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Hibu Review | Why You Should NOT Use Hibu

Website Design

· You don’t own your own website

· The hosting fees are exorbitant

· They make unrealistic promises when it comes toSEO

If you’re looking for a digital marketing company to build and design a website for your business and optimize it for SEO, then you might’ve run into Hibu.

Hibu offers custom digital marketing solutions for SMBs across America.

They provide everything, from building and designing a website to social media marketing and SEO up to display ads and digital listings. They have low rates upfront, decent web designs, and is operated by the Yellow Pages.

So, for someone looking for affordable internet marketing services, Hibu might seem like a good option. But don’t be fooled.

To be fair, Hibu has had clients that were happy with the services they provided. But most of them are not.

In this Hibu review, we will discuss the different reasons why a lot of people felt like they were “scammed” by this digital marketing company.


What are the Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Never Use Hibu?

You Don’t Own Your Website

If you choose to hire Hibu to build and design a website for your business, don’t expect that you have ownership over it.

Even though it’s your company name that’s in the URL and you’ve provided all the content inside it, you’re simply renting your web properties from them for a high monthly fee.

What's worse is that they don't allow the transfer of ownership. So, if you decide to end your contract with Hibu, you lose your website and everythingin it, including your domain name!

You see, nobody really “owns” a domain name. You can only rent it from a domain name registrar.

But when you enlist the domain in your name, you get the chance to maintain control over your website until you want. But if you register it with Hibu, your domain is registered in their name, so it's technically theirs.

And they charge you more money than it would normally cost you if you rent it directly from a domain name registrar.

Hibu also holds your online listings like Google My Business, Yahoo,Bing, and other directories. Remember, your online listings are a critical ranking factor when it comes to local searches.

So, if you have no control over it or see what’s going on with it, you can’t do any changes or improvements, and you’re at their mercy.

The same applies to Hibu’s video marketing bundle. The videos that you’re paying for $19.99 a month are still owned by them!

Very High Hosting Fees

Hibu captures clients by offering them low “entry” fees, which quickly turn into high monthly fees. How high? They charge you $147 a month for a basic, 4-page website. That’s about $2000 a year!

Mind you, their web designs are very basic and aren’t even optimized forSEO. And this is just the renting fee. It doesn’t include the charges for building and designing your site and other fees that they convince you to add on. Plus, if you ever need more pages or a customized design, they also charge you additional for it.

You see, you can get a nice 4-page basic website from other digital marketing companies at a much lower price. And, it would be search engine optimized!


Ineffective SEO services

No wonder why a lot of Hibu’s clients (both past and present) are complaining about how they’re not getting any results despite paying very high digital marketing service fees.

It’s because Hibu’s SEO services are ineffective or it doesn’t exist at all. Many of them posted a Hibu review on this site that they were not getting any leads or an increase in traffic on their site while they were in contract with Hibu.

As SEO experts ourselves, we’ll be very honest with you.

Getting a website to rank on page one for a single keyword takes time, and can sometimes be challenging todo. But it’s not that hard that Hibu should charge you $100 a month for it!

Although Hibu’s SEO efforts have improved, it’s still not enough to justify the expensive fees you’re paying every month or to achieve the results you were promised.  

Their sites still lack on-site optimization, like no SEO site maps, wrong image alt tags, and insufficiently used H1 tags.

Poor Content Management

People love consuming content. It's one of the main reasons why people visit again and again!

It's also an important SEO ranking factor. That's why you want to supply your audience with fresh, relevant content regularly, and update existing ones.If you don’t, you’ll start losing traffic on your site and you’ll lose your ranking.

Unfortunately, Hibu does not update any of its client's content. There are also instances wherein they only copy keywords from their client’s competitors.

This is a major no-no since it will cause duplicate content problems and make your site rank lower.

To have a successful website that ranks on the first page of a search engine, you need to have fresh and updated content regularly.

You also need to add images of recent projects or client reviews and you should also interact with your customer or prospects online via social media, forums, or commenting on blog posts. It’s also important that you work with your chosen digital marketing company to develop the best keywords that are personalized for your business and location.


They Give You Two Websites to Maintain

It is estimated that 72.6% of internet users will access the web via smartphones only by 2025.

So, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’ll end up missing a lot of leads! That’s why it’s important to invest in a responsive web design.

A responsive web design automatically adjusts your site to fit smaller screens without sacrificing its quality or functionality. This means that you only need a single website for different devices!

With Hibu, if you want a mobile-friendly site, they will provide you with two separate sites. One is intended for desktops and the other for mobile devices.

It is a big no-no because, first, it can negatively affect your SEO rankings, and second, it means you need to maintain two websites, which can bevery time-consuming!

Don’t Believe this Hibu Review? Check this out:

234 people expressed their frustration and disappointment when working with Hibu on consumeraffairs.com.

Hibu only received one star out of five for overall customer satisfaction, which shows how people feel about this company. Besides the problems we mentioned above, people's complaints range from no customer support to harassment and lawsuits for small outstanding balances up to SEO and marketing services that don’t bring sales.  

If you’re thinking of using Hibu’s internet marketing services to strengthen your online presence, you might want to reconsider.

If you’re already with Hibu, what do you think of their services? Are you getting your money’s worth? Comment down below!

When looking for a reputable digital marketing company, it pays to look around and read reviews. Consider Digital Resource as one of your options!

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