo

Dr. Malik Hina, the person behind Dr. Teeth, explains her YouTube account with a one-liner: "Dr. Teeth Academy is not a WHAT, it's a WHO!"

In simple terms, Dr. Teeth Academy creates the "World's Best Dental Lectures." As of this writing, the YouTube channel has approximately 200,000 subscribers and has amassed about 13 million views since its founding, which Dr. Hina attributes to a lot of hard work and enthusiasm.

Dr. Teeth Academy is a YouTube channel that began as a pastime for a dentist who enjoyed two things: gadgets and teaching.  With the encouragement and support of thousands of her students, this hobby quickly evolved into a dentistry academy.

Dr. Teeth Academy has designed hundreds of incredibly simple animated dental tutorials that her students adore. "Trust me, we're working hard every day to offer you new stuff, but this is a challenging and time-consuming process," she says on her website. "On the plus side, I enjoy doing this!" she added.

Dr. Teeth publishes many more premium dental videos on her website  in addition to her YouTube channel.

3. All Things Dentistry

Dr. Ask Mark headshot

If you have a private practice and operate a dental office, you should subscribe to All Things Dentistry. This YouTube channel is dedicated to "providing unwritten dental advice" that you may not have learned in school.

All Things Dentistry has had around 16 million views since its launch in 2011. What started as a fun side project during a two-year advanced education program in general dentistry quickly grew into one of the most popular YouTube channels on the field.

Dr. Ash Mark, the channel's host, has a terrific presenting style and covers a wide range of topics that are beneficial to both novice and seasoned dental practitioners. "What is a Root Canal?," "Tooth Extraction in Under 30 Seconds," and "Tooth Abscess Draining Pus," are among his most viewed videos.

4. Glidewell Dental

Glidewell Dental logo

Since its debut in 2008, Glidewell Dentistry's YouTube channel has garnered over 125,000 followers and about 30 million views, making it one of the most popular in the dental industry.

Glidewell has become a dental industry leader thanks to its revolutionary dental technology, R&D department, and commitment to offering free clinical and technical education to encourage dental industry growth.

Subscribe to this YouTube channel if you want to learn how to get the right patients in your dental business, how to do same-day dentistry, or how to improve chairside photography.

5. Teeth Talk Girl

Whitney DiFoggio headshot

The Teeth Talk Girl is a YouTube channel founded by Whitney DiFoggio, a professional dental hygienist with an acting background. DiFoggio began her internet presence with a blog that centered on her dental hygienist experience.

DiFoggio made her first YouTube video while waiting for her dental hygiene license to come in the mail. "I was working as a dental assistant at the time, but I was so excited to start dental hygiene patient education!" she says in an interview with DentistryIQ.

She also said that she attempted to educate her dentist's patients, but no one was interested in hearing about flossing procedures during a root canal operation, so she began filming videos.

The Teeth Talk Girl brand seeks to deliver trustworthy dental health information that is easily accessible to everyone. All videos and information on the brand's YouTube channel and website are evaluated by a specialized dental network of qualified dentists and certified dental hygienists.

The Teeth Talk Girl's channel is now one of the most popular on YouTube, with over 51 million views since its takeoff in 2015. The YouTube channel has over 260,000 subscribers and hundreds of dentistry videos ranging from plaque versus tartar to poor TikTok dental trends.

Start Your Video Marketing Journey

YouTube is an excellent source of new leads for your local dentistry clinic. With YouTube, you can attract new, prospective dental patients.

Indeed, social media for dentists is effective, but it isn't enough. When you break away from the standard marketing techniques that every other practice in your field is doing, you'll uncover unique leads that you can turn into sales.

If you haven't already started incorporating YouTube videos into your professional development strategy, now is the time!

At Digital Resource, we can help you develop your own video marketing plan. Video marketing will undoubtedly distinguish your practice, and one of the simplest and most successful methods to do it is through YouTube.

Contact us today to discover how we've assisted other dental professionals with their video marketing strategies and how we can do the same for you.

Do you have a favorite YouTube channel that isn't on our list of the top five? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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