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5 Weird Holidays with Big Advertising Potential

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Happy National Two Different Colored Shoes Day! This oddly playful holiday happens every year on May 3. Did you know there's also a National Superhero Day (April 28), International Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19), and even Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day (December 8)?

Let's face it: there's a special holiday for every day of the year.

Each of these days is a perfect opportunity for small business owners to seize the strange and fantastic, turning it into some unique, profitable holiday marketing.  

Obviously, everyone advertises for Christmas, New Year's, and the Fourth of July. However, if you want to make your holiday marketing stand out, you have to combine it with other exciting and weird holidays to get the attention of your target audience.

Wondering how you do that?

In this post, our experts at website design in Miami will share with you five weird holidays with big advertising potential. We'll also give some tips on how you can use them in your marketing campaign.

How Many Weird Holidays Are There?

Did you know that every day of the year has a unique holiday? That makes it 365 odd and quirky holidays -- and even more, because on some days, there may be two or more of them.

Each of these celebrations offers business owners a fantastic opportunity to make a day uniquely yours.

Everyone is already aware of Christmas, and all business owners advertise throughout the season. With the many weird holidays there are and many more that are being made, you may want to consider integrating them into your marketing efforts if you want to leave a lasting impression on your customers.

How Many Weird Holidays Should You Use?

You're unlikely to want to base your whole marketing plan on strange holidays. That’s just quirk for quirk’s sake.

Instead, consider using entertaining holidays when you're looking for content ideas to keep in touch with your customers, followers, and subscribers.

You should only choose weird holidays that:

  • Directly link to your business.
  • Allow you to express your business's personality.
  • Provide an intriguing subject of discussion.

Avoid choosing holidays that:

  • Don't match your business' personality.
  • May offend your target audience.
  • Interrupt a current promotion you're running.

These can lead to disconnect, mistrust, and ambiguity about who you are and what you stand for.

How to Find a Weird Holiday

You may get an idea of what's available by visiting one or more of these weird holiday websites:

5 Weird Holidays You Can Integrate into Your Marketing Campaign

1. January 25: Opposite Day

two mugs with opposite expressions
Photo from National Today

Do you remember a moment in your childhood when you sarcastically communicated your dislike for something by saying, "Maybe that’s true on opposite day!" Opposite Day, it turns out, is an actual holiday. (That means unicorns are real... on Opposite Day! *wink*)

You can incorporate this unconventional holiday by doing things in a way that differs from how they usually are done. For example, you could create an advertisement about something that’s the exact opposite of what you mean.

You can also say the inverse of what you mean: yes instead of no, left instead of right, and so on.

2. March 4: National Grammar Day

copyedited sentence
Photo from Empower Generations

Grammar Nazis, rejoice! National Grammar Day is a recognized holiday. Martha Brockenbrough founded National Grammar Day in 2008 to help her students with their grammar in a fun and positive way.

Even former U.S. President George W. Bush sent a letter in its inaugural year to commemorate the day. Since then, the holiday has grown in popularity across the country.

To incorporate this weird holiday into your marketing campaign, you can:

  • Send a National Grammar Day e-card to your customers.
  • Post a grammar-related rhyme in your social media accounts.
  • Take a picture and write a brief story about it. Then, upload your photo and tell your story on Facebook, Instagram, or in a blog post. (Don't forget to use the hashtag #NationalGrammarDay!)

Do you have a National Grammar Day marketing idea? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

3. April 17: National Haiku Poetry Day

"Please do not make me
read horrible poetry
for an entire day."

Haiku is a type of non-rhyming Japanese poetry that typically consists of three lines with a 5-7-5 syllable pattern. This is essentially the Japanese equivalent of Shakespeare's iambic pentameter, albeit a little easier for novice poets like us to emulate.

If you want your marketing team to enjoy the opportunity to stretch their creative muscles, you can have them dress up as poets for the day. You can also have them post haikus on your social media pages in honor of National Haiku Poetry Day.

Another way to incorporate this unique holiday is to hold a contest. Ask your followers to write a haiku about your company and put a spotlight on the best submissions!

4. April 20: National Look-Alike Day

Elvis Presley look alike

Do you resemble anyone famous? National Look-Alike Day is an opportunity to find someone who looks like you and dress up as them.

To integrate this strange holiday into your marketing strategy, our website design experts in Miami suggest taking photos of your employees who resemble famous people. Then, post the photos on social media and ask your followers to guess who they look like.

5. June 21: National Selfie Day

a woman taking a selfie

Nothing is more deserving of a day to itself than selfies. When it was first coined, this term for taking pictures of oneself took the world by storm. If you want to create a campaign idea for Selfie Day quickly, you can do the following:

  • Post a picture of a cute animal taking a selfie with your brand.
  • Create a funny video or a reel of how your customers should take a selfie of your product.
  • Tell your customers to take a selfie with your product and repost it on your social media accounts. (Now that's leveraging UGC!)

Want to be a selfie expert? Check out these 20 Best Selfie Poses that will transform your brand's social media account.

Let Us Advertise Your Small Business for You

Social media holidays are entertaining and engaging. There are many ways to use weird holidays for your marketing campaigns. Which one are you excited to try out?

If you need help with your social media campaigns, collaborate with us now. At Digital Resource, our Miami web design experts will ensure that your website receives more traffic, resulting in increased sales and profits.

Contact us today for a free consultation.

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