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Website Design Case Study | Web Design Company West Palm Beach

Criminal Defense Attorney

As designers and developers, our web team always works to put themselves in the shoes of the intended audience. So, when a local criminal defense attorney with 35+ years of experience came to Digital Resource for a website revamp, we had our work cut out for us.

The Problem

Our goal was to redesign and redevelop an outdated website, making it look modern and evoking trust while providing the accused with easy-to-follow information and easy-to-use forms of contact.

The Strategy

This website revamp didn’t just include a new look for this client. We wanted to build a site that would stand the test of time. After running an in-depth SEO audit and defining the client’s preferences, we:

  • Optimized all of their written content
  • Updated their metadata for local keywords
  • Started blogging to complement SEO efforts
  • Established a user-friendly design with clear CTAs

The Result

The evidence is clear. The client’s new and improved website was a success. Within less than 45 days after launching, we saw:

  • A drastic increase in traffic (Nearly 2,000 unique page views)
  • Ranking on the first page of results for 8 local keywords
  • 42% of website traffic started coming from organic search
  • An average of 3 pages per session (meaning visitors were looking for more info)

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