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Cracking the Code of Domain Authority: What Is It and How to Improve it

Content Marketing
  • Domain authority (DA) correlates with search engine result pages
  • There are over 40 variables used to calculate domain authority
  • Backlinking is critical in increasing domain authority

How do you determine your online success? How about the strength of your online presence? These are the questions that online marketers contend with regularly. The truth is that there are surprisingly few ways to see how well your website is doing in comparison to other competitors. Recently, however, Moz created a new vector called Domain Authority. In this article, we will go over what exactly is domain authority and how you can use it to enhance your digital marketing strategies.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority (DA) is determined by how well your website ranks on search engine results pages (SERPs). Your website’s domain authority is gauged by a ranking score system developed by the SEO software company, Moz, to compare how certain sites perform when compared to others.

Some of this might feel a bit technical, so for simplicity’s sake, think of domain authority in similar terms as boxing or MMA rankings. The numbers might not tell you who the best fighter is, but they’ll give you an idea of who they have beat and how they compare to others in the same weight class.

How Does it Work?

Moz uses over 40 factors in their algorithmic calculations such as root domains and the number of inbound links. An aggregate of these factors is used to create an authority score.

The scores range from 1 to 100, with a higher score signifying a higher domain authority. Authority scores are also logarithmic, meaning that the higher your score, the more difficult it is to keep climbing.

What is the Best Use for an Authority Score?

Knowing the domain authority of a site is not just a good method of determining how well your site is ranking in SERPs, it’s also a good way to tell which sites you should link to.

DA scores can help your website order links based on which ones are most likely to translates into quality traffic.

How Do I Check Domain Authority?

Since this is a proprietary metric, the best way to check your site’s domain authority is by utilizing the Moz link explorer. Here, you’ll be able to get access to valuable information like the number of linking domains, inbound links, and ranking keywords which are three of the most relevant metrics used to determine your domain authority.

Why Does it Matter?

Historically, anyone interested in SEO had to focus on individual metrics to determine the success of a website, including metrics such as bounce rate and click-through rates. What domain authority manages to do is consolidate some of the more relevant metrics and provide a comprehensive score that contrasts the effectiveness of your site to others using similar metrics.

How Do I Improve My Website’s Domain Authority?

How to increase your domain authority?

Before we break down the best methods of improving your DA, it’s important to reiterate that authority score is best understood as a means of comparison against other sites. That is to say that it’s an indicator of success, not a factor that will make your site successful in of itself.

Improving your domain authority is therefore inextricably tied to SEO, as it helps you understand where you can have a competitive advantage.

Another note to keep in mind is that links are SUPER important in determining domain authority so we will focus heavily on linking strategies. With that in mind, here’s what you can do:

First, Get More Education

We’ve gone over the basics of domain authority, but like in all things, knowledge is power. Before using DA booting methods, learn about how the system works. Moz has an entire page dedicated to domain authority and this will be a reliable resource for enhancing your rankings.

Audit Your Links

One of the most important factors in DA is your link profile.

A link profile is a catalog of all the backlinks your site has earned. Search engines like Google show a preference for diverse link profiles because they appear to be more authoritative.

What Should I Look for in A Link Audit?

You want to make sure that your website is not taking part in any backlinking practices Google likes to penalize. The guidelines will be found in Google’s official link schemes page, and they include things like avoiding:

  • Excessive link exchanges
  • Using automated programs
  • Requiring a link as part of a Terms of Service

Earn High-Quality Links

High-quality links are those inbound links that come from websites with high authority scores. Search engines recognize trusted, high-ranking websites and links from them go a long way to boosting visibility. You can do this by finding content that ranks well for keywords you’re targeting and improving on the formula.

Other Methods of Earning High-Quality Links

There are a million articles out there that claim to have cracked the code to quality backlinking, but the truth is that it boils down to relationships and trust.

Reaching out to high ranking sites, becoming a source for well-known bloggers and reporters, and doing original research are excellent methods of making your content a go-to for high authority sites.

Why domain authority is important?

Drumroll… Content!

Yup, That Again

To put it mildly, content marketing is not a new topic for us. But the reason this keeps coming up and will continue to do so is because content is really, really, really important for any digital marketing strategy worth its weight in SEO.

At the end of the day, domain authority is another reflection of traffic and ranking. The way you increase your visibility is with content people want to click on and engage with.

So How Do I Use Content to My Advantage?

High-quality content speaks for itself. If you take the time to do interesting and original research that establishes you as an authority in a particular niche, people will take notice. When your work is undeniable, sites with superior domain authority will be doing themselves a disservice by not linking to your content.

The best way to do this is by creating a comprehensive library of evergreen content, that is to say, information that will be relevant over a long time.  Another effective method of using content to boost authority is by making it easy to link through HTML-ready snippets that can be easily used by other publishers.

Want to Plant Your Flag and Establish Strong Domain Authority?

We can help with that! Digital Resource is a full services digital marketing company equipped with the tools and skills to enhance every aspect of your online presence. We can boost your visibility and domain authority. Want to know how? Reach out now!

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