Self Storage SEO

Without a doubt, the self-storage industry is growing and will continue to grow as more and more people look to downsize their lifestyles because of the pandemic.  In fact, the average occupancy rates have ascended steadily from 75.7% to 92.2% in 2020. Mordor Intelligence Research also predicts that the self-storage market will grow up to $115.62 billion by 2025.  

Do you know what this means for your storage facility? More and more tenants! However, an increase in demand for self-storage space also means an increase in competitors.  Right now, as you’re reading this, thousands of people in your service area could be searching for a self-storage space near them. But unless you have a solid self storage SEO strategy, those potential customers will have a hard time finding you online!

With other self-storage companies competing for the attention of your ideal customers, it’s high time to seek professional help from your experts here at Digital Resource.  As your go-to digital marketing agency, we’d love nothing more than to put you ahead of your competitors!

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What We Offer

  • Custom selected self-storage keywords based on search trends & data
  • On-page optimizations to improve your website and its ranking
  • Off-page activities, link building, and reputation management
  • Analytics tracking and analysis to assess long-term campaign success

Why is Self-Storage SEO Important for Your Business?

In an era where people turn to the internet to find self-storage spaces, the goal of your business should be to rank as high as possible for as long as possible.  

Why? 75% of people don’t really check out what’s on the second page of Google, which means ranking high is the only way you can secure more traffic to your site, find more leads, and get more renters!

If you truly want your storage facility to thrive in this modern era, SEO should be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy- not an option. Aside from getting found, SEO can also help build your credibility and establish your brand as an authority!

An SEO Agency that Totally Gets You

We are extremely passionate and dedicated to helping our clients achieve their business goals through effective SEO.  

When it comes to SEO, we never settle for second best. We always aim for the results our clients deserve. That is why when we bagged the title of Best SEO Company by the Best of Small Business Awards, we knew our hard work was paying off.  

Through our collaborative efforts, and by combining innovative ideas with our expertise in search technologies, we can provide you personalized-data-driven solutions.  

Having been named as one of the fastest-growing companies by Inc. 5000 for four consecutive years, we’re proud to say that we’ve helped thousands of companies of all sizes and industries across the world achieve their SEO goals. And we can make it happen for you too!

Digital Resource isn’t your typical SEO company. We’re award-winning and we’re all about generating leads, getting you more sales, increasing your brand market share, and proving return on investment.  

If you want consistent, outstanding results, then choose an award-winning SEO agency like Digital Resource.  

We Provide Award-Winning Solutions for Your SEO Needs

Whether you just started a self-storage facility and are looking to get renters online, having trouble getting found on the first page of search results, or you’re no longer getting as many leads as you used to, we’ve got your back!

Here are the services we offer that will surely get you the leads you need to grow your storage facility:

On-Page SEO

Our SEO specialists are masters of on-page optimizations. They can make your website rank on the first page of search engine results pages by improving your website experience, optimizing it for the right keywords, and more.

Keyword Research

The right keywords have the power to put your business in front of those who are ready to convert. To find the best relevant search terms for your storage facility, we will conduct an in-depth analysis, study your competitors, and use several tools.  

Responsive Web Design & Development

Having a responsive website can boost your SEO big time. It can help you rank higher and provide your web visitors a more engaging experience. Our web designers and developers can create a branded responsive web design that will not only land you on page one but also leave a lasting positive impression on users.  

URL Structure & Meta Descriptions

Because we’re serious about putting you on top of the search results, we will optimize every nook and cranny of your website, including your URL structure and meta descriptions. Our SEO specialist will craft organized, compelling, and simple URL structure and meta descriptions for your website.  

Website Speed

Your website speed plays an important part in increasing your conversion rate. The faster your website loads, the more users will likely stay on your site and the higher their chances of converting. If your website won’t load within three seconds or less, your web visitors will abandon your site, bringing your ranking down. You can count on us to make your website load faster!

Off-Page SEO

Off-page activities, such as link building and social media, are important for building your reputation, establishing your credibility, and increasing your ranking. It’s equally important as on-page optimizations.  

Link Building  

Link building is the process of adding internal links to your content and getting other authority sites to link back to your pages. This is important because it helps both search engine bots and human users discover pages within your site, determine its relevance to a search query, and if your site is a reliable source of information.  

Social Media Marketing

Now that almost everyone is on social media, including your ideal customers, it’s crucial that your self-storage facility also builds a strong presence there. Aside from boosting your SEO, it’s also a great platform to increase your brand awareness, widen your customer base, and keep your audience engaged.  

At Digital Resource, our friendly social media marketing specialists can customize a social media plan that will bring out the fun side of your self-storage company!

Local SEO

78% of people who conduct a local search end up making a purchase online or in a physical store. By optimizing your Google My Business, and localizing your keywords and content, we can help you grow your local following and bring your business in the limelight in your area within a matter of months!

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Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level with Self Storage SEO?

At Digital Resource, we’re serious about putting you on top. We know what it takes to get your storage facility to rank high on search engine results pages. And we can make it happen- just like what we have for our clients.  

If you’re looking for a way to future-proof your business for the long haul, self storage SEO is what you need! Contact us today to get started.