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Dental Practice

Is your business present on social media? If not, then it should be! Every year, social media plays an increasingly important role for businesses in every industry imaginable. Social media users have risen by 176 million just in the last year. The benefits of social media make it not merely an option for your business, but rather a necessity. Keep reading to learn about how we helped one dental practice benefit from social media in a variety of ways!

The Problem

When this dental practice approached our internet marketing specialists, they had no website, no social media, and no digital marketing at all. 91% of brands are currently on social media channels, this was a major problem. So while their current and potential clients were highly active in the social media, they could not be found.

The Strategy

After we built and optimized their website, we started to construct their social media profiles. We created accounts on all platforms where their clients might be present. These included Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest. Once the business accounts were created and filled out completely, we began posting relevant, useful, and intriguing content daily. Additionally, we responded quickly to any customer interaction, such as comments and messages, that occurred on their pages.

The Results

The results of our social media marketing efforts were both remarkable and fast. Below are some of the specific benefits that this dental practice experienced thanks to social media:

Greater Brand Loyalty: Ever since building a social media presence, this dental practice has not lost any of their patients. These patients weren’t just more loyal, but they were also spreading the word. As a result, 31% of their referrals are now a direct result of social media.

Valuable Customer Insights: Social media helped this dental practice learn which dental services their patients were most  interested in, as well as ways that their practice could improve, just by monitoring the likes and comments on their pages.

Better Customer Service: While people before would ask questions or have complaints about their practice on social media without any response, now they get responses within hours. This is essential since 42% of customers expect a response within 60 minutes on social media.

Increased Site Traffic and Search Ranking: By including keywords and links to their site within social media posts, their website is now on the first page of Google and is receiving an outstanding amount of clicks.

Higher Converting Leads: This dental practice just started using social media a month ago and they have already seen an increase in leads. Of those new leads, the majority of them ended up scheduling an appointment.

All of these benefits wouldn’t have been possible without this dental practice being present on social media.

results of social media case study

You too can experience the same benefits of the dental practice and help your business succeed like never before with social media. If you need help adding social media to your internet marketing strategy, we can help! We are experts in social media marketing and would love to build your company’s presence in the digital world.  Contact our team of social media specialists in Florida today!

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