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Are you struggling to rank multiple business locations on Google? Finding it hard to get your franchise to outrank less-authoritative businesses in the search engines?   

You’re definitely at the right place!  

We have the solution you’ve been looking for this entire time: Franchise SEO. 

At Digital Resource, we offer the best SEO services for franchisees and franchisors alike. We’re talking about high-quality services that will boost your online reputation, scale your business, and put you ahead of the competition.  

What Is Franchise SEO?

In a nutshell, franchise SEO refers to a number of strategies that aim to help franchise businesses grow by improving their search visibility and drive organic traffic to their websites.

A franchise SEO strategy usually includes local SEO tactics to rank individual franchises, and content creation for a local franchise site that’s looking to onboard new franchisees.

Since content for franchise businesses should be managed across multiple platforms – including their website, Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business), social channels, and listing in local directories – it would require a holistic approach to come up with an effective SEO campaign.

Our Award-Winning Services for Franchise Businesses

At Digital Resource, you can expect a dedicated team of experts who will do everything they can to ensure that your franchise website makes its way to the top of search rankings.

You can count on our local franchise SEO specialists to take care of the following for you:

  • Keyword research to identify the top sales-driving keywords and search terms in the franchise industry, as well as your market area 
  • On-page SEO like content creation and web design to optimize your franchise webpages 
  • Off-page SEO such as reputation management and local directory listing submissions 
  • Analytics tracking to monitor progress and pivot your SEO campaigns for better performance 

Why Invest in Franchise SEO? 

Poor lead generation, insufficient data management strategies, and limited brand visibility are just some of the biggest factors that hinder business growth.  

As a franchise owner, it is your responsibility to redesign your marketing tactics continuously in order to meet the changing conditions of your target audience. Optimizing your franchise for search engines is your best bet. 

Here are four reasons why:

Better Online Visibility

With billions of people looking for your products or services online, SEO for franchise is what you need to stay at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

Both SEO and local SEO for franchises ensure you that you get found first, and it ensures your prospects they can find your multiple-location business wherever they may be.  

Targeted Web Traffic

Another reason why you should start optimizing your franchise websites for search engines is that it leads to more targeted traffic.

What does it mean when you have more targeted web traffic, you ask? Simple: more leads, sign-ups, email subscriptions, and yes, sales. In short, a higher conversion rate.

More Sales

One of the best perks you’ll get from franchise SEO is that you’ll be able to reach potential customers near one of your storefront locations.

Before making their way to a store, most shoppers would normally read online reviews first so they'll have the reassurance that their trip won't turn out to be a waste of time and energy.

Those who come to your store already know that you'd be able to provide them with whatever it is they're looking for, and more importantly, that you're a trustworthy brand. In other words, they'll most likely go there to make a purchase.

That should probably be enough reason you’d want to hire a digital marketing agency that specializes in franchise SEO, and we mean us!   

Thought Leadership

Posting high-quality and relevant content can establish you as a reputable name and a thought leader in your field. You'll quickly earn the trust of your target audience, giving them all the more reason to choose you over your competitors.

And guess what? Content marketing is among the franchise SEO services we offer.

All in all, investing in franchise SEO means future-proofing your business.

Our reliable team of SEO experts will do whatever it takes to bring incredible results that will position your franchise in front of high-intent customers within your target location.

Digital Resource Will Turn Your Goals into Results 

So, of all other thousands of SEO companies out there, why choose Digital Resource?  

You're about to find out below!

Excellence is the Name of Our Game

Over the years, we’ve been helping countless franchise owners improve monthly leads, boost organic traffic, gain positive online reviews, and acquire new website visitors, most of whom would ultimately become actual customers. 

We're Results-Driven

Whether we're working on search engine optimization, franchise marketing, website content creation, or web development, we always go above and beyond to see our clients succeed.

We'll Boost Visibility for All Your Franchise Locations

With years of experience working with a multitude of franchise brands across the country, our experts know what it takes to craft a successful SEO strategy that will put ahead of everyone else.

They're highly trained in pretty much all types of franchise SEO strategies, just as they are in providing local franchise SEO services.

We Work in All Verticals

From dentists and healthcare professionals to e-commerce and local businesses, we've teamed up with a wide range of clients coming from different industries.

We'll take as much time as needed to research more about you in order to make the perfect franchise SEO strategy for you.

We've Earned Incredible Awards

We don't mean to brag, but we can are an Inc. 5000-ranked, fastest-growing company in America. Not once, not twice, not even thrice, but four times! That goes to show how passionate we are in doing our job to help our clients climb their way to the top.  

Oh, and that's not all. This digital marketing company is also proud to be a four-time certified Great Place to Work!

Learn the rest of our accolades here.

We're All About Ethical Practices

Any digital marketing agency that claims it can get you to the first page of Google and other search engines in the quickest possible way should be a red flag.


Search engine optimization takes between six and 12 months to deliver results. That said, it's easy to become suspicious if there's an increase in traffic or leads within just a couple of days.

In such instances, the SEO company is cheating using black hat techniques, which are unethical practices that go against search engine guidelines. While they will boost your rankings almost immediately, they will also hurt your website as soon as Google catches on. Your website will be demoted, or worse, it won't show up on SERPs ever again.

Fortunately for you, Digital Resource has always been ethical when it comes to well, everything.

Sure, reaching the top of search results may require you to wait for months, but trust us, it will be worth the wait. Taking shortcuts just to impress our clients is something we'll never do. We care more about the future of your franchise business.

There you have it!

We’re goal-directed, we’re 101% transparent, we work in all verticals, we adhere to ethical standards, and most of all, we want to make you our next success story! 

You can trust our SEO specialists to take care of your business needs. Not only are they exceptionally great at what they do, but they always put our clients first.

Whatever goal the client envisions, they tailor a customized SEO plan that guarantees optimal results.  

Providing the Best Franchise SEO Services Is What We’re All About 

Connecting you to those folks who are searching for your products or services online is something we’ll find pleasure in doing. 

Our team of franchise SEO experts will be more than happy to use their skills and knowledge to come up with data-driven solutions that can bring new customers to your door.   

To get an idea of what we do to help our clients get to Google’s top search results, take a look at our franchise SEO services: 

On-Page SEO 

If you're not familiar, on-page SEO refers to any tactic used on your website to boost your ranking on search engines.   

Keyword Research & Strategy 

Using the right franchise keywords not only drives qualified traffic to your site, but it also increases conversions.

Count on us to identify what these keywords are as we have several tools for that. Plus, we’ll look at what other franchise owners are doing and conduct in-depth analysis to discover more relevant search terms for you. 

Web Design & Development 

A super responsive and easy-to-use website gives you two reasons to smile about: It provides your potential customers a positive online experience and keeps them engaged, and it helps improve your franchise SEO.

Of course, we have our own talented people for that, too! 


From franchise-related blog posts and infographics to video scripts, our content marketing team can help you craft compelling content that can grab that attention of your audience and get them to come back for more.  

Page Speed 

Keeping your audience waiting is a bad idea.

If your site takes more than three seconds to load, potential customers will leave you for your competitor. Ouch!

Don’t fret just yet. We’ll speed up all of your webpages and keep them as lightweight as possible. 

URL Structure & Meta Descriptions 

What sets us apart from other franchise SEO agencies is that we cover every nook and cranny in terms of optimizing websites.

Having an organized URL structure, along with powerful meta descriptions and title tags makes it possible for you to land on the first or second page of Google. 

Off-Page SEO 

Off-page plays a key role in building brand credibility and enhancing online exposure. 


More links on your website, and many websites linking to your pages, increases your chances of ranking high in Google. Why? Google loves links! Luckily for you, that’s one of our many specialties! 

Social Media 

Mass social sharing, which is posting shareable content across different platform, raises the number of people who see your business on social. It can also result in improved brand loyalty, better customer engagement, and higher page rankings.

Yes, our experts have all the know-how. 

 Directory Listings 

Google, Yelp, and Bing. These are usually where people come to look for local businesses.

No matter where they are, your NAP (name, address, and phone) listings should be consistent. And, all the provided information about your franchise should be accurate. We’ll make sure they are.  

Are You Ready to Grow Your Business with Franchise SEO? 

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As a results-oriented SEO agency, Digital Resource teams up with companies of all sizes and industries to ensure they deliver profitable long-term results through their digital marketing efforts.  

If you want to be like our previous clients who were able to take their business to  the next level, get in touch with us now to start ASAP.

We can’t wait to see you thrive like never before with the help of our franchise SEO services!