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What Every Business Owner Should Know About Facebook Ads

Digital Advertising
  • Facebook holds over 2.38 billion users globally, and 1.56 billion of those users log in every day
  • 94% of revenue from Facebook ads is from mobile devices
  • Facebook is the #1 social media platform used for marketing, and earns the highest return on investment (ROI)

How many people can your business actually reach on Facebook?

Well, that all depends on you – specifically your industry, budget for paid advertising, target audience, and most importantly, your objectives. With Facebook ad impressions having increased by 39% in 2019, and now everyone checking their social media for news and entertainment more frequently during the COVID-19 quarantine, the potential for success on Facebook is better than ever.

But we get it. Designing a social media campaign that makes an impact on sales isn’t always easy. That’s why we’ve come up with some helpful tips that every business owner should know about Facebook ads.

What are Facebook Ads & How Do They Help Your Business?

Let’s start with the basics, shall we?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms available, with over 2.38 billion users all over the world. Arguably, it’s also the most lucrative for business. Similar to a Google My Business account, you can share your contact information and location details, operation hours, reviews, and share pictures and videos about your business.

Some people use Facebook as an alternative to creating a website. Though we really don’t recommend that, since your website is the most effective way to educate people about your products and services, and turn online users into leads and paying customers. Social media then becomes a great tool to connect with your customer base and point people back to your website for more information.

If you want to be successful on Facebook and make sure people read your posts, Facebook ads can give you the reach you need. But when you create an ad, the most important thing to remember is having a clear goal in mind for a specific ad campaign.

Facebook Ad Objectives

  • Increasing Brand Awareness
  • Communicating with Existing & Potential Customers
  • Creating Awareness for an Event or Promotion
  • Encouraging Post Engagements
  • Directing Web Traffic from Facebook
  • Lead Generation

Your campaign can affect all of these objectives to some degree, but when you create a post, having a clear goal will help you keep your target audience in mind when you start creating the creative content.

Now that we have the basics laid out, here are some of the most important things to remember when you start crafting a Facebook ad campaign.

Tips to Keep in Mind About Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

It’ll definitely be a satisfying feeling when you finally start launching your ad campaign, but remember that you probably won’t see noticeable results right off the bat. Results compound over time.

Meaning: the longer your ad is out there, the more traction it’ll get by the way of views and engagements. Paid advertising is more like a marathon in this way, not a sprint.

Having a Focused Goal is Key

To see positive results from your campaign, you need to understand the different advertising objectives. We laid them out broadly before with metrics like brand awareness and lead generation. Other examples of Facebook ad objectives include:

  • App Installations
  • Video Views
  • Messages & Comments
  • Conversions
  • Catalog Sales
  • Store Traffic

Evaluate Your Existing Audience

The truth is, your current social media presence determines the extent of how effective your campaign will be. Large audiences produce the best results. Small audiences lead to increased cost per results. So if you’re just starting out with social media for your business, remember that success doesn’t happen overnight. Gaining viewership and more will be a gradual process.

What can I learn about facebook ads?

Utilize Different Ad Formats

There’s a lot of ways to package the viewing experience of your ad creatively. Each of them have their perks, design-wise, and some will be better than others for what you have in mind content-wise. What matters is what format will help your target audience visualize and consume your branded message and best encourage them to follow through on the call-to-action (CTA). Here are some examples:

  • Video Ads: Most people nowadays really respond to this medium and prefer to get their information via 1 to 5-minute videos.
  • Image Ads: The classic, a quality photo paired with creative, persuasive copy wins every time.
  • Collection Ads: This lets you display several images or videos at once, like a selection of products from a catalog.
  • Carousel Ads: Displays up to 10 images or videos each with its own link within an ad.

Try Out Messenger Bots & Other Automation Tools

Messenger bots and automation are great lead generation tools. If you find that your social media strategy has been going stale, see if these new trends can help you out.

Including Facebook Messenger into your social media strategy inherently makes it more personal. It can be really effective in making ads less “salesy.”

But of course, you probably don’t have time to answer every chat individually. Chatbots create automated messages that reply to users based on trigger responses, providing an opportunity for lead generation, directing user traffic back to your website, and even making opportunities for customer service.

Optimize for Mobile

There’s no other way around it! You need to optimize for mobile. Facebook ads get 94% of their revenue from users browsing on their mobile or smart device. It’s the way most people are consuming web and social content, so having a savvy web developer can make sure your digital ads will be accessible across all devices, from laptops and desktops, to iPads and smartphones.

How to get more information about facebook ads?

Need Some Help with Facebook Ad Creation & Optimization?

If you’re ready to learn more about Facebook ads and their components, we’re here for you! At Digital Resource, we can guide you in developing a successful social media campaign. Our team creates exceptional creative ad content that will resonate with your target audience, while our expert analysts optimize, measure, and track the results. Contact us today to get started!

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