Dental Logo

Different Dental Logo Ideas for Your Business

Your dental logo can make or break your dental clinic.


Although your logo isn’t your brand, it is the first form of interaction potential patients  have with your practice .

It communicates ownership, the quality of your service, and your values as a dental clinic. It can be found on your products, all over your office, your social media pages, business cards, and above all, in the minds of your patients .

A great dental logo is also the beginning of a strong dental brand, which can help build trust and attract patients. According to Study Finds, 60% of people avoid brands with unattractive or unappealing logos despite having good reviews.

With that said, you want to use your logo for four reasons: Make a solid first impression, visually express what you believe in as a brand, show the quality service you offer, and attract your target audience.

In this article, we will discuss the different qualities a great logo possesses, as well as the  different dental logo ideas for your clinic to guide you in choosing the perfect logo for your brand.


What Is  a Dental Logo and What Makes a Great One?

A dental logo is a mixture of text and imagery that communicates to people the name of your clinic or office and serves as a visual symbol that represents who you are.

A great logo is a memorable logo, one  that sets you apart from your competitors and connects with your target audience.

What do we mean by this?

What people remember isn’t your logo, but the meaning built within it.  Your business’ core values, mission, vision, purpose, excellent customer service, and the overall experience you provide are what stick   with them and what they tell their friends and family.

Here Are  the 5 Qualities of a Great Dental Logo:

1. Simple

The most iconic and successful dental logos are simple ones. Examples are Invisalign, Colgate, and Oral-B.

Each of these logos is very simple, but they are impactful because of the kind of experience, service, and prestige people associate with these brands.

And, because these logos are easy to recognize and remember, they’re able to effectively communicate the personality of these brands and allow people to focus on the message they  want to send.

Like these top companies , keep your dental logo simple, and use it to amplify your brand - not as the main focus of who you are.

However,   simple doesn’t mean you won’t put as much thought into it as you would making a complex design. Coming up with a plain  logo is actually  more complicated since you’re only allowed to work with selected elements. You have to choose carefully what font to use, the color combinations, the symbols, and whatnot.

A truly remarkable dental clinic can provide quality dental care, prompt customer service to its clients, and is consistent at every touchpoint.  A great logo is then what ties all of them together and creates a powerful symbol for people to remember.

Other design ideas for a simple logo include letters or letters, symbols, and wordmarks.

2. Highly Relevant

Another quality of a powerful  logo is that it’s highly relevant to its target audience.

For example, if you offer pediatric dental services, then your logo should be child-friendly . If you offer dental care for VIPs and high-profile patients, your logo should show luxury and sophistication.

A lot of people are intimidated to go to the dentist, so making your logo as warm and welcoming  as possible can help communicate that you’re friendly and approachable , especially if you aim to target the masses.

Here are the primary components of your logo that can help you better communicate your identity  and remain relevant:


Colors have the power to trigger different emotions in a person.

In fact, a study by Review42 found that colors have the ability to influence 85% of consumers into buying something.  

That’s why you need to take time choosing a color that can evoke positive responses from your audience.  

Most dental clinics use blue, green, and white because they’re considered to be calming colors, although  modern dental logos now contain a pop color to spark positive emotions. Then again,  blue and green remain  the dominant colors.

Below is  a list of some of the most commonly used colors in the logos and what emotions they stimulate:

  • Red evokes passion and energy, however, it may also stimulate a sense of urgency and maybe even danger among your target audience, so choose this color wisely.
  • Orange symbolizes enthusiasm, movement, action, and energy.
  • Blue shows professionalism, trustworthiness, and stimulates a relaxed and friendly feeling.
  • Green looks soothing and relaxing.
  • Yellow signifies  joy and glee.
  • Pink is thought to be calming. It’s also associated with kindness and love.  

Consider adding a hint of pastels or bright colors to your logo for the consumption of your modern consumers like this example below:


The font you can also  convey who you are as a brand. If you choose a classic font like Serif , then people will likely think that you’re traditional, established, and formal.

This kind of impression is brought about by Serif’s  classical nature. Classic fonts tend to create feelings of trust and respectability, making them the perfect font for brand identities that revolve around elegance , grandiosity, and authority.

Some of the other most popular classic  fonts are:

  • Times New Roman
  • Garamond
  • Georgia  

On the other hand, if you want to appear as a brand that’s less formal and welcoming than sans serif font is the right font for you. Sans-serif fonts are straightforward, modern, and engaging. They signify a sense of honesty and taste. Some of the most notable sans-serif fonts are:

  • Helvetica
  • Arial
  • Century Gothic



Because symbols represent something specific, they can effectively tell your target audience what your company is all about at first glance. They’re also essential for building a connection with your target audience.

Common symbols used in the world of dentistry are:

  • Tooth
  • Apple
  • Smiles
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • A tooth with dental implants

When choosing a symbol for your logo,  be sure to  select a pattern, letter, or shape that will help you stand out from your competitors.

For example, if you offer  dental implant services, then you want people to know that through an implant  logo. Doing so  will give everyone an idea that you’re not just an ordinary dental clinic, but one that also specializes in dental implant.

3. Unique and Integrated

A dental logo that stands out is unique and truly remarkable the first time you see it, but  how can you impress your audience  with your logo?

The secret lies behind creating a strong connection with them  and sparking interest in your dental clinic through an integrated logo design.

An exceptional  dental logo is a combination of the elements discussed above. However, you need to unify them well together in such a way that they’re able to convey a message without confusing your ideal patients.

Your symbols, font, color, and brand should match and complement with each other.  

Your logo should  blend well with whatever material it’s placed on - whether it be your website, social media, brochures, etc.

4. Scalable and Versatile

When creating a logo for your dental clinic, you want to make it versatile and scalable, in a sense that it can be used in various ways and situations.

Let’s say you want to use your logo for print materials like brochures, packaging, billboard, business cards, as well as digital media. For this to happen, your logo should have the capability to be reduced and stretched without its quality getting affected.

To test the versatility of your dental logo, print and view it according to the following:

  • Black and white
  • Multi-color
  • One color
  • Reverse color

If your logo isn’t comprehensible in black and white, reverse color or one color, then it’s a sign that your logo isn’t versatile.

On a design level, this means opting for a simple design and keeping visual clutter at a minimum. Using too many elements, lines, shapes, and colors may warp, distort, or render differently when used in different sizes and ways.

From a technical perspective, it’s about  creating and saving your logo in a vector format so that it doesn’t pixelate if resized.

5. Timeless

A notable logo is one that is timeless, but what exactly do we mean by that?

A timeless logo remains pertinent  over the years. It can effectively communicate who you are no matter what era you’re in.

Take McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, for example . Through the years, we’ve seen both these logos withstand time and trends, yet they  remain true and best represent the identity of the brands.

So, when creating a logo for your brand, do away from trends. Instead, focus on creating a timeless logo.

Here are some tips you can  follow:

  • Choose classic fonts
  • Limit your color use to two to three  colors
  • Keep it simple
  • Make sure it’s versatile

Now that we’ve discussed the qualities of a great logo design, allow us  to share a dental logo idea for your dental clinic.


Dental Logo Ideas You Can Use for Your Business

1. Abstract and Wordmark Dental Logos

Abstract and wordmark logos have a modern feel to them. They’re simple yet sophisticated. Although some logos are not using oral imagery, they seem to be working perfectly.

2. Tooth Dental Logos

The  tooth is one of the most popular symbolism in the world of dentistry. It’s also the most common.

What’s awesome about the tooth symbol is that  there are many ways you can play with it  to create a unique logo for your brand or dental clinic.

3. Apple Dental Logos

Apples are another popular  symbols used in dental logos.

The fruit is mostly used because it tends to have a similar shape with a tooth. Plus, apples are believed to clean your teeth while you consume them.  

4. Not-a-Tooth Logo but Still Dental-Related

If you want to use something other than an apple or tooth for your logo, there are numerous ways to get creative. Here are some examples:


Is Your Dental Logo Outstanding ?

According to the Gestalt (“the unified whole”) Theory, our brains are subconsciously guided by proximity, closure, continuity, similarity, and multi-stability. We tend to group things that are close to each other, have similar appearances, and those that have a sense of continuity.

In the context of your logo, it has the power to attract or drive potential patients away . Whether you’re a startup or are considering rebranding, you need to choose your dental logo wisely.

At Digital Resource, we can help create a unique dental logo for your business that not only best represents who you are as a brand, but one that can also communicate to your target audience and build trust!

Contact us today to know how we can help create a remarkable dental logo for you!